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    My Mic audio is making weird noises

    After every 5 minutes or so of using my Mic, it starts schreeching and making chattery noises, it sounds like demons. IT IS INCREDIBLY LOUD. I first discovered the issue on discord, but have found that the noise happens everywhere else aswell. I have reached the conclusion that it is a...
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    Audio driver for Windows 7 & ATI IPX450?

    I have an older Gateway laptop model MX6426 that I've recently upgraded to Windows 7 from XP. Chipset is Xpress 200 RS480. CPUID says the southbridge is SB400 but you can see the chip and it says ATI IXP450 SB450...
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    [SOLVED] Is this normal? I overclocked 100mhz. Got +3 FPS. Overclocked 100 MORE mhz. Got an additional 9! How can that be?

    I am using a very old i7 4770k which is BADLY bottlenecking my RTX 2080 (not TI). In the Assassin's Creed Odyssey benchmark, at mostly very high settings (1440p), I ran it 3 times at stock clocks and got about 50fps average. (Stock is 3.9 with Turbo). Playing around with tiny increases to...
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    Best cpu for my Motherboard

    Hello. im looking into getting a new cpu for my computer so i can stream but am unsure what the best one is that i can get that will still fit. this is what im rocking right now -
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    Problem with my laptop acer aspire 7 CPU

    Well i got my laptop half a year ago and it worked perfectly recently it had problem with the cooling so i send it to warranty and they returned it to but after that i saw 100% CPU usage on the intel i5 7300HQ GPU GTX 1050 2gb 8 Ram. So the CPU when i am playing no matter the game is always 100%...
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    [SOLVED] Streaming with laptops

    So im planning to do streaming on twitch with OBS with two laptops.: My main gaming laptop is MSI GT62VR 7RE: 16GB Ram ddr4 Gtx 1070 7700 HQ 256Gb SSD nvme+1TB 720rpm HDD and my second laptop which is a lenovo thinkpad E420 specs are: 4GB Ram ddr3 l Core i5-2520M No descreate graphic cards...
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    Best upgrade for my current build

    Here’s my current build: CPU: i5-3470 GPU: GTX 960 2GB RAM: 8GBDDR3 Mobo:H61M-E PSU: 600w Just wanted to know which of these I can upgrade to increase my PC’s performance especially when gaming. I’m usually play DOTA2 and CS:GO. My budget is about PHP 18,000 (around 340USD) and I live in the...
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    Virgin Media Vs BT Vs Sky Q: Ultimate UK TV Showdown

    Which is the best TV platform in the UK? We break down Virgin Media, BT and Sky's offerings to find out Virgin Media Vs BT Vs Sky Q: Ultimate UK TV Showdown : Read more
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    Chromecast 3 (instead of Chromecast Audio) for wireless multi room audio

    Hi. Now that Chromecast Audio is discontinued, can I use Chromecast 3 for the same purpose... i.e., for each room, connecting CC3 into an amp connected to two speakers? Since CC3 is HDMI and most amps are RCA, will I lose sound quality adapting from the former to the latter? Thanks in advance!
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    nzxt h700 with asus motherboard

    I have an nzxt h700 case and a asus z370-a motherboard. The h700 case has a blue cable with gray outline that is used to power the front usb ports however my asus motherboard does not have a place to plug it into. What should I do?
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    My PC will start up but I can't see anything on the screen only "No signal"

    Turn on the PC after a CPU switch and wont start up to won't show anything but the fans and led's are on new cpu: ryzen 7 2700x Motherboard: B350m Bazooka
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    [SOLVED] Hard Disk Partition

    My hard disk have three Partition, two is working but one needs format to show. What could I do.
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    How to fix my laptop connection?

    When i connect my laptop to wifi no available connections instead there is a choices either Manually or 1hour or 4hours or 1day but still not working. Could anyone help me?
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    Is this a good build?

    Hi all i'm gonna be building PC soon and i'm just wondering if this a good build and I want to know your thoughts on it, maybe recommend some changes. CPU: Ryzen 2600x Mobo: B450 Strix-f RAM: 16GB 3000mhz vengeance RGB Graphics card: Vega 56 asus strix Case: P350x PSU: EVGA G3 650W Storage...
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    1600 Mhz DDR3 ram only show up as 1333Mhz on Bios

    Hi guys, i am using 2 stick of Gkill DDR3 ram booth rated at 1600Mhz, they are not exactly the same model ( cause i bought them separately ). but when i installed both stick, one of them show up as 1333Mhz, the other is fine. i tried to turn on XPM profile but no changed. image...
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    External drive not recognized windows 10

    I have a Seagate 2tb external hard drive that is not being recognized as a Seagate external drive running on windows 10. The p.c. stats its a local drive. (c:) w/android tab?. I recently tried plugging it in my android device. Thinking I was going to be able to transfer files from phone to...
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    Need Advice on Upgrades | CPU, GPU, MB

    Hello there thanks for stopping by, The holidays are coming up and I am wanting to upgrade my PC. After further knowledge I learned that in order to get the upgrades I want which is a new GPU specically looking for a 1060 or better. currently have a radeon r9 970x And I am also wanted a new...
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    [SOLVED] Please help me choose a pc case fan!

    Please help me choose a pc case fan or fan(s). I am getting a phanteks eclipse p300 pc case which will have inside a ryzen 5 2600x, EVGA 1060 6Gb SC, 2x8 G.Skill Aegis ram so it is some heat to blow away.I am not sue how to figure out what fans or fan I need for this case. I am new to pc...
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    Overclock stable on stress test but games crash

    Hello, So I recently decided to overclock my system, starting from gradually increasing the cpu. Clock, voltage then stress testing for about 2 hours with prime95,temps did not exceed 78, got it to 3.6Ghz. Didn't touch the ram as it is a pretty cheap ram stick at only 2133Mhz, I was afraid of...
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    What Is DRAM in RAM and GPUs? A Basic Definition

    What is the meaning of DRAM? DRAM CPUs and GPUs explained. What Is DRAM in RAM and GPUs? A Basic Definition : Read more