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  1. ssilviu250

    [SOLVED] New gpu - help

    Hi there, so this week my gtx 1060 6gb should arrive, currently having a 960 4gb. My question is, what am i to do when before/after installing the new video card? (and ofc removing the old one) Reinstall windows completely? Use DDD, display driver uninstaller? Or do nothing? As i read somewhere...
  2. gstvlmachado

    Question Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware

    Sup guys, Does anyone knows how to fix code "UE4-FORTNITE GAME + APPLICATION HAS BEEN BLOCKED FROM ACCESSING GRAPHICS HARDWARE on Fortnite? When I'm playing Fortnite my game just freezes, and I receive a notification from Windows saying "Application has been blocked from accessing graphics...
  3. Z

    Question 1TB external harddrive cant initialize

    So this 1tb hdd i have has all options greyed out (create a new partition). It is unallocated, in DiskPart, it doesnt even show up, however it shows up on device manager. When I try to initialize it, and after choosing the format I want it converted it, it says "Device is not ready". I've tried...
  4. J

    Question GPU Issue?

    Firstly, thanks :) SO. I've had this issue for quite a bit of time now. For some odd reason, my games tend to get choppy after around 45 minutes of use (this is a variable, it could be much sooner). Restarts tend to fix the issue on some occasions, however, it's a pretty large inconvenience. I...
  5. D

    Question I cannot reinstall my windows via usb install - all i get is a mouse cursor and a black screen.

    Hello, i researched on the internet for a while, but i couldnt find anything that worked, my problem is, i cannot use the windows cd since my cd drive doesnt seem to work, i created a installer via usb drive on another pc, but when i use the drive on my pc, all i get is the mouse cursor and a...
  6. Question Gamidas Chione 240R Fans RGB doesn't work

    I have Aorus h370 Gamin 3 Wifi ... I installed yesterday Gamidas Chione 240R RGB on my thermaltake view 32 RGB But the RGB didn't work on fans ... Any possible reason ?
  7. P

    Question Taskbar notifications - turn off?

    Is there a way to turn off all Windows 10 taskbar notifications? I'd prefer not to have the taskbar pop up at any time other than when I move the cursor over the taskbar area.
  8. M

    Question Gigabyte Z170X - ultra gaming m.2 slot compatibility

    Hi there, I would like to purchase an m.2 ssd, namely Samsung 970 evo 2280 and I am not sure if my motherboard is compatible with it. I can see on the box that it says it has 1 m.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 22110 slot but I am not sure if it supports m.2 ssd sizes up to 22110 or exclusively 22110? Has...
  9. J

    Question raid 10 profile

    hi ive just ordered the MSI MEG Z390 godlike motherboard and im looking to make optimal use of the available m.2 drives ive purchased 2 Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB ssd's and already have 2 960 evo ssd's in my current mobo for my raid 10 profile im still left with 1 m.2 slot and one u.2 port what...
  10. E

    Question i3-2100 TO i5-3570? Is it feasible in this system?

    Hello everyone; Recently I have been wondering if it is possible to quickly and cheaply upgrade my old and trusty system: CPU: Intel Core i3 2100 @ 3.10GHz Sandy Bridge 32nm RAM: HI-LEVEL 4.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 PC10600D3-4G BOARD: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P8H61-M LE/USB3 (LGA1155) POWER...
  11. V

    [SOLVED] System runs for 30s after boot, then reboots

    Hi guys, I recently got all components I ordered for building my first PC. When I connected everything and pressed the power button, PC turns on and stays that way for about 30 seconds and then reboots. And continues along the same pattern. I tried everything suggested in the sticky in this...
  12. B

    Question SSD beginner questions

    Hi, Okay, to keep my long story short, a few days ago I wasn't able to boot to windows 10 no matter how many times I've tried. It couldn't even go to the WinRE environment where I could try some troubleshooting or repairing. At that time, I could still see my system drive which is a 2.5"...
  13. K

    Question Asus Prime B360-Plus \ H370-Plus with i7-8700 - will be not overheat ?

    Hi folks. Planned to grab Asus Prime B360-Plus with i7-8700 (non K), with cooler Be quiet! Shadow Rock 2. I'm worry - do it will not overheat for such motherboard chips ? (little amount of power phases etc) Why not Z370 - critically presence of PCI slot. Any kind of overclocking does not...
  14. Jeff_120

    Question Redragon power supply?

    I am searching for a good psu of 600-650w having a futur rtx2080 in mind, unfortunately all psu sold in my country are not good (aerocool, entry level cougar and TT...). Today one of the shop sent me a photo of a Redragon PSU fully modular 80+ bronze. I searched on Google and couldn't find it...
  15. K

    Question Low FPS - EVGA GTX 1080TI

    Hello guys, EVGA 1080TI I7 4770k Playing @1440p 16GB Ram LCPower 650w Long lurker here who (un)fourtanly needs your help. Recently I've upgraded my Haswell setup with a new 1080TI and a i7 4770k. Sadly, it's delivering way bellow that it should. On AC: Origins I get between 48-53 fps max...
  16. L

    Question i5 8400 I got seems as bad as my i5 3570

    I'm still noticing some drops in frames on games, but in particular Rocket League which is a game that has very low requirements is now running worse than with my old processor. Is there any good software out there where I can benchmark my CPU and find out if it's performing as well as other...
  17. D

    Question Bizarre wifi problem...

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5537 laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. Intel Wireless N7260 network card. There is coffee shop where I've been a frequent visitor for years. I've never had an issue connecting to their wifi. The last couple times I've been there, not only have I not been...
  18. I

    Question 500ft cat5e cable not receiving connection from wifi repeater

    Hello. I am trying to run a 500ft cat5e cable from my wifi repeater to my PC. I terminated both ends using t-568B pinout and crimping tool. when i use a 5ft cable my PC detects the connection but my 500ft does not. whats going wrong? for clarification this is what I am working with...
  19. R

    Question Is a GTX 1660 Ti compatable with a gigabyte 78LMT USB3 R2 motherboard

    I have a older graphics card and I wanted to know if it was comparable and if it was better then a 1060 since it’s not to much more price wise I wanted to get the best for my dollar.
  20. thedoctor025

    [SOLVED] Drivers for new AMD Graphics Card?

    Hi all, I just installed a Radeon 7770 into one of my old desktops in hopes of upgrading it. Now I'm kind of new to all this PC stuff but I'm trying to learn. When I plug the graphics card into the monitor, the image looks all stretched and distorted, so I figured it was a driver issue. I tried...