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  1. Baatop

    Question Pc powers on then shuts off right way.

    My other post I just made I just bought a different PSU and it didn’t work. Like I said before the EZ-DEBUG ones on only for the CPU and it doesn’t go past that. It’s does boot all the way. Just lights up and shuts down after 4 seconds. Need help
  2. knana21

    Question PC loads bios for a minute or so, then CPU Debug light flashes and it power cycles.

    Here are the build details: Intel i5 9400f EVGA Geforce GTX 660 8 GB X 2 Team Elite RAM 500 GB PNY SSD MSI B365M Pro Motherboard Corsair 450M Power Supply I have been troubleshooting a few issues with this new build. I finally got it to boot to bios (without SSD or one of the RAM sticks) this...
  3. nungard226

    Question CPU and DRAM EZ-Debug light solid, Computer wont boot.

    Components are: MSI MPG X570 gaming pro carbon wifi ryzen 5 2600 2x 8gb corsair vengeance 3200 EVGA gtx 1070 ti EVGA B650 Please Help! My computer wont boot and the CPU and DRAM EZ debug lights are solid red. I have tested the gpu, power supply and cpu in a previus computer and they work! I...
  4. Hertzzz

    Question Computer turns on then off and debug shows cpu and dram

    I just bought an i7-9700k, a 750x PSU and a 2060 super, and my pc turns on and switches between the cpu and dram light on my debug and then shuts off. It repeats this over and over and doesn’t stop. I have a Gigabyte z390 gaming x. Any suggestions?
  5. T

    Question New PC build,VGA debug light lit up giving no display. Sometimes PC will display . Should I change something in BIOS/ something else?

    CPU: Ryzen 3600 with stock cooler MOBO: B450 Tomahawk Max GPU: RX 580 XFX SSD: Samsung 869 evo; 500 GB RAM: EVO X II DDR4 3600MhZ Just built a pc yesterday and was having issues with the CPU debug light. Eventually it fixed itself and now all my issues are with the VGA debug light. Just built...
  6. A

    Question CPU DEBUG LED

    So today i got a new pc mobo: msi mag z390 tomahawk cpu: intel i7 7700 ram: hyper-x 16gb (rest gpu: gtx 1660) So, I did the setup, i made everything up and as soon as i go to start the pc it opens and shuts down immediately. I looked on mobo and saw the ram/cpu debug leds red. Plus when i try...
  7. Norduc

    Question Ez debug lights

    I recently got a new motherboard, the msi b150 gaming m3. I plug everything in and there was no video signal. The motherboard has 3 debug lights that tell you what component has failed however none came on. Will these debug lights turn on if my CPU won't display or just if it is totally shot...
  8. Barleychee

    Question Cpu debug light coming on

    Maybe every 2nd or 3rd start on my newly built pc the red debug light comes on and the pc won’t fully boot. To get past this I have to do a cold restart then it’ll start fine. Could this be some kind of loose wiring? Running Msi mpg X570 gaming plus atx Ryzen 9 3700x Thanks in advance