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    [SOLVED] Undervolting 1080 Ti is hot at Idle??

    Hi, I’ve been getting into undervolting recently and I found it super beneficial with my 1080 Ti Aorus, non-extreme as I like my PC quiet and run my fans on low RPM, due to this the GPU can sometimes hit 80°+ underneath max load. Undervolting made a world of difference as my card is now...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Undervolt lowered my frame rate.

    I recently bought an Acer predator Helios 300 2019 and decided to undervolt it. I knew it was already undervolted, but I wanted to improve the performance even more. So I undervolted it to -0.165 mv in XTU. But after rebooting, i noticed that the undervolt is gone every time I restarted. But...
  3. O

    Question Throttlestop Undervolting Question

    Laptop CPU: i7 7700HQ 2.8GHz GPU: GTX1060 6GB RAM: 16GB Hey I have multiple questions on throttlestop. First one is I have been getting some limit reasons, mostly when I turn on my laptop/open it from sleep. I get PL1 and BD PROCHOT under CORE and EDP OTHER under RING. Since I am not getting...
  4. Qattos

    [SOLVED] Is my CPU supposed to reach its advertised TDP?

    Hello everyone I have a couple of questions, I have a Lenovo Y520 laptop with an I5-7300HQ with an advertised TDP of 45W and its configurable TDP-down is 35W, I undervolted it using ThrottleStop and it's working fine (unless I just got used to its hiccups) but as I'm monitoring its temps and...
  5. A

    Question Can my 520W PSU handle a Vega 56?

    I have an Antec HCG 520 PSU, which is 520W and about 2,5 years old. I'm not sure if it can handle a Vega 56 or not. What about undervolting it?
  6. Taaha Jawad

    Question Legion Y730 restarting while gaming even if it doesn't get hot.

    I got the Y730 a few months back and everything was great. Recently I've experienced this problem were the laptop restarts while gaming, even 5 minutes into it. My temperatures stay around 70 degree but it still does this, I'm able to increase the time by turning of the better battery mode but...
  7. S

    Question New PSU for vega64

    A friend doesn't have a profile here so I am asking on behalf of him. He wants to get a new video card and he is considering the Asus Rog Strix Vega 64. His components are: RAM - 2x8gb 3000mhz CPU - Ryzen 5 2600x stock 2 HDD 7200rpm PSU - System power 9 600W Can the PSU handle the Vega 64 at...
  8. D


    Hello, I'm new here and I need help with an issue with my vega 56. About 2 months ago, I bought my vega 56, although the rest of my new pc. When I do undervolt/overclock it does a black screen and in 10 secs. it works again, but the game/app I was using closes. Also the display sound (also...
  9. S

    Question undervolted laptop still reach 90+ degree when full load asus gl503vm hero edition

    I just bought this new laptop around a month ago and since then my idle temp never reach below 55 and always above 90+ degree Celsius under full load. I've tried changing maximum processor state in the battery power option and it does decrease my temp under full load to around 80+ degree...
  10. T

    Question Intel's Warranty Policy & Temperatures

    Dear Tomshardware community, I'm aware that according to Intel's policy, overclocking a CPU even if it's unlocked will void the CPU's warranty. But what about under volting? Usually, motherboards are giving by default way too high voltages for a CPU to run at stock settings and maybe...
  11. A

    Question Should i undervolt my CPU to reduce electricity usage?

    I am a gamer. In our country we have short voltage cut offs. Where the electricity goes off for like a second and comes back immediately. Sadly i've alreayd had to change a motherboard cause my pc kept shutting down and the mobo died. I then got a UPS with 750 va . the problems is when i am...
  12. orodruin

    Question Asus Strix Vega 64 Undervolting Question

    I've been applying undervoltage to my Asus Strix Vega 64 card for a few days. But I haven't found stable values. I think I'm misusing the process. I didn't get that. I enter the wattman settings when the card is in a balanced profile. I turn off the Chill feature. I set the card to manual...
  13. 0

    [SOLVED] Undervolting Vega 56 - No Temp Difference?

    Trying to undervolt my MSI AirBoost Vega 56 as it obviously runs hot from being a blower card. To keep the fans non ear piercing, I have to run the card at about +20% power in Radeon settings, meaning I'm not getting anywhere near full performance. I've tried undervolting in Radeon Wattman as...
  14. B

    Ethernet stops working until I re-plug the cable.

    Hello. I've been having the issue mentioned in the title for about 2 days now. So, to describe the issue: I'm watching YouTube or playing videogames and what happens is all of the sudden, the connection stops working. I proceed to reach towards my IO panel, plug the ethernet cable out of the...
  15. X

    Ryzen for Streaming and Gaming?

    I plan on using my new PC for gaming, livestreaming, and recording purposes. As of right now, these are my specs: AsRock X370 Killer SLI/ac, AMD X370 Chipset, AM4, HDMI, ATX Motherboard GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING ACX 2.0, 1506 - 1708MHz, 6GB GDDR5, Graphics Card 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) HyperX Fury DDR4...
  16. H

    Both Xbox audio And Pc Audio?

    I was just wondering if theres some magic way to get both xbox audio and pc audio to play through one headset or make it so that my xbox sound goess through my pc? is there some special converter or something. i want this because i use discord and wanna hear audio too
  17. G

    TP-Link Archer C7 Review: Decent Performance for a Low Price

    TP-Link's Archer C7 delivers a lot of router for the money, with reasonable performance and the ability to connect peripherals. TP-Link Archer C7 Review: Decent Performance for a Low Price : Read more
  18. B

    Help! WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR but its not driver nor hardware related!

    Hello everybody, I have recently build a new system and since beginning i have the issue that my screen freezes and reboots. I have tried replacing everything (CPU, Motherboard, PSU, GPU, booting without HDD, booting without SSD, another RAM) with a replacement and with everything the...
  19. Slim Nelson

    Best GPU Under $30

    Hey guys. I need a really cheap graphics card to throw into this old computer I have. All I need it to do is play videos good enough to watch. I've found these 2 on Amazon here and here. Will one of these be good enough or does anyone know a better one for under 30 bucks?
  20. B

    This cpu fan ok or not?

    1.motherboard MSI A78M-E35 2.AMD Processor FM2 A4-6320 3.7GHz this 2 with this cpu fan ok or not http://www.lazada.com.my/cooler-master-x-dream-i117-cpu-cooler-rr-x117-18fp-r1-435610.html help me thanks.
  21. T

    $1,000 Gaming PC (Next Gen Console Competitor)

    Can someone go on one of the those custom PC websites and put together a gaming PC with a budget of $1,000? Every time I do this I go over $1,100 I have no idea what I'm doing. I need this to compete with or even top the next-gen consoles, and please include Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS.
  22. G

    Asus keyboard gaming issues

    HI, I just got a new asus N56V. When I try to play games on it, the keyboard doesn't seem to respond. I have tried using an external keyboard, and the same thing is happening. I have tried everything that I know, so please help.