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  1. V

    [SOLVED] Computer can't handle multiple tasks.

    Specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600x GPU: ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super RAM: 2, 8GB 3200Mghz G-Skill Mobo: MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon Wifi PSU: Corsair AX1000 Storage: 2, Samsung SSD's, 250Gb, 1Tb Currently Running 2 Monitors: Acer XFA240 (G-sync)(144HZ)(Display Port) Acer R240HY(60HZ)(HDMI) Problem...
  2. Mattbrownie536

    [SOLVED] Integrated graphics or secondary GPU?

    Hey guys I'm trying to run dual monitors for my build and have hit a few snags. I have the MSI B450-A Pro MB running with a Ryzen 5 2600 CPU and a GTX 1050ti GPU. My question is, what is the best way to go about running Dual Monitors? My main focus is going to be running applications like Adobe...
  3. themiziko

    Question First monitors flickers when I turn on/off 2nd monitor?

    So, I didn't have this issue previously, but now when I want to temporarily turn off my 2nd monitor it turns on and off my first monitor? To be specific, nothing happens when I turn off my 2nd monitor, but when I turn it back on, both of my monitors turn on and off My main monitos is 144hz and...
  4. NathanPCBoi

    [SOLVED] 144Hz monitor reverts itself to 60Hz when playing a game

    Hello, I have a dual monitor setup 1 monitor is 144Hz the other is 60Hz I went into display settings and put them on the right refresh rate but when i start up a game or even youtube on the 144Hz screen it just reverts itself back to 60Hz. Could this be because my graphics card doesn't allow...
  5. sagegami

    [SOLVED] Having 2 monitors with diferent refresh rates at the same time

    So I am thinking of buying an ASUS VG248QE 144 Hz monitor to use primarily for gaming (CS:GO) and I am wondering if my graphics card (GTX 950) would support also keeping my older 60 Hz DELL SE2416H? Also was planning to hook up the 144 Hz monitor via a DisplayPort and the 60 Hz one via DVI to...
  6. M

    Question RX 580 dual monitor issues under load

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my graphics card. I previously ran a GTX 750 Ti with a dual monitor setup. Both monitors are a bit older (one is VGA only (Hanns-G HW173), the other is VGA and DVI-D(DELL SE198WFP)). I had no issues with them on the old graphics card. Both monitors are running over...
  7. J

    Question why has my FPS dropped?

    basically I have switched my monitors (left to right) and suddenly my FPS has gone to 40-50 on a game I would usually get 240+ on
  8. N

    [SOLVED] Dual monitor problem

    I play r6 siege and I have a problem as I play it on fullscreen. When I press the windows button to move my mouse to my other screen mid game, The game minimises. How do I bypass or fix this in my settings? Thanks
  9. jessejamesxx

    Question Dual monitor question

    So my gaming headset broke and until i get a new one i need sound, but my new dell display doesnt have built in speakers. Is it possible that i use my old one and dual monitor it but use the second only for sound
  10. T

    Question PC crash when gaming with two monitors

    When playing a game (Fortnite, CS: GO etc...) and I have both monitors connected to my GPU it randomly crashes after a while I have an RX 580 Nitro from Sapphire and an AMD FX-8350 on a Gigabyte motherboard. I'm not sure what to do to fix it because it's not my pc I have 14gb ram and a 650w PSU...
  11. X

    Question a8 5600k - dual monitor

    Hi here are the list of components that I have. CPU: a8-5600k Motherboard: MSI A55m-e33 GPU: MSI gtx 750ti What I'm trying to do is use my igp and gpu as output for 2 monitors that I have that only has a VGA port. Adapters isn't an option since, dvi-vga is out of stock from where I am. On the...
  12. themiziko

    Question Best dual monitor setup in terms of ergonomics ?

    So I have 2 27' monitors with this same resolution. I saw 2 possible alignments of 2 monitor setup : One dominant monitor in front, and one on the side 2 monitors next to each other, and sitting int he middle. Which one is better ergonomically? or more popular?
  13. E

    [SOLVED] DELL S2716DG and DELL SE2717H combination

    Hello everyone, could someone let me know if it would make sense to have these two monitors as a combo (Dell S2716DG as main display and Dell SE2717H as a secondary display)? I allready have the first one and i want to upgrade my secondary one so i want to find something that would compliment...
  14. wesick94

    Question Dual monitor Problem with signal help me guys !!

    Hello guys . I have a trouble with connecting two monitors on my rig . At first , i have rx570 with 2 HDMI and 2 DP ports. I have connected my main monitor to HDMI port with Converter HDMI to VGA because my LG monitor doesn't have HDMI output . So i have try to connect my second Asus monitor...
  15. B

    Question Is my PSU dying? 2nd monitor randomly disconnects?

    I recently made a trade with my friend and acquired his GTX 980. I also had a 980, so the idea was to SLI them. Since I've had the SLI configuration, it worked perfectly fine... for a few days. One time when waking up the PC from sleep the 2nd monitor wouldn't connect and turn on as you would...
  16. B

    Question Dual monitors not working lately...

    So I recently invested in a virtual reality headset and everything was going great. My system specs were: 2 x Nvidia 980 SC EVGA SuperNOVA 750W G2 PSU Intel i7 6700K 4 x 4 GB RAM DDR4 Dual monitors (HDMI, DVI) VR Headset (DisplayPort) I often let my computer go to sleep rather than shutting...
  17. C

    Question Dual monitor setup question

    I'm getting another monitor for my pc. I plan on using 1 for gaming while the other is used for very basic things. Like Google or watching YouTube. I'm wondering if I can plug my gaming monitor into my graphics card AND my casual monitor into my motherboard at the same time?
  18. O

    Question I have done EVERYTHING that I know to do to get my dual monitors working. Any help?

    Hello! I am having some issues with my computer tonight. Earlier today, I went to the store and bought another monitor for my computer. It's the exact same monitor as the other one (a Samsung CF391) because I absolutely love my first one. I get home and realize that my hard drive/graphics...
  19. Nuginugraha

    Question Dual monitor setup from a GPU with only one display port

    Oh wise people of the internet, i seek enlightenment So Im currently trying to build a PC with a dual monitor setup, and as it so happens i found a pretty damn good deal on an RX 570 8GB, the caveat to this is that this particular GPU (Powercolor Red Dragon) was actually a mining edition (brand...
  20. A

    Question is a 144hz worth it with a 60hz side monitor

    So I've recently built my PC, I'm currently using a 60hz 1080p monitor and planning to get a second monitor do i can use dual monitors I was wondering is it worth for me to get a 144hz monitor for around $330 CDN or just get another 60 hz 1080p monito for $100 CDN? I did some research online and...