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    Asus Gtx 1080 Strix A8g - High core/memory clock at idle

    Hey, I'll post my build for you guys first. MB: ASUS Z170-A CPU: Intel i5-6600k @4.0 Ghz (Minor OC) GPU: ASUS GTX 1080 Strix A8g RAM: Vengeance LPX 2x8GB @3000MHz Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO PSU: EVGA 650W G2 Case: Thermaltake Core V71 I had been using my same 1TB HDD from my previous...
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    GTX960 to GTX970 - for 50$ - go or no go?

    Mine card: Can get: Got buyer for my card on one hand, and the seller of the second card on the other. It'd cost me arround 50$ to do the change. Worth going for? Will...
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    PC issues - Wifi adapter slowing/failing, USB drives malfunctioning.

    Starting around a month ago I started having an issue with my computer where the wifi adapter I was using for my computer would be getting about 3% the MBPS it would usually get. From there I assumed it was failing so I got a new one. I replaced it with a Thumb Drive adapter and every thing went...
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    why is my gpu running at 30-50% usage in multiplayer games?

    my cpu runs at 90% and my gpu runs so low why is that? i have a i5-4690 and a gtx 1060 6gb. this happens in csgo, overwatch and all my other games why is that happening, even if i higher my video settings this happens anyways. one thing i noted on overwatch is that when i play offline with bots...
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    Picking a replacement PSU with limited options?

    So my current PSU(Cooler Master G550M, model RS-550-AMAA-B1) is causing random restarts, and I'm looking to replace it. It's still under warranty, and I can pick a replacement one in the price range(not sure if I can get the same one, seems they are out of stock). If I have the option, should I...
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    Screen resolution with windows 7 ultimate

    I waited as much as I could, but in the end I had to say good bye to my loved windows xp and I have just installed windows 7 ultimate in my brand new pc, with a new graphics card, using the same screen as before. My biggest problem is quite surprising. I can't find any screen resolution working...
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    Rx460 oc or gtx 1050 no oc (no 6 pin connector)

    H hey guys plz help me with this!! I have vip 400r psu (max 300watts) Which doesnt have a pcie cable My question is should i go for rx 460 which can be overclocked as it have 6pin slots and new antec psu? Or Should i go for gtx 1050 or 1050ti (no 6 pin slot) which cannot be OC and avoide...
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    CPU and motherboard not working together for no reason?

    Hello my i7-3770k and DZ77GA-70K are not working together, both parts have been tested in other components but these two will just not work together for some reason and I really need them to. The POST is halted at error code 12 which is "Early chipset register programming including graphics...
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    computer wont go into sleep mode

    hi I got windows 10 and my computer will not go into sleep mode, it just stays on
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    Wanting to upgrade my 660ti to something better (2012 build)

    Hi, I made this PC around 4 years ago what should i upgrade and what do you recommend as a replacement? Thanks for the help i was on this form in 2012 asking about my build and now i'm back. As a budget for upgrades anything under 400$ Since my gpu is 10.7" x 5.4" x 1.7" it has around 10.8 as a...
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    RX 480 future proof?

    Hey im making my first pc which is less than 1k. Is the Radeon RX 480 future proof. I know its not the best gpu on the market right now but I needed a budget fitting gpu. I saw some data and it showed that it can run most games at 1440p at an average of 50+ fps which is already great! Im not...
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    Why won't a microphone work?

    Hello. I have a HP ENVY 17t-j100 Quad edition with Windows 10. It has a combo headphone microphone jack. I tried to plug in a microphone into the headphone microphone combo jack. It does not work. No recording device shows up in the Sound manager or device manager. A few times, it recognized a...
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    Can I overclock i5 6600k on B150 motherboard?

    Would I be able to overclock i5 6600k on B150 motherboard?. What CPU cooler should I buy $20-30.which is the best B150 for over clocking under $80-100.
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    Compatible MOBO with 6600k.

    Afternoon gents, Looking at buying a 6600k later today and need to decide what MOBO and RAM to purchase with it. RAM is a little easier as there are various models and the likes. Was really struggling with the MOBO. I am torn between the eBuyer deal of an Asus Z170-A or Pro Gaming with a free...
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    Juggling amid harddrives and its Variants

    i have been looking for hard disk since last week but got confused i was wondering which sort of hard disk would be good for me. which would be good sata sv or wd blue ? what does that mean ? will rpm affects the performance ? looking for 1 tb . little help would be appreciated :)
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    Closed loop gpu blocks

    I want to water cool my 2 gygabite gtx 970's in sli MAINLY because I'm having temp issues with my cards Nvidia control panel shows there in sli Ex gpu 1 underload between 58 and 67c GPU 2 runs runs at 42c underload I looked into h10 n970 from corsair but doesn't fit my cards Are the...
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    Reformated drive with a duplicate OS on and now cant do anything

    I have windows 10 on both drive D and my main SSD drive C and i reformated D since I never thought id use it since its all on C and now i cant system restore, I cant download anything on drive D What do I do !!
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    What connector/jack is this?

    I moved into a new apartment recently and found plates with connectors on the walls, among them some connectors for surround sound (judging from context). I don't have any experience with surround sound, but I do with all three phone jack sizes (2.5mm, 3.5mm and 6.3mm[1/4"]) as well as RCA...
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    hard drive shows up in bios and in windows but not in raid menue

    i have a pc that has 2 ssd in raid 1 and 2 hdds in raid 1 as well. the hdds were a little on the small side so i just got two new ones to grow out the sytum. got it all hooked up when i booted into bios the drives were listed properly. when the computer started windows drive manager was able to...
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    no boot with gpu

    I have a new mobo (asus z1070 pro gaming/aura) and it works perfectly... without my graphics card, but when i install it, it won't even post, is my gpu dead, or what? i have to clarify, it's not like it's lagging or anything, it just does not start at all