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    Question Random Frame Artifacting

    whenever i go to play a came on my computer i get random frames that are usually completely artifacted. my parts are: 1050 ti 4gb i5 2500k 8gb of ddr3 nothing is overclocked. thanks
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    Question Is it possible to run a cpu on a different PSU then the motherboard?

    I have a desktop with an I5 and a powersupply of 300w, which is pritty low. And I was wondering if I could use another PSU of 300w that I have lying arround justfor the cpu.
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    Question GPU stuck on high speed after 3D app use

    Hi, i just got a GTX 1660 Ti. At the computer launch and as long as no 3D app is launched, the GPU is quiet. But as soon as 3D app is launched and after quitting the 3D app, the GPU is still noisy. I tried with a GTX 1060 6Go and same problem. I don't have this problem with my GTX 660. I tried...
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    Question 4k video card for Kodi

    I have an i3 IvyB 3.4ghz PC that will not play 4k files. The graphics card is way too old - Saphire HD6450. What would be a good card that would play 4k easily?
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    Question Will the LG Ultrafine 4k work on a Nvidia RTX graphics card using Windows connected through the Virtuallink USB-C port?

    Will the LG Ultrafine 4k work on a Nvidia RTX graphics card using Windows connected through the Virtuallink USB-C port? Can someone verify that the monitor works by connecting it directly to the USB-C Virtuallink port of the RTX card? If it does work, can I manually adjust sound using Windows...
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    Question Failing to Install Updates

    From the very first time this computer attempted a Windows 10 update it hasn't succeeded once. I'm always getting the error message, "We couldn't complete the updates, undoing changes, don't restart your computer." I'm new to the forums but I do have some screenshots of the supposedly...
  7. Question Can RAM with different latencies & timings work together?

    So I made a rookie mistake. I bought what I thought was an identical RAM stick to match my existing DDR3 8GB. Same make and spec. Turns out they're seemingly different in lots of key areas. Is there any way to get these two to play nicely together? If I'm understanding right at a minimum...
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    Question Whic card should i buy

    Am i missing something because 1080 ti's are suddenly really cheap. Like on amazon some of them are going for £400. So my question is this OR THIS...
  9. I Josh I

    [SOLVED] Fractal Design Define S2 vs Meshify S2

    Hi all So I have been doing some case hunting for the last few days, and I have gone from this case to that case, was looking at the LIAN LI PC-O11 Dynamic but have eventually come back to the fractal design cases. I was originally looking at the Meshify C, but I prefer a little more room in...
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    Question HDMI from PC to LED TV, Pink screen tint

    Hey. I have a pink screen tint when my pc is connect to my tv. tried all the hdmi slots in the tv same result. connected the pc to my projector via same hdmi cable and it works perfectly. Also, on my tv, although set to 1080p it still looks large, like its only 720. Again, looks fine...
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    Question Why can't i convert dynamic to basic on a 3TB hdd?

    When i was reinstalling windows...the first was.. i did set a hard drive priorities to flash drive..then the setup wasnt gone through....error came up says "windows cannot be installed to this disk"...i wasnt fully aware and i knew that i did something wrong in bios setup about..hard drive that...
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    Question Which is better psu? Chieftec ctg-600-80p or Deepcool DA600 80+ bronze?

    Hi! I have 2 psu: Chieftec ctg-600-80p and Deepcool DA600 80+ bronze. Which is better? Why? Which one to use?
  13. D

    Question Bottleneck 920m

    I have Intel i5-5200u 2.20-2.7ghz CPU and a Nvidia geforce 920m gpu, I know that these units were total bottleneck. But i'm just curious if there's any adjustment in settings like underclocking cpu and OC gpu or anything just to have them out of bottleneck? Btw those are in my laptop so...
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    Question Bios seems to add voltage on its own

    I bought a new cpu and motherboard and an Amd ryzen 1700x. I just want the cpu to run a little faster, something like 3.7-3.9 GHz but whenever i change cpu core ratio it changes the voltage (on its own) to about 1.45xxxV and if i...
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    Question Cpu stuck on base clock when on battery

    My cpu is stuck on 2.49 while that the base. When plugged in it goes to about 3.5. i have all my power option on high preformance on battery and plugged in. Intel XTU voltage offset set to zero Acer Nitro 5 Gtx 1050 I5 7300hq 12 ddr4 ram
  16. Q

    Question 2 different BSOD errors after building new pc

    Hello, recently , like 1week ago , i built a new pc with these hardware's : 9900k : CPU 1080TI : GPU 850 coolermaster : PSU z390 asus tuf plus gamer : MB 16GB of RAM 3200 DDR4 : RAM 1SSD samsung 250GB 2HDD ( 1Blue WD 2TB - 1Black WD 1TB) windows : 10 today i got BSOD 3 times , first time it was...
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    Question Looking for an HD Audio extension to move front panel audio to the rear of my pc

    As my semi-question says looking for an HD Audio extension to move front panel audio to the rear of my pc. There is just too much interference from the graphics card and motherboard running the cable to the front audio header. I have tried to research this type of header but with no luck. This...
  18. R

    Question Suggest UPS VA/wattage requirement

    Hi, Based on below specs, please suggest which VA/watt UPS is suitable for me. I do not face long power cuts, only need my system to remain up for few minutes, without overload. Processor Intel 2600K GPU 1080 Ti DUKE HDD Maxtor 6B160MO (12.2 Watts max) Seagate St2000dm001 (8.0 Watts...
  19. Victomis

    Question Custom white cable

    I want to add custome white cables for my next build but I have no clue at what cables I should be getting. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant Type|Item|Price :----|:----|:---- CPU | Intel - Core i9-9900K 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor | $525.89 @ Amazon CPU Cooler | NZXT - Kraken...
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    Question Are these fans and controller compatible with the motherboard?

    Hi! I would like to ask if these fans and controller work with the Asrock B450M Pro4. I searched in the Thermaltake website but I didn't find anything saying it was Polychrome RGB compatible. Thank you in advance! Fans <---