Question What would be a good PC build for digital artists?

Apr 25, 2019
What would be a good (insert list of computer component/software/peripheral that will be listed below) for a digital artist working for a video game company and if you can, please explain why it would be suitable.

-hard drive
-graphics card
-external storage
-other peripherals
-operating system
-anything else that I missed

Thanks for helping!
You’re off to a good start, but please list.these items plus list what software you use.

What graphics art apps and tools will you be using? Are you going to be doing things other than graphics arts development?

What's your budget? If you are interested in a powerful workstation for rapid rendering of ray traced 3D scenes you're talking some pretty big money. If you're really talking about dabbling around in it with your gaming machine that's a completely different story.
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As a digital artist for a gaming company,

Maya, mudbox, unity engine(?) and some sketching app would be used?

Now coming to the cpu, I would suggest the 8700k if you don't multitask much and prefer to do one job at a time. For a budget home workstation, that's what I would suggest. You might have 12/16 core i9 in your office for a more comprehensive workstation with multitasking capabilities, and if you want the same in your home and if you have the budget, go for it.

You might ask me if I have the budget for a multitasking system, why not threadripper with a better value for money, here's the answer : the stuff you do is mostly live content creation. Not like you initiate a task, wait for it to complete and then review it. So if live, on the fly workflow is your jam, choose Intel.

32 gigs of dual channel memory would suffice for a personal home build. Try to get 3200mhz rams.

A fast nvme ssd. Have a 500 gb ssd for os and softwares, even 256 gb might suffice depending on the number and size of them, like the hp ex920. Have another high endurance nvme 500gb (atleast) like the corsair mp510 as your work drive. Larger sata based ssd or hdd for other storage needs.

Gpu wise, if accuracy is a priority and usually for content creation, a Quadro or titan class gpu is preferable. They are software certified and have technical support and immediate bug fix for any new features and updates.

These guys have in depth articles about system configs required for various softwares. Give it a try :

Read the relevant article, revert back to us with updated specific requirements and then we can help you with the part list.