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  1. Question Copy Video From SSD Crawls To A Halt

    So I am trying to copy some video clips from an SSD to a RAID5 array on Win 10 about 15Gb. The copying starts out well at about 350Mb/sec then after about 30sec the speed drops to a puny 1.5 Mb/s or 2 at most. Can this be an SSD or a RAID5 array issue? How can I test this? Thanks! Gabster
  2. S

    Need help with missing partition

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad 110s and I can't install windows on it. The whole partition was deleted and I don't know how to recover the partition on put windows back on the eMMC flash storage. I've tried everything possible but nothing seem to work. Any suggestion?
  3. J

    Help finding a keyboard

    So a few years ago I bought a Microsoft Sidewinder X4 and i've just found out that basically nowhere sells this bad boy now (despite it's good reviews). Is there any keyboard which is similar? I just want something with a similar shape and size that's an anti-ghosting membrane keyboard. Just...
  4. I

    Is the Corsair 760t worth the extra £100 over the Gamemax Titan

    I’m torn between both cases, they’re both full Tower ATX cases and with almost indentical specs but the Corsair 760t is £100 more which would mean it would take me longer to build my PC. Should I splash out the extra £100 for the Corsair 760t or stick with The Gamemax Titan. The components o...
  5. K

    i5 6600k 4.4Ghz set at 1.28V but keeps on going between 1.296V and 1.312V when running aida64.

    Aida64 the voltage keeps on switching every few seconds but not on Prime95 even though the temperatures reach higher on Prime95 up to 77C and average at about 66C. I'm not sure if this is fine to leave it as it is or change a setting in the BIOS to stop it from switching. Thanks
  6. J

    Linksys Router Guest Network

    Is there any Linksys (perfered brand) gigabit router that has a guest network (that is completely separate to the main network) where you can limit the internet speed? I.E.: if you have a 30 down and a 5 up, can the guest network be limited to 5 down and 1 up? If so what routers and models...
  7. F

    High ram idle load

    Hey guys! I've noticed that while my computer is idling, it is using anywhere between 6-8GB of ram. Mind you this isn't a massive issue as I have 32GB installed, but am curious as to whats using it. The task manager doesn't show any programs using large amounts of ram. Is this normal? is there...
  8. I

    Kudo's to Fractal Design (or do you need parts for a Fractal Design case?)

    Afternoon, All, First the back story: I am building a miniITX, watercooled, Devil's Canyon, 1080 game machine in a Fractal Design Node 202 case. During the last hard freeze I had a second story pipe burst. This brought the first floor ceiling down...right on top of the case parts I had...
  9. J

    Can i run games on high graphics with the HTC Vive

    I have a gtx 1060 6gb with a amd ryzen 5 1600 3.6ghz with 16gb 2400mhz ram. Can i run games good on the vive
  10. I

    windows 7 - product ke

    I downloaded Windows 7 as an .iso file legally and acquired the Product key but never got around to using it, the Product key expired in 2014-11-12. My question is if I wanted to install windows 7 using that key would it work now ? I've been getting conflicting answers about that.
  11. J

    Good wired but terrible wifi speeds

    I have a 2 in 1 modem/router combo from Spectrum, wired I am getting over 100 down but wifi signal is bad and usually around 10 down even when close to the router. What options do I have to increase my wifi speeds? Would wifi range extenders be worth the investment or would they not make a...
  12. E

    Ideal motherboard for gaming

    Budget is 200 what is the ideal motherboard for gaming
  13. C

    Am I Bottlenecking?

    So slowly upgrading my pc can you tell me if Im bottlenecking so far and what i should upgrade next. OS: Windows 7 CPU: Intel core i7 860 RAM: 8gb DDR3 PSU: Cooler Master GX 650W GPU: MSI GTX 980ti Gaming 6gb Check the image below, was playing Mass Effect Andromeda 1080p Most Ultra...
  14. _MrLilNik_

    Overclock Damaged PC?

    Hey Everyone! Last October I decided that I wanted to overclock my Intel 6600k I was not thinking straight that day and was not writing down numbers, typing numbers mindlessly and I put the vCore too high and it just crashed with a blue screen. Immediately I set my bios settings to optimized...
  15. 159159159

    Kindle Fire 7 'Black screen'

    The problem is that the tablet doesnt turns on, its battery is full but it doesnt boot. the screen is always black and doesnt light up even when the power on button is pressed. Thanks for you answer!
  16. C

    Gtx 960m to a external benq monitor

    Hi guys... I had a bit concerned about weather i should buy a external monitor for my gaming loptop Specs: asus rog gl551i7 6700hq 16gb ram 4gb gtx 960m 15.6" kinda small for me benq rl2755hm27" 60hz refresh rate... Can you giveme a bit of advice weather i should buy it or not :) thanks My...
  17. S

    Mouse not working + Microsoft Security Client Error (ON THE VERGE OF THROWING MY COMPUTER OUT THE WINDOW)

    Hello online forum world, I usually have an easy time trouble shooting my own problems using forums like these but this is getting ridiculous for me. So for the past several months, my computer was becoming noticeably more jittery, especially during the first 10 or so minutes of startup where...
  18. D

    MEMTEST86 and (maybe) weird results depending on BIOS configuration.

    Hi. I built a new system around a Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming with a 5820K CPU and 64GB 2400 C14 Memory Kit that is in the QVL (supported/tested list) of the motherboard. I tested the system with Memtest86 v7.2 Free and got these (weird) results: (read carefully to understand) CPU clock / Memory...
  19. R

    unknown graphics card

    hey guys ive been searching on this website for ages now and cant find out how to get my graphics card working i probably just need drivers but it wont show up in my device manager and its serial number is a little scratched off also i have a apu in my comp please help
  20. J

    Seeking Surround upgrade recommendations.

    First, my system is from the 90s. It's all analog, including my surround sound processor (an old DSP-1), and I'm using it in a 4.1 configuration. Right now, the signal goes directly from my surround sound processor to external amplifiers via RCA cables. While my DSP-1 is capable of reproducing...
  21. I

    Will an fx-9370 bottleneck a gtx 970?

    I'm looking at a second hand PC with an fx 9370 and a gtx 970, and I want to know if the cpu will bottleneck the gpu? Also, the seller says that he is running the cpu on an asus m5a97 r2? I thought that you couldn't run them on anything but a 990fx.
  22. E

    VGA won't connect with Asus G11

    Yesterday December 25th i got the Asus G11, i have two monitors and both worked with my ASUS ROG g20, one used VGA and the other used DVI, This computer only has been accepting the DVI cord with both monitors but when i plug in the VGA it says no signal, while the DVI is working fine. Do i need...
  23. S

    Msi live update 6

    Quick question, Can i use MSI live update 6 on a gigabyte motherboard to update drivers or would it cause problems if i can?
  24. A

    Desktop Freezes on a Daily Basis

    Hello all, My computer will freeze up on a daily basis. I am not sure what the reason is as I have no real pattern, but for the sake of added detail I tend to notice it more often when I am not present at the computer (idle for awhile) or when I am NOT gaming. It has actually only frozen once...
  25. chriscshunter

    Looking for 400-500$ build if not less

    Looking to assemble a computer for a friend that wants a "VERY fast computer with lots of memory for music and browsing online"... lol which is pretty basic stuff. Anyone have any cheap builds?
  26. bloodandsoil

    The most silent ATX case

    I'm building a new air cooled ATX system and I am looking for the most silent case available. I haven't built in a long time and I'm unfamiliar with what is out there. What are the best choices to get the most possible noise reduction from a case?
  27. C

    Ethernet doesn't work, Computer crashes when I try to update drivers!

    A blackout happened about a month ago in my area, when I turned my computer on, it failed to recognize Ethernet. I tested the cables and port and they work just fine. I go into device manager and attempted to update drivers to no avail. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the cable in network...
  28. U

    Pc is not working how it used to

    (when i talk about frames im talking arma 3) I had many problems lately. headset is broken and my pc has been being garbage again. I can go in to 1600x900 res on all low settings with no vsync and I'll get 15 frames and stuttering drops. I used to get like 80 Frames constant. People with worse...
  29. A

    DDR 5 Ram

    HI all Would like to know if there are DDR 5 RAM's. If yes, more info please If No, then any info related to launch or talks about DDR 5 Another issue is , i have a G skill 8 GB 2133 RAM, but when ever i check, its showing only 1067MHZ in system checking apps. How to check the correct speeed...
  30. J

    low sound volume

    i recently installed a new gpu and power supply in my motherboard but the mobo being very old the front panel audio cable didnt match with that of the new psu.As a result i have to use the back panel of motherboard to plug in my headphones.But the volume seemed a little down after that.While...