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  1. C

    [SOLVED] Have i messed up my drivers when going from AMD to NVIDIA?

    Hey guys, so about a month ago I purchased a bunch of new parts for my PC, only keeping the HDD, motherboard and case. I upgraded from the rx 460 to the GTX 1660 super. I saw some posts online saying i don't need to do a clean install of windows or anything like that and just install the new...
  2. Penrose

    [SOLVED] Changing from a NVIDIA GPU to AMD GPU, what should I do with drivers?

    I currently have a GTX 1660 Ti installed in my system but I recently purchased a RX 5700 XT but I'm not sure what I should do with my current drivers. Should I uninstall my NVIDIA Graphics Drivers (Via Control Panel) then change GPUs? Some help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. no0va.bhamade

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 7 3800x bad temps

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800x Mobo: ASUS TFU x570 gaming plus (WiFi) RAM: 32 GB Corsair Vengeance 3600mhz Cooler: Corsair h150i PRO water cooler Boot: 250 gb nvme m.2 Storage: 2 TB HDD GPU: Gigabyte geforce 1660 Super OC Case: Corsair Carbide 275r 6 fans in system (3 front intake on the radiator, 2...
  4. Moraisomatador

    [SOLVED] Will a RYZEN 3800x bottleneck my 1080ti?

    So i just pruchased a 3800x and a Asus Prime X-570, i'm planning to sell my current cpu and motherboard to a friend who needs a pc upgrade and doesnt really have the money to do it. My question is, will the 3800x bottleneck my GTX 1080ti? The model is a ASUS Turbo GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB DDR5X.
  5. B

    [SOLVED] Computer crashes when game starts?

    My build: CPU: AMD FX(tm)-4100 quadcore Motherboard: Gigabyte 970A-DS3P (AM3+) GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce 1050Ti 12Gb of DDR3 RAM 1Tb SSD (Kingston) Windows 10 64bit PSU: A700BR (700W) My PC crashes when I load up certain games. I've been playing a lot of kenshi. it was working fine up...
  6. U

    [SOLVED] Lags and freezes

    Ok So I built a new PC , B450 Tomahawk Max Amd ryzen 3600 GtX 1660 Super 16gb ram 3200 and I kept the same HDD (I do not have a ssd ) for the moment . And first everything was good , but now I keep getting In game freezes (( when I have 100-140 fps ( call of duty ) or 200 & + fortnite))...
  7. I

    [SOLVED] Computer Display Turns off after some time but audio still runs but keyboard shortcuts doesn't seem to work.

    I have a ryzen 2600x , Nvidia 1060 GB, 16GB Ram, asus 350M mother board, and Thermaltek lite power 650W psu. The problem is after using my pc for some times the screen goes black with the message "HDMI no signal". All the fans keep running. Points to be noted: If there was something running...
  8. Dwika34

    [SOLVED] Can my ASROCK A320M HDV run GTX 1050 or rx 460?

    Hi im very new to pc building and just purchased an already built pc. I was wondering if could upgrade it to either of those gpu with my current spec. Thank you. Ps last time i tried installing a gtx 660 with a minimum requirement of 450 watt and my pc wouldn’t start just complete black screen...
  9. George521dj2

    [SOLVED] HELP! : PC Will only boot with my old graphics card

    Hi there, Last week I went to turn my comuter on (which was running a gtx1050 at the time), to which I discovered that it would not boot. The system had been working fine for a year before but when I turned it on there was no beep from the motherboard and no display whatsoever ( not even the...
  10. T

    Question New PC pending install for AMD drivers when I have a NVIDIA graphics card?

    Built my PC recently but the graphics card was so broke I could never fet the drivers installed, just got it replaced and reinstalled windows but in the updates AMD drivers are queued instead of NVIDIA. I know DDU exists but downloading the AMD drivers on my NVIDIA card sounds like a bad idea.
  11. N

    [SOLVED] New CPU Compatibility Issues

    I recently upgraded my Z270/i5 7600k to X570/3700x, running at stock. All other components stayed the same (1080ti, 2x8GB RAM 2400, same hard drives, same cooling setup, 850W PSU). I started having issues right away in gaming. Games would run for a while then the screen would cut to black, the...
  12. D_Artagnan8291

    Question Rx 580 vs Gtx 1060

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my pc on a tight budget so I'm buying used cards and I got 2 decent deals. A Rx 580 4gb for 85.10$ (6500 inr) and a Gtx 1060 3gb for 78.55$ (6000inr) both are in pretty decent condition. I have a 1600x900 monitor, 8gb ram and xeon 1240 v2 processor. So which...
  13. B

    [SOLVED] superl low fps with ok pc

    Hi fellas, my pc specs are as following processor AMD FX-8350 GPU Nvidia GTX 1050-Ti 4 G- Motherboard Asrock 970 Pro3 R2.0 8gig ram win 10 pro just updated My pc is running like a crap, even tho i have ok components for some games, for example World of tanks I meet requirements for ultra...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] RX 5700 vs RTX 2060 with i5 6600K

    Hi, I currently have an i5 6600K and an AMD R9 390X. I am thinking of upgrading to either the RX 5700 or the RTX 2060. The games I play are PUBG, GTA V, RDR2, CoD MW (2019) and a few others - what would be my best bet here? I can get both for the same price so that's not the issue. I've seen...
  15. CasualPeachSax

    Question [Hang/Freeze/Crash] - Event ID 14 nvlddmkm, AMD+NVIDIA

    This thread is for if your issue occurs sporadically and randomly (from once every week(s) to once every month(s)). If you are having the same event ID repeatedly and consistently you do not have the same issue. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE QUESTIONS, A FIX OR RELEVANT ADDITIONAL...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Pc not running properly !

    Hi ! , i have two hard drives in my home, one i stock in it all my designs and work and the other for urgency cases .So one day my main hard drives start to turn off in the middle of working but is on in the screen because of other components memory like RAM were working instead to show me the...
  17. J

    Question im not doing good performance with my system

    specs ; cpu: ryzen 7 2700x motherboard: b450 elite aorus gpu: msi ventus rtx 2070 ram: 2x8gb 3000mhz ddr4 psu 600 watt 80plus gold so i come from a intel core i7-4790s 16gb ddr3 gtx 1060 3gb to this system that i have now and yes it runs allot beter then the system i had before but when i...
  18. rbasaam

    [SOLVED] PC Wont turn on after build!!!

    Just built my tower all components costed around $2500 and it wont turn on! I made sure all the connectors were connected, My PSU is plugged in and turned on, front panel connectors are connected properly, CPU and 24-Pin cables are connected, I figured it might be a BIOS issue so I installed the...
  19. inoui

    Question Ryzen 7 2700x Low FPS Csgo

    Hey guys! Recently i've noticied a fps problem while playing csgo. I run for 3 days tons of threads on google, gets some tutorials, watch videos, read huge threads, even here, but nothing was able to increase my fps. My setup: Ryzen 7 2700x Wraith Prism Cooler 16gb(2x8) Viper Patriot RGB...
  20. A

    [SOLVED] Can I Overclock?: AMD fx8320, GTX 960, msi 970 mobo

    Currently running stock bios at 3.5 ghz and I'm wondering if it's safe for me to try to push to 4.0 ghz and even worth it to do so with my current specs. extraction fan above cpu a cooler master lite cpu cooler I idle at 20-25c 16 GB G.Skill Ripjaws x ddr3 cx600 power supply as previously...