Apr 28, 2020
Hi I'm bad at forums, sorry if this has already been posted. But my questions should be easy ones.

Okay so I've set up a new Ryzen 2700 build and used the motherboard's OC Genie 4 to give myself a basic overclock. I know it's a "dirty" overclock but I really don't care to do it manually, I just want a small stable bump.
I ran Prime95 for an hour to check temps and stability and while it ran fine, I have some questions/concerns.

Ryzen 2700 @ 3.65GHz
Max temp: 90.0 C
Avg temp: ~87 C
Core Voltage 1.304 when idle
Core Voltage 1.296 under load
Test Scenario: Running Stock heatsink sitting on the MoBo box in the open air.
I'm using almost 6-7 year old Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound

  1. Are my temps okay? Good, bad, average? During my test, my CPU hit 90.0 C flat which gives me only a 5 C headroom before 95 C or AMD's listed max temps for the processor. I would like adequate headroom for a hot day when this thing goes inside a case.
  2. What's the deal with core voltage? Can someone explain it to me? I noticed it was lower when I applied the Motherboard's automatic OC (1.304v) and then CPU-Z reported it even lower during the stress when it fell to 1.296 V. Should't it be the same/go higher under load? Is this normal?
  3. I cheaped out on buying new thermal compound and used 6-7 year old Arctic Silver 5 I had in my closet (it's had the cap on all this time). Bad call or should it be fine? If my temps are bad is that likely the cause?
PC specs
Ryzen 2700
RX 570
16GB DDR4 Ram 2933


Jun 2, 2009
Artic silver is supposed to be stored a particular way, it also has the pesky burn in period. It's not doing you any favors but it's probably not hurting you that much. I assume you wouldn't have used it if it was in really bad shape. I would buy something new, something other than AC5. It's not a top product anymore. Ryzen chips are also bigger, so you probably need to use a bit more paste than you are used to with intel processors. I'm assuming you are coming from an older gen intel, just covering the bases.

Dirty overclocks are hot. Jayz2cents just did a video about overclocking and the importance of undervolting. Reducing the voltage to reduce heat and allow for stable higher clocks. Prime 95 is a worst case scenario so, what you are seeing is probably heat related throttling as a result of the tremendous load you are putting on your CPU. Instead of ramping up to 4.1GHz it's topping out at 3.5 because the HSF can't keep up and the CPU is down clocking to protect itself. If I'm understanding the situation correctly.