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  1. L

    FCC Adopts Stricter Privacy Framework For ISPs

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) published its new privacy framework that will require ISPs to ask for explicit consent before using and sharing sensitive information. The new framework also unifies with FTC's privacy and security requirements. FCC Adopts Stricter Privacy Framework...
  2. S

    preformance problems pc'

    i need help, my pc preformance is very low in csgo, i have a intel core i5 4690k and a gtx 1060, and i dont get over 200 fps, sometimes not even over 100, and i see some people with the same gear have from 300-400 fps, please help
  3. T

    Putting together PC

    Putting together PC for parent and I need help, I have a list of pieces and need your input on things I should replace and if I am missing (I know there isn't a GPU in list), also if I would need any cables that don't come with items. He currently has an old mac and wants something fast to do...
  4. S

    Need help finding surge protector

    Im looking for a high quality but decent price surge protector around 50-60$ Im not sure what most can handle but I plan to plug my pc and 2 monitors into it and modem and router I have a old surge protector i was using before probably more than 5 years old and I dont know the brand but i...
  5. D

    2017 Audi A4 over Ford Explorer Sport???

    Was really wanting to get a 2017 Explorer Sport, but fell in love with the Audi A4 after a test drive. Then the dealership suggested I take a look at the Audi Q5; however, they didn't have any in stock and from what I can gather on their website; it takes a good 13K+ dollars above the base model...
  6. lillozzer68

    is the extra 4gb vram worth the extra 40 bucks?

    I am planning to buy a MSI RX 480 i'm just wondering is it worth the 40 bucks for 4 more GB?
  7. R

    extremely frustrating boot error

    So heres the story, My old hard drive starting failing (it was slow and i checked it and it was maxed out at 100% with no programs running) so i got a new ssd and hard drive. I didnt back up any of my crap (i know im an idiot but its too late now) so i decided just to start from scratch since i...
  8. R

    Very strange problem: Can't load WEB pages, cad\ctrl+shift+esc nor "shut down" and "restart" buttons do nothing. Not frozen.

    This had happened for the first time almost week ago, and now it happened again. First time: -Talking on skype, watching their screen through screen-sharing -Running a videogame in the background -Watching a youtube video Suddenly, the video stops, other websites can't be loaded too (in any...
  9. J

    4k monitor wont display 60hz!!! please help

    I have have a 980ti hytbrid 6gb card. which iv been told is fine for 4k gaming not at ultra but good. so i bought a 4k montior Asus 28inch 1ms 60 hz monitor. I plugged it into the gpu with HDMI and it was super laggy with the mouse and overall not smooth like 1080. Called asus and they said to...
  10. Justine Keith

    Gigabyte Gtx750ti compatibility

    I just bought 750ti last week and it keeps me stucked at the BIOS for a couple of minutes. So i guess the new 750ti is not supported by my pretty old motherboard Biostar A880gz, what to do now? I also tried to get the latest bios update from their website. But to no avail. How can i fix this...
  11. C

    New to PC builds - Are these parts compatible?

    I know this question gets asked a lot around here; wanted to be sure before purchasing anything. This is meant to be a gaming build. If anyone could share any suggestions, I'll appreciate it immensely. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/Cx7Bcc
  12. F

    Usable memory not maximum on windows 10 64 bit

    hey bro i have 1 question.i have pc with 8 gb ram but the usable ram just 3,97 i have been read many tread thats say we must win 64 bit but my pc is 64 bit with windows 10.my usable ram 3,97 after i installed a new windows 10 before windows 10 i have windows 7 64 bit anyone can answer me???pleass
  13. T

    My PC won't boot tried everything

    Hello I've been having peoblems with my pc for the past month and I tried everything I could to make it work. Let's start from the beggining. I was listening to some music until my pc restarted and artifact appeared on the screen. I thought it was because of the dust from the gpu so I took it...
  14. S

    in the very long run, gtx1060 or rx480

    i know there have been a million threads about this already, but they all eventually turn into a war between Nvidia and AMD fans. i would appreciate it if we can keep it civil and have the argument's basis included. im currently using an AMD hd5770, this should give an idea of how long i tend...
  15. G

    Cant get Firefox to use other GPU

    I have an R7 260x GPU and I recently bought a GTX 970. I'm using both of them without SLI or Crossfire so I can get Firefox to run on the weaker R7 260x while I game using my GTX 970. I got the game to run on the 970, but I cant get firefox to use my R7. Firefox runs on the 970. No matter what...
  16. Q

    Installing .net 3.5 while .net 4.5 is already installed.!!

    Hello, I was installing my MSI mobo drivers from Disc and while installing the CPU drivers it shows an error that this requires .Net 3.5. Well i already have .Net 4.5 preinstalled. So what should i do now? P.S-After upgrading my PC frm Win 7 to win 8.1 this error is occuring even while plauing...
  17. T

    Sticky Zowie EC1-A

    I have a Zowie EC1-A that I bought about a month ago. I previously had a razer deathadder that started having the same problem towards the end. After gaming for some time the top and right side of my mouse gets sticky and it is very annoying to use. I have tried cleaning it with cloth and water...
  18. C

    HyperX Cloud 2 Microphone Problems

    Hello. I recently bought the Hyper X cloud II headset. The headphone themselves work fantastic but the problem I have lies with the microphone. Whenever I try to talk to my friends on skype, they complain of a constant buzzing/humming noise coming from my microphone. I tried to resolve it and it...
  19. S

    Best RX 480 Custom Model Please help!

    Hello, So I can't decide which RX 480 custom model to take. Please tell me your opinion which one is the best.
  20. T

    R7 250x compatible?

    R7 250x compatible with my system? My specs Processor : i3 550 Ram : 6gb Motherboard; Msi 2a9ch PSU : 300 watt