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  1. F

    144Hz or 1440p with GTX1070

    With a GTX 1070 and an I5 6700k which of these two monitors is better? The Asus VG248QE or Asus PB258Q
  2. D

    Is my EVGA GTX 1060 3GB non-OC registering only 4000Mhz Mem Clock speed on Precision OCX/CPU-Z normal?

    Ok so I have a question. On the website I bought this card from the card Memory Clock speed is listed as 8008Mhz but when use Precision OCX it says I'm running at 4000-4200Mhz. Even CPU-Z says that I'm at 4000. I contacted EVGA and they responded with this. Hello ********, The reported RAM...
  3. B

    Best Graphics upgrade for my system

    I have an AMD 8320 and have a Sapphire R9 290 for graphics, but I'm considering upgrading to a GTX 1070. Curious to know if this is overkill for my processor and\or should I increase my 8gb pf PC2400 RAM to 16gb. I don't want to pay $400 for a graphics card that can't perform to potential. Any...
  4. ChaoticWolf

    PS4 USB Cable not working very well now, where can I get an official PS4 usb cable that came with the PS4?

    So my PS4 USB cable that came with the console out of the box works, but not very well and I have to put it in a certain position to get it to work and charge, so I'm looking for a place I can get a new cable that is genuine and is the one that comes originally with the console. I don't want to...
  5. G

    My Gaming Project

    I'm building a new PC and I would greatly appreciate your advises, commentaries and/or any kind of feedback you would want to give me. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/fJfMbj - Maximus VII Hero - Intel I7 4790K - Sapphire R9 Fury 4Gb Nitro - Kingston Savage 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-2133 - Samsung 850...
  6. M

    Gameplay recording - How good quality is 'enough'?

    Basically, how high picture quality is there in games to begin with? Is there any real gain in recording uncompressed/RAW as opposed to using slightly more compressed settings and codecs (e.g like MotionJPEG?) Lately I've been experimenting with gameplay recording and on forums I read about...
  7. G

    CPU for nas and under 37watts idle

    Basically I run 2 desktops and a laptop I was wondering if getting a pentium for a server will be lower tdp then the 6600k that system is using a liquid cooler and a 950 getting 35-120 watts depends on the load
  8. Z

    my 1000watt psu died after running crossfire r9 390s .. and i do not know why.

    this is the psu i was using . evga supernova 1000 gold http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817438010 it only lasted 2 weeks with the crossfire r9 390s and then it broke. what happened was my pc shut off and would not turn back on i opened the case the two 390s were very hot...
  9. E

    I had 2 Asus gtx 460's 1 gb running in sli mode, Pretty sure they died.

    So I have an AMD Phenom II 6 core cpu, Thermallake 650 psu, M4N75TD motherboard. Antec case. I play World of Warcraft using a 40 inch tv as monitor. What would be a good replacement for these cards? Not looking to spend a bunch, Would like to stay around the $400.00 mark but also would like to...
  10. cliophate

    Help/Advice needed for a new built

    Hi there, so I am planing to upgrade my current PC (GTX670, 3570K @ 4,3 if anyone cares). My budget is 2000€ more or less. This is the built I plan to get right now: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor (€337.22 @ Amazon...
  11. H

    laptop gaming help

    I have a HP laptop with AMD Turion x2 dual core processor, ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics and 3 GB ram. Can i play Hitman Absolution with low settings at 20-30 fps?
  12. O

    Can I use a 4-Channel car amp in my house

    Hi I'm pretty new to car audio but I understand some of the fundamentals I was planning on using a 2200w 4-Channel car amp to power a subwoofer and two speakers for my car audio system. But for now, I want to be able to use this system outside of the car before i install it at a later date...
  13. B

    can i change bios settings without shutting down

    after 3 days of trying to get the hp envy 23 AIO to boot again due to some error with the bios that could stem from the boot order, i set the boot order to cd>hard disk and it didnt start for 3 days (removed cmos battery and its still removed) if i shut it down it wont boot for another 3 days so...
  14. J

    i3 Photoshop/Lightroom Build Advice

    I'm an avid photographer and often process large quantities of large RAW files. I have an aging i7 that muddles through the heavy lifting OK, I expect to replace it soon but I also have a 2nd PC that needs replacement. The 2nd PC gets less frequent editing duties and as such it has been...
  15. C

    I'm thinking of a budget casual gaming build.

    I want to do some light gaming and am not sure what parts I should be going with. I'm not looking to do anything too insane. Maybe a little bit of CSGO at 120+ fps and some battlefield 4 at 30+ fps on medium settings. The build I had in mind for this is as follows. CPU: Core 2 Quad Q6600 GPU...
  16. C

    computer display not working but everything else is

    ok so last year christmas i got a new desktop computer i played on it for 2 weeks then my mum boyfriend took the PSU in it then he tryed one of his and it didnt work then he payed for a brand new psu puts it in nothing show on screen but stuff is turned on i dont know what happened really but i...
  17. C

    How to connect SONY Bravia TV (KDL-32XBR6 to an hp utrabook laptop?

    When I connect the laptop and the computer, I can see the icons from my computer screen on the tv but it won't go to a powerpoint.
  18. S

    What motherboard should i get for 2 980ti and i7-6700k

    Hello everyone. I'm wanting to upgrade my pc this year but i was wondering what type of motherboard I should get. I plan on running 2 980ti and a 6700k cpu. Thanks
  19. J

    Which drivers should I use for my PC? My Motherboard is the MSI H170 Gaming M3

    Which drivers should I use for my motherboard, I'm using Win 10 64 bit This is my build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/QNJmnQ And this is the website to download the drivers https://us.msi.com/product/motherboard/support/H170-GAMING-M3.html#!data=cpu-support If u guys can name it all that would be...
  20. G

    Will this GPU work with my PC

    Hello, I need someone to check over this. Will a R9 290 4GB work with my build as follows: A-10 7850k CPU 2x4 (1866) RAM Asus A88XM-A Motherboard 750w PSU Corsair SPEC-01 case