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    [SOLVED] Fans setup suggestions?

    My case configuration is like this: a 240mm AIO in the front, a normal 120mm fan also in the front, two 120mm fans in the top and one in the back. Which fans should I use as an intake and which ones as an exhaust? Thanks
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    Question What fans should I use?

    Hi If I use the case SilverStone RL06 PRO, which comes with three red LED fans installed in the front, and I wanted to install a 240mm radiator on the front along with one of the included fans, can I mount the other two included fans on the radiator or should I buy two static pressure 120mm fans...
  3. I

    Question How to change the way a file has been opened/saved

    So I downloaded something but i forgot what it was and saved it as an internet explorer file. Now whenever I download something now it stays as a internet explorer, how do i change this, (windows 10 pro).
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    Question New build, not working.

    Hi, I've always used this forum, but never felt the need to sign up for it. Well, here I am. I currently am putting together a new system after six years and I'm running into issues. Currently have: Core i7-7700k RTX 2060 Asus h110m-a/m.2 600w PSU Now I took a risk on using my brothers...
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    Question What kind of motherboard is compatible(out of the box) with the 9th generation processor?

    So basically, i bought an Intel i5-9400f from amazon, but i made a terrible mistake on not researching well into the motherboard-cpu compatibility stuff before buying. I was like "OK, since 300 series is supported, i'll get one easily", it's only now that i am coming to know that they apparently...
  6. Question The creepiest CMD command ever

    For any of you who know what Herobrine (The minecraft entity) is, me and my friend were playing with the command prompt trying to make it seem like herobrine had appeared using the following command: cls && set Herobrine=(color f2 && prompt Herobrine && echo welcome) what we thought the...
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    Question PC freezes at any time Help!

    My PC sometimes freezes at the start, sometimes freezes after many hours. I cleaned the pc. I installed a fresh new windows but i dont know what else to do. I did format the Disk C an its the same so please help
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    Question Monitor takes many many tries to get going

    So i've got an old Samsung monitor that works well, once it gets going. i have to turn it on and of 20-30 times before it will flicker into life over 10 more flips of the switch not sure if there's anything i can do
  9. Z

    Does Windows 10 really update drivers automatically?

    I saw here and there Microsoft boasting that Windows 10 can upgrade drivers automatically. Is that true? I am considering upgrading the driver of my motherboard -- ASUS Prime Z270 Plus. Is the newest driver already installed by Microsoft, or still in Asus's website awaiting me to download? Thanks.
  10. G

    Asus Maximus viii Gene, only mobo lights, no startup

    Well hello everyone, Upgraded my Aurora r3 with a new Asus Maximus viii Gene. Only the following lights on the mobo work: start/reset button and the red lighting behind the mobo. I tried (to no avail): Resetting cmos (with button at back and battery out for 10 minutes), Triple checking the...
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    ARM Maps Out Attack on Intel Core i5

    ARM has announced its roadmap for 2020, which includes two new CPU cores called "Deimos" and "Hercules." Arm intends to reach performance parity and then beat Intel's Core i5 chip line-up. ARM Maps Out Attack on Intel Core i5 : Read more
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    Which is the better graphics card, GT1030, GTX 750TI, or R7 270X?

    Hi, I'm looking for a very cheap, low end graphics card, and these three have caught my eye. I would be able to get the GT 1030 new, but cannot find the other two new so they would be second-hand. These three look especially appealing due to their price and having 2gb of vram. My current specs...
  13. P

    Boot up error after unplugging HDD

    I was cleaning out my PC to get rid of dust as I hadn't done it in a while. Whilst doing this I unplugged my hard drive so that I could get better reach of some of the dust. Only problem is I started my PC up forgetting to plug the HDD back in. Everytime I boot up my PC I get the error message...
  14. luneki

    "Can't sign in to your account" every time I turn on pc

    Every time I turn my pc on I am greeted with a different lock screen wallpaper and when I log in I get the error "can't sign in to your account" and windows creates a temporary profile. I have to log out and then my actual account gets loaded with my lock screen and i can log in to my actual...
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    HDMI out of range LG Monitor GTX 970

    I have been using this card and monitor for over a year now and i just encountered this problem. After using the computer for a while it either by playing games or using it to render 3d animations the screen goes black and it gives me the message HDMI out of range. I have also tried using the...
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    I believe my PC is dying

    Hello all, just trying to get some feedback before I spend much more money. I have a decent gaming rig for several years now (Windows 10 Pro, i5-3570k, 16 gb ram and now a gtx 970 (got one 2nd hand from a friend over a year ago) and had no problems until recently. I had an SSD running the OS and...
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    Want to know the Mobile Number and Name from Sim Number

    Dear Concern, There are so many worker working with me I have found a sim card which is not working I want to know the Mobile Number of the Sim (Sim Card Number 8991901408529907179 H-3) and the person name who has bought the sim card. Please help me to find the same.
  18. P

    My RAM stuck??

    Guys, help. I'm trying to upgrade the RAM on my gaming rig, but the RAM seems to be stuck in the board. Not sure if any of you have tricks up your sleeves? The board's a Gigabyte AB350n-Gaming WiFi. Mini ITX.
  19. S

    Best SLI Graphic Card Under 20000inr

    Please Tell Me The Best Graphics Card Under 20000 Who Support SLI I Have - MSI Z270 Krait Gaming Ripjaws 8GB DDR4 Cooler Master Lite 450w PSU Cooler Master Cabinet I Don't Know My Cabinet Modal Sorry
  20. S

    Power Supply Suggestions

    Here's the current build I'm working on - https://pcpartpicker.com/list/99bHKZ Does anyone have any suggestions on how much wattage I should get for the power supply? I also need some suggestions on what Windows I should install for gaming. Thanks