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  1. Nbhran123

    Question Wifi signal keeps changing between router and extender

    Hi guys ! So i have a TP-Link model : TL-WA850RE wifi extender and a ZTE model : zte zxhn h198a Router. The problem is that after i configured the extender and put it on the other side of the house and it has a very good connectivity, whenever i walk with my phone from my room where the...
  2. M


    Hi guys. I need your help with covering my house with WiFi signal. I've tried with powerline adapters, but that had a very poor performance and i'd often loose the signal, probably due to the bad wiring issues. What i have is a 3 storey small house, and my phone line/internet/router is placed on...
  3. M

    Question Wifi Extender vs Powerline

    Hi all. I need some help , i need to connect my pc to wifi but i have no space for pcie wifi adapters and i have a usb wifi adapter but his performance is very poor , i receive middle to strong wifi signal with the usb adapter. The question is wich would be better a wifi extender and connect...
  4. JardaMoRT

    Question Wi-Fi extender randomly losing connection

    Hello, so recently I bought a Wi-Fi extender by tp-link but I came across a few issues. Here's my setup: I have a wifi router 3 rooms away from mine. I have no problem connecting to that said router from my room, but my connection is poor. So I installed this wifi extender. First installation...
  5. D

    Question Can you hook up a cantenna to a WiFi range extender?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering, can you hook up a cantenna to a WiFi range extender? The benefit of doing this would be to get a significantly stronger WiFi signal by using a cantenna while at the same time not being required to have a computer (e.g. a laptop) connected to the cantenna via a...
  6. A

    USB to Ethernet

    My lAN internet speed is around 400-500Mbps (Mega-bits). However my laptop does not have an ethernet port. Will a USB type A (USB 3.1 Gen 1 port) to ethernet connector be able to deliver the internet speed!
  7. furkan68k18

    Some usb ports turn off after waking from sleep

    Hi I have a problem with my pc where after waking from sleep some of the ports don't seem to work. I have two USB ports on the front which always work. My keyboard and wireless mouse's adaptor is plugged into the back ports which work after waking from sleep, but my headset, which is also...
  8. R

    What CPU cooler do you recommend for my 8700k build

    Im going to be building a 8700k build after launch and i was wondering what CPU cooler to get. A really expensive one will probably be and upgrade later on. The case is the p400s with max clearance of 160mm, and i am currently looking at the Cryorig H7 and use it for the first couple of months...
  9. J

    Can I connect an Xbox 360 wireless controller to an HP mouse&keyboard receiver on my pc instead of the mouse?

    I've got a wireless Xbox 360 controller but no receiver for my PC. I do however have a receiver for HP mouse and keyboard but I'm using it only for the keyboard. I'm using Windows 7 and the receiver shows up as "USB Multimedia Cordless Kit" on the devices page. I tried updating the mouse drivers...
  10. T

    Canadian- Need PSU and GPU!

    I have a 200$ budget. I need a PSU and GPU. Im canadian so olease use Neweggs Canadian site ect.