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  1. A

    Assassin's Creed Unity glitch.

    My original Assassin's Creed Unity game got glitch in it. i last played it in 2014 after 2014 sept. i didnt played it not for once even. ther is a mission of killing bellec , in it game says to press 'E' rapidly to go forward in game, but i press 'E' for more than 50 mins and nothing happend...
  2. U

    Drive docks worth it?

    I have 2 - 500Gig and 3 - 160 gig spare hard drives sitting in a draw. No space in my computer. Any suggestions for an inexpensive solution to combine to a network storage? I was thinking of a dock to use at least the 2 - 500 gig but they seem to be for drive duplication. Thanks for any thoughts...
  3. C

    Some laptop keys not working

    My a and s keys suddenly stopped working. This only happened today but I got them working for maybe 10 minutes before it stopped again. I tried reinstalling the keyboard driver but it still doesn't work. I don't think it's stuck because I don't feel anything under the key when I press it. I'm...
  4. M

    Underpowered custom computer

    My current setup consists of the following: Amd fx 8350 water cooled Msi 1060 3gb gaming x 2x4gb 1866 ram Gigabyte 970 am3+ motherboard I'm finding decent FPS in games but not exactly what I expected, I have a friend with an fx6300 and R9 380 who is getting considerably​ higher FPS in games...
  5. haza12d

    Using PS3 Nagivation Controller for PC w/Fallout 4 (Steam)

    I was wondering if there was a way to pair up the PS3 Navigation Controller to my PC to use it in place of WASD. There are a few tuts out there but are like 3-4 years old and links to the software being used at the time are no longer valid. If there isn't a way, is there a recommended...
  6. S

    Help me please

    Hey,, Just finished setting up my new Gaming Rig. Installed Windows 10. The only issue now is, I'm not getting any internet connections. It keeps telling me to plug in a Ethernet to modem. BUT I do not use Ethernet. I use wireless. And there's no option for me to switch over to wireless my...
  7. H

    Installing MS Sidewinder on Windows 10

    Getting back into gaming..... was trying to install my MS Sidewinder controllers on my Win10 system. I couldn't get them to install. I "googled" sidewinder and Win10 and found that MS stopped supporting their Sidewinder series. What are my options? I have a lot of Sidewinder controllers (2 FFB...
  8. J

    Prebuilt Budget Machine

    I am in need of a new computer, im currently an MSI GP60 2QF Leopard Pro, Nvidia GTX950M, Intel Core i5-4210H @ 2.90 GHz, 8 GB RAM, and like 750GB HDD. This laptop is a few years old now and with the limited GPU and hard drive space, its a nightmare since i use it for school as well. I need a...
  9. George2016

    High CPU Voltage on 7700K

    Hello, I just decided to build my first PC and I got an Intel Core i7 7700k, a Gigabyte Z270 Gamming K3 and 8Gb of DDR4 RAM 2133Mhz. After all of my components were assambled I started monitorizing the voltages and temperatures, this being my first unlocked CPU. I noticed that the Vcore was on...
  10. K

    crossfire without drivers?

    can i use crossfire without any drivers? i cannnot install drivers because my PC crashes when they install.i just want to know what will happen if i use my 2 RX 480s without drivers. will they be able to crossfire? thanks!
  11. J

    M2 SSD disappeared after upgrading power supply

    Old power supply was fine just wasnt enough so I upgraded. The SSD was working perfectly before the switch. What can I do to troubleshoot this?
  12. F

    RX 480 game crash

    So I put a RX 480 4gb in my pc back in December and it had been working perfectly up until I attempted to play NBA 2k15 on my PC. I never had game crashes playing this on my old r9 270 but now it will crash randomly. Sometimes I can play two or three games flawlessly or sometimes it will crash...
  13. R

    Battle Net no longer opens

    Each time i attempt to launch battle net, it just says "opening battle net" and loads until says it cant open for what ever reason ive also noticed that it opens up tons of blizzard file switchers along with blizzard update agent like in this picture...
  14. M

    Best games for ps4

    Hello. Yesterday got PS4 and already installed WOT on it, but would like to ask you for some mmorpgs with one time payment like ESO. And would love to know the name of two games i played very long time ago on PS1. One was fox like dude running around bashing boxes(not a sonic...yellow one)...
  15. A

    I think my video card is causing my computer to crash.

    So recently (today) my computer has been having problems. It first started when I was playing CSGO and all the sudden my screen was a bunch of black and white vertical lines. Then I restarted my computer and blah blah blah, it crashed again, but this time the lines were green&black. Then I...
  16. C

    Windows 10 machine stuck after being finished at blue screen.

    My computer had been acting funny so I had decided to do a reset on the hardrive after about four hours it had been completed. It restarted after completion and brought me to a screen that said. "Your pc has been reset, but we couldn't remove all your personnel files if you plan to give away...
  17. B

    New HDD for gaming

    I was looking for WD blue or black disc. Can someone tell me if there is a difference for games 50gb+ like GTA5 (70gb). Should i take blue or a little faster black ? Best regards
  18. N

    URGENT: Acer Aspire One Z1402 Slow After Reset

    Hi! I did a reset yesterday on my Acer Aspire One Z1402. It's a Windows 10 option in the Recovery section under Updates and security. Since then, it became slow. Processes and internet connection became slow. What should I do? Thanks!
  19. H

    Can you help me to Overclock my intel Core 2 Duo E7500?

    I want to Overclock my CPU more. Check out my CPU Specs http://valid.x86.fr/gk11qg And BTW Please answer fast
  20. L

    Screen Not Responding

    My Asus touch screen has these bubbles popping all over and the screen and cursor are not responding. Please help me what to do. Thanks