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  1. drjackool

    Question Flash memory speed issue

    Hi I today bought an A-DATA UV350 USB 3.2 flash drive (128GB) and formatted it with NTFS file system. problem is when coping file to it the speed is not constant and drop to zero periodically! is this normal or I should return the flash drive? My mobo is Maximus X hero wifi and I connected the...
  2. Chezzybunz

    Question Can I use a large capacity usb as a storage device?

    Ive been wondering if using a 1tb or what have you usb flash stick is a legitimate or possible alternative to internal/external ssd or hdd. If it is a possible alternative would the download speeds be much slower? My purpose would be to store files but also games as well. Also I have looked in...
  3. just.a.pillo

    [SOLVED] Live boot USB

    Hello, I bought a new 64gb high speed flash drive and I wondered if I could split it into 2 partitions so that one would be used for a live boot os (puppy linux probably) and the other one as a normal USB. Would this work?
  4. L

    Question What type of external storage should I buy for my M1 MacBook ?

    Hi, I am looking to buy external storage for my MacBook M1. I am thinking between fast flash drive (1000 MB/s), external SSD (1000 MB/s) or M.2 SSD with external case. Which option out of these is the best one and why? If you have any recommendations, I am all ears!
  5. 🎮|Techyman|🎮

    Question Want to heavily compress a folder. Pls Help!

    Hi, I have GTAV installed on my pc from epic games it is huge like above 100gb. So my friend wants it cause he has got some problems with his own GTAV installation. I only have a 32gb flash drive. Is there anyway to bring the installation under 28.6gb(cause bytes to bits)?? Or maybe transfer it...
  6. DarkLibra

    Question Unable to format USB flash drive

    I'm currently having a problem regarding formatting my flash drive. It shows this error. "DiskPart has encountered an error: A device which does not exist was specified. See the System Event Log for more information." after using CMD to clean it. This flash drive was used previously with a...
  7. ZombieLogan7468

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 giving me half black and blue screen when booting

    So I built my first gaming pc recently and it was working for the first couple months. Then suddenly, it froze while I was playing Destiny 2 and I was never able to boot it up again. It kept looping the failed automatic repair screen. I’ve tried stuff like wiping my SSD and booting windows 10 on...
  8. K

    [SOLVED] I need some info on USB flash drives

    Hi So i have a bit of a weird question. What i need to know is if take a piece of metal and short all of the usb pins of a usb flash drive (memory stick) together for a prolonged time will that damage or degrade the stick in any way? I know it doesn't do anything if i do it for a minute because...
  9. H

    [SOLVED] Why is the Corsair Voyager GT faster than the Voyager

    From a hardware and scientific perspective? Im sorry but there is no information on the web to make this clear for me...
  10. N

    [SOLVED] Flash Driver and SD card Heat Resistance

    You guys, i need some help. Which one is better on handling Heat? Flash Drive or SD Card? and can you guys give me some advice what FD or SD card should i buy? or maybe there is another soulution that i didnt know. its used for 24/7 audio power amplifier. Help are really appreciated!
  11. kaishlothon

    [SOLVED] Should I enable Write Caching on my USB 3.0 Flash Drive & turn off write-cache buffer flushing ?

    I already have it set for better performance because I rarely take it out and when I do I always do it safely. Also, I have never had a power issue on any of my PCs in decades.
  12. B

    [SOLVED] How to recover contents of filled USB

    I have an important USB that has been accidentally filled to the brim, leaving it unusable. Plugging in the USB, Windows says I need to format it. Properties shows 0 B on disk, 0 B used, etc... Is there any method or software I can use to recover the contents?
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Scratching my head with ID 11 in Event Viewer

    Hello there, I've been getting this error for a while and I can't really tell what's going on: The driver detected a controller error in \Device\Harddisk1\DRX. With X being a random number. Harddisk1 is tied to whatever external device I plug in - in my particular case I've got two: KINGSTON...
  14. L

    [SOLVED] USB ports not working after one-time flash-drive plug-in (need to restart PC to make it work again) ?

    Recently found out about a problem with my USB ports as I rarely use flash drives. Every time I wanted to use a USB flash drive I have to restart my PC. Otherwise, it won't show up in "this PC", and going to the device manager it shows the USB flash drive (with a /!\ sign) has an error code 38...
  15. Potato825

    [SOLVED] Windows Installation with usb 2.0 vs 3.0

    Just wondering since I am building a new PC soon and I'm going to need to install windows again is there a difference when installing windows with a usb 2.0 and 3.0 or 3.1? I tried looking it up and could not find any answers, obviously 3.0 and 3.1 are faster but are their peak speeds used...
  16. D

    Question How do I play videos on my TV from my Flash Drive

    I am recording some home videos from VHS tapes to a digital copy for a friend. She wants to be able to play them on the tv with flash drive. I am having trouble figuring out why I cannot play these videos on the TV from the Flash Drive and needs some help. I can play the video on the computer...
  17. S

    Question Anyone managed to repurpose the Windows 10 Model 1734 USB? Phison 2251-07?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had managed to get the Windows 10 install USBs from 2015/2016 to be writable. The ones marked "Model 1734" Previously I've had some Dell OEM USB's that I managed to reflash the firmware of using MPALL to make them writable but I've had 0 luck with the ones from...
  18. F

    [SOLVED] Does continuuous power from a usb port damage flash drives?

    My front USB 3.0 ports permanently supply power to devices, even when the PC is shut off. I suppose this is a feature to charge phones, etc. I have flash drives in them almost all the time, and they still get quite hot if I plug them out when my PC has been shut down for a long time. Is this...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Folder got corrupted on my flash drive and I can't delete it nor move it. I need help

    I keep getting error code 0x80070570 whenever I try to move/delete this folder. I tried running CMD as Admin and tried to delete it but still can't. When I tried to go to Properties>Tools>Error Check it got stuck there for hours. Idk what to do now, and because of this corrupted folder my flash...
  20. BrightVader

    Question SSD problem. Help!

    Hello good people! My new SSD is not showing in the BIOS. I've played with the boot options but nothing happened. When try to install Windows 10(different versions of it) from a booted flash drive, when I get to the option for choosing the disk on which the OS to be installed, it shows the...
  21. A

    Question Some of the music (within sub-folders) on my USB flash drive does not show up in my car anymore. They used to. What can I do? (More details below)

    I drive a 2015 KIA Forte, with the factory audio system. I'm using a 128 GB Kingston DataTraveler G4 flash drive 3.0 (in properties it says "FAT32"). The flash drive has only music, audio files: .mp3 file type. In the flash drive, most of my music is divided in the following way: Genres...
  22. X

    Question Case front usb port defective?

    I have a problem regarding my front USB port casing. My old WIFI adapter suddenly don't work when I plug it in and I though maybe my old WIFI adapter broke so I grab another WIFI adapter then plug it in. The brand new WIFI adapter was so hot to touch and still don't work my conclusion is the USB...
  23. A

    Question Slow speed by USB 3.0 pen drive?

    I have bought a USB 3.0 pen drive...when i connect it to front USB 3.0 port of my desktop cabinet, in starting i get around "20MBps" transfer speed...when the transfer reaches around 40% it drops down to around 5-7MBps... when i connect the same pen drive to backside usb 3.0 ports of my...
  24. D

    Question Flash drive is write - protected

    As the title says, my flash drive is write-protected and I cannot format it, nor make any changes. I did the following: opened Regedit, followed this path ''HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control'' and couldn't find the StorageDevicePolicies. I've been told to create it myself and...
  25. D

    Question SSD

    Okay this is just a quick question. Just wondering if these steps will work to install OS on SSD. Install Windows on 10gb flash drive. Turn computer off and install ssd and uninstall hard drive. Boot computer and open bios, and choose the 1st boot as the flash drive. Install windows enter cd...
  26. loonix200

    Question Can not format or clean WinToUSB bootable Flash

    This is my first ever post after tons of experience watching people solve problems here so it's my last hope, this IS however going to be a long post so I also apologize and ask for your patience. Will try to include TLDR in the end. Basically my friend's laptop got its HDD busted and I wanted...
  27. jacob68

    Question Weird pump RGB LED issue Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R

    Okay, not the end of the world, but this behavior suddenly started a few days ago and I cant figure it out. Specs and setup, trying to make it brief: Asus rog strix Z390 E-gaming mobo. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R. Built a new system 3 weeks ago including the above. The led connectors from...
  28. O

    Question Help me with RAM compatibility

    So I have this ram currently installed in my system. It is 2 sticks of Adata ddr4 2400(17) Model# is: AD4U2400J4G17-B It is on an msi B250M Bazooka running an I5 7400. I want to add in another 8 gigs to bring me to 16. Can I install this TEAM RGB ram in the other channel without issues...
  29. S

    Question help choose laptop

    which of these laptops are the best? L1 https://ibb.co/z7h5NWZ L2 https://ibb.co/0JgrbGZ
  30. K

    Question Vega 64 sf600

    Hello! I would like to inquire whether a Corsair sf 600 would be enough for this vega 64(Sapphire nitro+ 2x8pin version)? It was ruined in 1080 and I had a new card to think about. Config is as follows. ryzen 5 1600x undervolted 1.15v 3.6ghz hyper x fury memory 16GB 3200mhz 1.2v 128gb m2 ssd...
  31. L

    Question PC Boot failure code 9C

    Hello. Been having an issue with one of my computers for a while that while I boot it, the screen remains black and error code 9C is displayed in the bottom right corner. This doesn't happen all the time, and when bootcode A2 is displayed, the machine posts and works like normal. The...
  32. V

    Question PCI-e 8-pin to 6+2 pin

    Hi everyone. So, my graphic card failed me some weeks ago. I thus bought a new one that could last for some months before changing my whole setup. I decided to buy an EVGA GTX 1060 SC. My problem is: it came with a PCI-e 6 pin slot whereas my PSU only has 8 pin slots (and a 6 pin PCI-e to 4...
  33. ThelowBudgetGamer

    Question My computer freezes and i cant find a solution

    My Pc specs Are core 2 quad q6600 2gb ram ddr2 400 mhz ecs mobo called p4m900t 500 gb refurbished hard gt 730 4gb vram the pc freezs when i play any game like fortnite-mincraft-farcry3 ..... i checked the température using hwm monitor and throttlestop i found that its around 40-60 while...
  34. particleX

    Question Motherboard compatibility with M.2 SSD

    I have an ASRock B150m pro 4 mobo (https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/B150M%20Pro4/), with an ssd and an hdd (both SATA). I am planning to add another SSD, I wanted to know if my mobo is compatible with Samsung 970 Evo Series - 250GB PCIE NVME - M.2 Internal Solid State Drive...
  35. C

    Question Something is OCing my Gpu.

    MY gpu decreases and increases in clock speed, but I would just like it to stay at the normal speed. My old build never did this, so I'm assuming it's the motherboard. I was just wondering how would I disable it? View: https://imgur.com/a/SvU88BH Motherboard: MSI - MPG Z390 Gaming Plus Cpu...
  36. S

    Question No video output from graphics card

    I have very recently made my first computer but I have problems getting my monitor to get any input from the graphics card. I have a radeon Rx 580 8gb version and a Ryzen 3 2200G processor. I can plug my monitor into the motherboard slot with no problems, but when I try to plug it into the...
  37. byler47

    [SOLVED] 5v & 12v RGB Headers

    I'm pretty new to the RGB thing, but I just bought a 6 pack of RGB fans to bling my PC up a bit. The hub takes a 4 pin fan and 3 pin 5v RGB header. My motherboard is a B350M Bazooka, and I'm not seeing a 3 pin 5v RGB Header anywhere, but I do see a 4 pin 12v one. Did I screw up? Is there an...
  38. W

    [SOLVED] Computer boot glitch

    tried booting up my computer yesterday and the BIOS boot screen started glitching, not sure what is causing it but when you press one of the buttons (end, delete) it freezes completely. happens every time I try to start it. any help appreciated, thank you in advance View...
  39. I

    [SOLVED] GeForce GTX 1070 difference between ver, 1.0 and ver, 2.0

    GeForce GTX 1070 G1 gaming 8G rev, 2.0 vs GeForce GTX 1070 G1 gaming 8G rev, 1.0 What's the difference? They are the same card, will the rev version affect SLI ?
  40. M

    [SOLVED] Display only works when HDMI connected to motherboard but not on GPU

    Hello guys, I had this problem recently where I had to restart my PC twice or thrice (connected to GPU) in order for the display to come. Now after 3 days my display doesnt even come on no matter how many restarts (i thought my pc was froze thats why i kept restatying). Until today I connect my...