Question How do I disable UEFI Windows Boot Manager on a Storage Hard Drive?

Apr 4, 2019
I have 2 OS Windows 7 and Windows 10 I recently got banned from a game that I like of no apparent reason, so I bought and installed a new SSD and a new HDD, but I don't have a USB so I just added the windows 10 installation on the HDD and made it a partition then installed it to my SSD and it worked, but after I formatted the my Storage Drive I noticed that I have to boot from [UEFI Hard Drive Windows Boot Manager] but it takes longer to boot due to it being a HDD and not an SSD.

HDD: WD Caviar Blue 1TB (Windows 7 [Main OS]) this is where all my data is that I cant afford to lose.
SSD: Kingston A400 240gb (Windows 10 [Secondary OS]) This is all where my games are
HDD 2: WD Blue 1TB (Storage Drive [UEFI Hard Drive Windows Boot Manager]) Storage Drive


You might want to hold off on tinkering with that partition/that primary boot device. Windows Boot Manager IS where the OSes information resides. In your case, instead of running around in circles, just back up your data(while you can still boot up into the OS's GUI) and then reinstall the OS, after you've created a bootable USB installer for the OS using Windows Media Creation Tools.


Win 10 Master
can you show us a screenshot of Disk management?

right click start
choose disk management
expand window so you can see all the columns
take screenshot and upload to an image sharing website and show link here.

if you do what lutfi suggests, remove all other drives from data connections so that PC only sees 1 to choose from when installing, then it won't be as slow.