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  1. T

    Question "Non-booting" issue

    Greetings! Let me run down my issue real briefly. I bought this PC from a Customizer place in 2019 or 2020, whenever the RTX 2080 TI was one of the best cards. Some time in the last half a year, it developed a fun problem where occasionally, I'd turn it back on from Sleep mode the previous...
  2. 300Luminous

    Question PC freaks out, i restart it, refuses to go past "DRAM" when booting.

    So far this has happened on 2 days, on 2 games. First is on GTA5 yesterday and on some breakout game on steam today. Basically what happens is that the game starts lagging, major FPS drops and wont go to my normal FPS. Task manager wont load up. This time windows actually did a soft restart...
  3. G

    Question Boot failure after pressing reset button

    Yesterday, the computer locked up so I naturally hit the reset switch. My AOUS BIOS informed me of a boot failure. I was shocked as this system is less than a year old and never given me a problem. I panicked a little and just hit the ESC key. The system booted as normal. I thought it was a...
  4. Endre

    [SOLVED] Main BIOS won’t boot after changes done to Key Management Platform

    Hello! My motherboard is Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master. I've updated the main BIOS from F11n to F11. Everything was fine and was able to boot into Windows. Later I've observed that Secure Boot was disabled and I could not enable it (as required by Win11). It gave me the following message...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] pc fails to boot with xmp enabled DARK Zα 3600mhz

    specs: i5 11400f b560m aorus pro DARK Zα 8gbx2 3600mhz gtx 1070 so as the title says my computer wont boot with xmp enabled (the computer stays on with no output on the display). It boots with xmp disabled at 2400mhz ram speeds. I have tried troubleshooting, and actually got it to work at the...
  6. J

    Question System forgets boot device priority

    I understand that there is no one definitive answer to my question, but all suggestions are appreciated - TIA. I'm running Windows 7 sp2 on an MSI Z87m motherboard with an Intel 4590 CPU. A couple of weeks ago, my system started failing to boot, with a black screen telling me to put in system...
  7. G

    Question Failure to Boot “Windows 10 Error Code 0xc00000f”

    SYSTEM = HP Pavillion 590-p0100na Desktop OS = Windows 10 Home So I have just updated to the latest software patch and now my PC fails to boot with an error code “0xc00000f you’ll need to use recovery tools” So went into BiOS to boot 1st from USB drive and inserted by flash recovery drive...
  8. D

    Question Blinking Cursor Boot Error

    I recently built a PC with this part list about 2 weeks ago and had it working perfectly with low temps and running games and applications normally. I first noticed today that one of my games was having an unusually long loading time and a few hours later I...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 successful boot happens only randomly ?

    Good day! I have been experiencing a problem with my computer for quite some time now. I want to make a reservation right away that the computer was assembled recently, all the components are relatively new (bought in the beginning of this year), and the diagnostics of its individual parts with...
  10. pavlaras74ever

    [SOLVED] Stuck on Acer logo screen after Shutdown-Startup

    Hello i noticed that after the installation of the new ram my laptop stucks on acer logo screen and then i have to restart it so it can normally boot on windows. Advanced repair tool of windows , can't fix it. (srttrail.txt error) The laptop i got is Acer Aspire A515-44-R93G. It had 4gb of ram...
  11. K

    Question My new PC will not boot past windows startup screen with mouse and keyboard plugged in

    Hi all, new pc builder here... any help would be greatly appreciated! I have completed my pc build and booted my pc, went through bios and everything went well and everything looked great. However, upon booting to my windows 10 usb flashdrive everything went down hill. The computer will boot and...
  12. MihaelaC

    [SOLVED] Laptop turns on, after shutdown it does not boot

    Hello, I am working on an ACER laptop that once it is turned on, after shutdown it does not boot. Firstly, if I remove the battery and put it back, the laptop turns on successfully. After shutting down the laptop, it does not get any energy inside at all. No lights and no fans turn on...
  13. E

    Question installed crucial storage executive software and enabled momentum cache and my sytem failing to reboot since then

    hi, my cpu i5-4670k, gpu - zotac 1050ti mini, mobo- gigabyte z87x-ud3h, bios version F10b, psu corsair cs650m , ram 4x4gb @1600 mhz, MX 500 500gb ssd, WD 1TB sata internal hdd, AHCI,windows10, running UEFI and secure boot, MY SSD in GPT but my HDD in MBR, CSM is disabled. i just clean installed...
  14. V

    Question No signal When trying to boot windows 10

    My pc currently has windows 7 on it, but I am trying to download windows 10 on it. When i load the windows 10 boot media it shows the windows 10 logo then goes to no signal. And if i try to update to windows 10 through windows 7 it fails and i get an error. 0xC1900101 - 0x2000C The installation...
  15. avishekc

    Question Dell XPS 15 9570 - CPU Failure. What are my options?

    Hi guys Hope I am posting in the right place. So admittedly, I have been a bit stupid. My XPS was prone to overheating and a couple months back did some repasting and adding thermal pads to the vrms, a couple of days ago I noticed one of the pads had moved and was blocking the fan flow and...
  16. G

    Question Asus b450 gamingAsus Prime B450M Gaming + Ryzen 5 3600 wont turn on

    I bought these parts and they were running just fine, then suddenly it stopped booting. The led lights from the motherboard turns on normally when the PSU is fed but the system wont start at all. No fans spinning, no beeps, no nothing. CPU is cold as ice. I tested every single component of it in...
  17. Chlorus

    [SOLVED] Computer randomly starts itself up at night

    Hello, as the title says the computer starts up for no reason some hours after I shut it down. Another strange thing is that if the pc goes to sleep mode after some minutes it will shut down without any warning and won´t turn on with keyboard, or the power button. It´s like dead, but after some...
  18. I

    Question Intermittent Boot Failure

    Hi! Was searching for 2 months now when I build my new system and still couldn't find a solution. Hopefully someone had the same problem: Something like in every 4-6 days my PC won't boot giving me a "boot failure error". My usual quick solution is: enter bios, F10 >> boot error again >> enter...
  19. 5384vishal

    Question PC stuck in boot loop [Overclock Failure]

    Hi, Thanks to the forum recommendations I built my PC 4yrs ago. 4790K 980Ti Noctua DH15 Asus Maximus VII Hero Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz Seasonic 750w gold couple of ssds and hdds It was running fine all this while.I had overclocked it a year ago using Asus bios. I had clocked it to 4.6ghz from...
  20. Question Any XMP experts?

    I have a gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming3 and 2x 8GB Gskill 3000Mhz memory. I can enable XMP in the BIOS But occasionally the machine wont boot This happens every 10 or so boots. The memory is not on the supported memory list but some Gskill 3000Mhz memory is. Do you think this is the issue? Like...
  21. P

    [SOLVED] Automatic windoes repair freezing Boot fail SSD

    GA-X99-Ultra Gaming (rev. 1.0) [2016] 500gb ssd samsung Evo I dont know what I did exactly, but I turned my old ssd into a storage device I believe. Thus, removing my windows os boot file and now my computer, whenever I try to boot the windows os, I get lost into a black screen with...
  22. C

    [SOLVED] B450 tomahawk Ryzen 3600 wont boot

    Hi I have build my Ryzen 3600 PC with B450 tomahawk. PC worked normally for two days. But when I tried to start it today, It wont boot. No output is going to the monitor. Every fans in GPU , CPU etc runs for few seconds and then turns off. I tried reinstalling Reset Switch Ram ( single 8 gb...
  23. K

    Question Asus z270-ar wont boot with 32gb ram

    I've recently put together a new pc I7 7700k Asus Z270-Ar XPG Spectrix D41 3200 So before I take it to the shop ill ask this audience. 32gb ram install, pc runs with 16gb in Dimm b1 b2 I install other ram sticks in a1 a2 go to boot and I get red memory light then orange flashing with no boot...
  24. S

    Question PC won't boot after installing my old ssd.

    Hi guys, I recently installed an older ssd into my pc because i needed more storage, and was planning on using the drive as a backup drive. After i installed it, my PC hasn't booted properly at all. Initially it started booting from the old ssd instead of my main ssd. windows went through an...
  25. ShakMR

    Question Computer problems when recognising RAM/Disks

    Hello everyone, My computer has had this problem several times in the past and now I'm really annoyed by it. Last one happened on Monday (April 22th). The computer didn't want to start (not even a flash or fan trying to move) I though the PSU might be faulty to I unplugged everything and...
  26. J

    Question systems fails to boot after sleep or after crashes

    hello, normally my system works fine. However, when I return to my computer after putting it to sleep or after it crashes while gaming (once every couple hours) it can't boot to os. I get errors saying something to the effect of "os missing" the errors very. To fix this i need to power off and...
  27. Z

    Question An Operating System Wasn't Found

    Accidentally set my secondary HDD to active partition while making partitions on my new HDD. The actual boot device is Samsung Evo 256 SSD. Now windows won't boot and says " An Operating System Wasn't Found, try disconnecting any drives that don't contain an OS". Any help is very much...
  28. T

    Question 1080ti High temps in lian li pc-011 dynamic

    Just finished a new build and strix 1080ti is always around 78-80 in the loan li pc-011 dynamic. Have three fans, ordered three more but not sure it will will help. Thoughts?
  29. S

    Question PC Boot Loops On Windows Logo (Motherboard Issue??)

    First of all I might include that I have never had this Pc boot or work even once in the past. So the problem is obviously Boot Looping, but I have no idea what is causing this. I have changed the rams multiple times and they seem to work perfectly fine, I have checked the Hard Drive on...
  30. M

    Question Graphics card frying PCI E slots?

    So I got an older HP Z210 workstation tower from the property disposition and it has a xeon 3.30 or 3.40ghz processor (not sure) 8gigs of ram and a nvidia quadro 600. well I got it home and realized I dont have a monitor with DVI so I bought a DVI to HDMI adapter online and tried to use it. I...
  31. N

    Question Why can't i get higher than 144fps? I have an 144hz monitor, but it still caps at 144. Help PLS!!

    Specs ARE: Graphics Card: GTX 2080Ti Processor: i9-9900 Ram: 16G
  32. O

    Question Help me with RAM compatibility

    So I have this ram currently installed in my system. It is 2 sticks of Adata ddr4 2400(17) Model# is: AD4U2400J4G17-B It is on an msi B250M Bazooka running an I5 7400. I want to add in another 8 gigs to bring me to 16. Can I install this TEAM RGB ram in the other channel without issues...
  33. J

    Question Windows 10 is Dying?

    So my computer has been acting kinda weird lately with certain things. Like the audio will pop and things will lag a little bit. It happens very rarely though. For instance if I go into fullscreen mode on a video in discord my computer freaks out. This biggest thing that concerns me now is that...
  34. adooley8

    Question Funny 2700x behaviour

    I’ve had my Ryzen 7 2700x almost a year now and it’s always performed like a champ but lately I’ve noticed some weird behaviours and was looking for a second opinion. So around Christmas I replaced the thermal paste between my CPU and the H100i v2 I have cooling it and since I’ve done so the...
  35. S


    Hey, I received PC with AORUS AiO cooling of 2 pushing fans AND ADDITIONAL 2 NZXT P pulling fans on the other side of the radiator. I would like to ask you: how to synchronise these 4 fans? I got NZXT Kraken x72 push/pull i7-9700k cooling "synchronised by BIOS" by my retailer - i dont know...
  36. Halo Diehards

    [SOLVED] Can I delete MSI Live Update 6?

    Hello, I'm trying to optimize my pc performance, and when I looked in Startup programs, I see MSI Live Update 6 running. I've been trying to figure out what it is and if I need it, but I can't find that info anywhere. Not sure if I should keep it or not, especially since I just swapped out my...
  37. LewisMann

    [SOLVED] Is this a good combination?

    Hi, I would like to know if these parts would be best for me as I’m upgrading my system (cpu, ram and motherboard) CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 MOBO: MSI B450M GAMING PLUS RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX @3000mhz If you think I should choose another brand etc, please tell me what! thanks :)
  38. E

    Question I5-3450 good for gaming?

    I was wondering if the I5-3450 is still good for gaming I had this CPU for awhile and so far didnt have much problems but when recently I have upgraded to a GTX 1060 6gb I am struggling to run games that I should be able to run fine with this GPU like watch dogs 2 and wildlands I can still play...
  39. JetSteam

    [SOLVED] Is the Corsair vx500w good ?

    so i found this psu by luck with only 25$ with a bit dust on it , so i clean it tested it and it worked perfectly with my gtx 960 and i wanna know if this Corsair Vx550w is a reliable psu Thanks
  40. robertbhart

    Question Using analog stick on mouse only games?

    Does anyone know of a good way to use a device seen as an analog joystick (in Windows 7) with games that only allow mouse input? I have fixed arcade guns connected to my PC via an Ultimarc Apac. They work very well with mame but I can't use them with gun games on the model 2 emulator. Games...