Question Brand New System Low usage and Low FPS

Sep 4, 2020
My old computer worked great but then the motherboard died so...
I rebuilt my old computer a week ago here are the parts:

NEW CPU: Intel I-5 10400
NEW Motherboard: MSI mpg Z490 Gaming Edge Wifi
NEW GPU: MSI GTX 1650 Super (From best buy)

OLD SSD: PNY SSD 128 GB (From Best Buy 1 year ago)
OLD SSD: Vertex 3 2.5 SSD 128 GB (4 years old)
OLD SSD: Samsung SSD 128 GB (4 years old)

OLD PSU: Rosewill 650 Watt Bronze (6 years old)

I was very clean and meticulous laying out all my parts and took my time putting it together well with good cord placement.

All my games (Realm Royal, CSGO, LOL) all are running at very low fps pretty much unplayable on any setting (low, med, high). These are not hard games to run, also my whole computer is generally running like <Mod Edit> and is slow.

BUT my Usage is hella low too like i'll be getting like 20fps but my GPU usage never tops like 20-30% same with my CPU usage is at like 30%

Here are the things I have tried so far in order:
1) Checked if I was CPU bottle-necking (running at 30% usage)

    • Checking All hardware connections and took out GPU and re put it back in
    • I called navidia and the guy walked me through DDU Uninstaller and then reinstalling navidia Drivers
    • re-Installing MSI motherboard drivers from disk and from website
    • I called MSI and the guy had me run a benchmark on my GPU and he said it was running really good on the benchmark he thought it wasn't a hardware problem and maybe that my windows was corrupted or the version I had wasn't good for games Windows 10: 2004 (1904)
    • Reinstalling windows through the recovery option (I did this 3 times, I did not renistall it from the USB but through the recovery option in settings)
    • Tried going back to an older version of windows 10 (I called Microsoft was on hold for an hour but they didn't let me)

Problems I think I might have:
My windows version might be corrupted (I hope its not this cuz after that hour on hold with Microsoft I do not want to drop $150 on a new windows ID)
My SSD drives might be bad
I have a 650 watt PSU which is fine for my system but it is 6 years old. (Also I would be getting crashes if it was bad and I'm only getting low FPS)

The things I have not tried (but i'm running out):
Getting new cables as I'm using some cables from my old build.
Buying new SSD.
Reinstalling Windows 10 from the USB onto a brand new SSD.
Getting a new PSU.
Getting a new monitor.
Installing Linux....

I'm pretty sure its not a hardware problem pertaining to my GPU, CPU or Motherboard as I've run diagnostics on all of those.

PLEASE HELP WITH ANY NEW IDEAS. do not say "get new drivers" or "cpu bottlenecking" i've read that on every forum please, read through what I have tried so far and see if i'm missing anything.
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Sep 4, 2020
Also I forget to say that all my Temperatures are good my system isn't getting too hot.. all my hardware is acting like its not running anything intensive which its not but I'm still getting low FPS on everything and my usage is still low.