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  1. Z

    Question can an nvidia card like GEFORCE GTX 1080 with displayport 1.2 connectors support a dislayport 1.1 monitor?

    Have to make a decision about buying the right card for my display - elo 1593L rev B. Also, I will appreciate it if someone can suggest an nvidia card with displayport 1.1 connectors.
  2. A

    Question is display port 1.2 monitor with 1.4 dp cable ok?

    hey. i want to ask something you guys. here is my question, i have msi mag241c monitor with displayport 1.2 version support. i just bought displayport cable(GM-DP-1701 ) with 1.4 version support. are they compatible with each other? Does the monitor work properly 144hz ?
  3. K

    Question DisplayPort 1.4

    Hi everyone, Sorry for the stupid question but I was wondering whether I needed a different cable for DisplayPort 1.2 vs DisplayPort 1.4, or whether they can all carry the same amount of data in the cable and it is only the ports that are different. Thanks in advance!
  4. D

    Question Using a DVI-D Dual-to-Displayport Adapter for 1920*1080@144hz

    My Graphics Card has one Displayport 1.4, one, one HDMI 2.0 and one DVI-D Dual port. I am planning to buy an Oculus Rift S, for which I will need that one Display Port, but I don't want to sacrifice my monitors framerate or resolution. Yet that monitor has only two ports, one Displayport 1.2 and...
  5. Chancebest123

    Question Monitor not getting 240hz

    So i know alot of people asked, but non of the solutions worked for me, so maybe i am doing some different I have a Samsung UE55D 55in Professional Display, some sites said it would go to 240hz, and another site said 120hz, either way i want to get 120hz or higher. I use a ZotacGaming RTX 2070...
  6. U

    Question Display Port to HDMI

    Hi, I am interested to know the following: Is there any noticeable quality difference (degradation ) when using DP to HDMI adapters/cables? Which is a better option: DP to HDMI adapters or DP to HDMI cables? Can you recommend reliable adapters/cables? Thank you.
  7. C

    [SOLVED] Personal Desktop and Workstation Setup

    Hi All, Below you will find a list of components I have at the moment: 2x Dell U2414h monitors (at the moment these are daisy chained to my desktop) desktop graphics card (EVGA gtx 970) ducky shine 3 keyboard logitech g502 mouse HP zbook 14 G2 ( work laptop) Dell d6000 docking station Right...
  8. E

    Question Avermedia and Displayport issue

    Hello! First post here. I'm facing an issue that has left me helpless and I hope I can find some help here. I want to record videos in 4K60fps on my PC. While after the editing, the video will only be rendered in 1080p60fps, I want the footage to be in 4K60fps so I can zoom into the video...
  9. stevenk92

    PCIe x16 Riser

    Just got my new case the thermaltake p3 SE ( one without the riser) I heard the included riser sucked so im buying the cheaper one. I was looking into a 3rd party riser and saw that the EZDIY PCIe 16x Riser had great reviews and was recommended among many from the community. I see that it is a...
  10. nshin313

    I need help with PC wiring.

    At the time of writing, I'm building my first a PC. I need some help for wiring. What do the abbreviations of HD and Ac '97 mean, Where do I plug the HDD LED wires in? Where do I plug the LED wires in? I'm using a Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R motherboard.
  11. S

    My graphics card is slowing down my computer

    I recently just installed a new graphics card a ASUS gtx 660 and my computer has been running much slower then usually. I've tried virus scans, and the drivers are all updated and up to date. My computer does recognized the card, and the power supply temp is running fine and can handle the card...