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    What cheap cpu is compatible with my motherboard

    I have a dell optiplex and i wanted to know what cheap cpu is compatible. Here is the pc name Dell 6D7TR Optiplex 990 MT LGA 1155/Socket H2 DDR3 SDRAM Desktop Motherboard
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    IE 11 nor goggle chrome will logon

    like the title says Internet Explorer nor Google Chrome will log on and I do have internet service it's working
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    gtx 1080 with i5 8600k runs games very poorly.

    First of all here are my specs. Gigabyte gtx 1080 g1 gaming i5 8600k @ 3.6 Ghz rog strix z370-h gaming cryorig h7 cooler 16 gb 2400mhz corsair vengeance ram corsair rm650x psu So, at first i thought all was well, until i started playing pubg with this setup. On all low settings at...
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    Suitable laptop for starting out Xbox streamer. Form filled out!

    I'm trying to help my nephew get a laptop to stream Xbox play on a budget of 300-450 if possible. No big need to have games run on this laptop as it will be more for streaming and internet type use. I've been sorting through black Friday deals but I could use some help if anyone has recently...
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    HTPC help and suggestions

    Hey Everyone, I am currently using my Desktop gaming PC as my Plex media server. I have several storage drives on this machine, where I keep all my media I stream through the house. I watch Plex throughout my home with an Nvidia Shield for my main 4K TV and Roku 3 boxes for 2 other 1080p TVs...
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    I7 8700k optimal temps? new build

    Hello, I just recently finished my first custom pc build and wanted to ask and see if my cpu temps are normal. I'm newer to high end cpu's so my apologies if some of this comes off as "nooby". My rig is as follows: Aorus gaming 7 motherboard 16gb x2 Hyper x Fury ram sticks xmp profile 1 3466mhz...
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    What To Install Onto A Brand New PC

    Hello, I am going to get my brand new gaming PC tomorrow. And I was just wondering what programs I should install on the machine like cleaners/anti virus checkers. I want to know this as I want to keep my new PC clean and safe as soon as I get it. The programs which I will install onto the...
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    Home network invasion from work computer.

    I was just made aware that my work laptop is collecting device information (via a Tanium agent) on my home network when its connected. I would like to create a segregated wireless zone with internet access for my work appliances that follow me home (laptop and phone). Security for the work...
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    Need run 500ft either wireless or cable

    I got a buddy camper about 500ft from my house he wanting to put a computer in there to play online games . I trying find out if it possible to run him internet from my house and be able to play online? either with wireless or with a cable of some sort
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    [SOLVED] Is my GTX 1070 Heaven Benchmark score good?

    Heaven benchmark score: MSI afterburner: GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming thanks :)
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    Problem with hosting

    So I've kind of got two problems so I'll ask them both in one thread as I don't see any point in creating two threads plus one isn't as urgent as the other so if it doesn't get solved I won't be that upset. Anyway, I've had this first problem a little while now and it's starting to bug the hell...
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    Design Garage doesn't start up.

    Bare with me here for I have never posted my issues on forums before. Ok so I decided to install Design Garage and when I start it up, it opens the window saying it's loading, then it suddenly closes, no error message, nothing. Not sure what this could be. Any background programs that might...
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    Upgradding my 960

    Hello everyone, i need some help on deciding an upgrade, i currently have a gtx 960 4gb and plan on going into vr and graphic heavy single player games (like assassins creed) i originally planned on an evga 1070 but their prices spiked so im unsure what to upgrade too. I would like to keep it...
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    Delta 1000w 80 + power supply - is this a good PSU?

    Hi everyone. is this a good PSU? My friend gave it to me, and im thinking to replace it with my old one. Picture Link below.
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    Motherboard M.2 issues and compatibility question

    Hi, I have a question about M.2 and motherboard compatibility in general. I have a B450 Tomahawk motherboard and it has a single m.2 slot that supports PCI-E and SATA drives. Without checking the compatibility list, I bought an 860 Evo Sata m.2 drive which won't show up in my bios. Asking msi...
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    A Watt Estimate

    September 16, 2018 11:46:45 PM I have tried to use online calculators to estimate this but keep getting different numbers. I was told it should be around 325W overclocked but I'm getting 400W estimated. I want to sli two gtx 1070 but don't know if my psu is good enough. My custom built Desktop...
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    Q9400 Core Clock Speed help

    Apologies if I haven't already spotted a similar thread. But I'm having trouble with understanding why the CPU is only running 2*Core @ x8.00 and the other 2*Core @ x6.00. I do have Duel ranks however I don't believe the RAM is the same spec as in timing. This is just a random build on a...
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    YubiKey 5 Series Arrives With Passwordless Authentication

    Yubico launched its latest YubiKey 5 Series with support for the passwordless FIDO 2 specification, as well as other two-factor authentication protocols. YubiKey 5 Series Arrives With Passwordless Authentication : Read more
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    HP Laptop Hard Drive Replacement

    My friend has a faulty hard drive and I would like to buy him a new one for his birthday. He has the HP Envy x360, and I want to make sure i'm making the right choice. I know that there are a lot of models and I can't seem to find his myself, all I know is that it has "Hewlett-Packard" right...
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    New PC underperforming

    So I just built a Pc for the first time,with some old parts I had and some from a friend. I had some problems booting it first got Bsod everytime. Managed to fix that somehow with a Windows 10 install from USB. These are my specs btw Geforce GT 630 AMD Fx(tm)8350 Eight core processor 16GB DDR3...