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  1. Stealth3si

    Can I run Titanfall 2 at 60FPS on ultra at 1080p?

    If not, what do I need?
  2. D

    Opinions for upgrading

    I'm thinking about upgrading my GPU. My stats are: CPU: AMD A8-5500 GPU: XFX R7 250X 2GB RAM: 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3-1600 PSU: 500W Antec Basiq Power Motherboard: MSI MS-7778 (Jasmine) Monitor: ASUS VX228H I'm looking for a card that will last me a couple years for gaming. I just got a 1080p...
  3. C

    Asus VP228TE vs AOC E2470SWH for gaming

    Hey, I have strong i5 with gtx1060 and now I need to buy a monitor. I know there's a size difference but my question is which monitor will give me a better view? My computer is for gaming but not just gaming. As much as i know the Asus will run 75hz but I'm not sure. And does 75hz matters...
  4. Arikation

    Quick question please..

    hi all, 1st i don't know if necessary but i want to upgrade my GTX 980 (stock) to GTX 1080. 2nd thing is if this would create a bottle neck.. my specs: Intel Core i7 4790 Kingston 2X8 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. Z97-HD3 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980 WD Green WD30EZRX 3TB...
  5. D

    Replacing Hyper 212 stock fan with Cougar Vortex

    Well I purchased the Hyper 212 Evo yesterday and within an hour it was buzzing (likely faulty bearing). I've narrowed it down to being the cooler fan and I'd like to just fully replace it. Never had a mounted fan like this before so am just curious is the Vortex viable to mount in the same...
  6. S

    Surface tablet keyboard typing random letters.

    My tablet keyboard was working for one day and then suddenly stopped working the next. Its one that can attach and detach from the tablet. I checked and made sure it was not any language option that was wrong, and also tried pressing the function key and the caps lock key together, but it...
  7. A

    HDMI Sound Not Working

    I've already browsed extensively for a solution to this problem, and it continues to irk me. The HDMI picture is live, but the audio function of the HDMI connection is not showing up in my Sound Playback Devices. I already checked to make sure I'm showing disabled and disconnected devices. I...
  8. D

    Just build a gaming PC and ...

    I just build a gaming PC. Every time I turn it on, the fan slowly turns up and then after a few minutes the computer shuts down. I have a MSI z97 gaming 5 MB and an i5 4690k cpu with a evo 212 cpu fan. I tried changing the thermal paste and used a small rice size of it. I re installed the cpu...
  9. A

    steaming on i5

    Hi, I have an i5-4690k processor, and using xsplit to steam my gameplay to youtube/twitch using xsplit. i am unable to stream anything higher than 480 and it always prompt me that cpu currently at high usage normally around 95 ++ is it normal ? how do i get the cpu usage lower cause i am...
  10. G

    Cheapest 1080p Graphics Card that can run most new games at high.

    I am currently using an old Lenovo gaming laptop, that now cant run a lot of new games at all. I was wondering what is the cheapest graphics card that runs most new games at high/medium quality at 1080p. I would like not to spend more than £150 on it. The graphics card will be for a PC that i...
  11. J

    help A10-5800k high temps

    my cpu A10-5800k, when i freshly open my pc and i go to bios the temp is already 68-71C, and when i start the windows, the temp min: 73C max: 88C is it normal or not?
  12. C

    switch processor laptop

    Can I switch processor AMD Athlon II P320 clock rate 2.1 GHz and Socket S1g4, in sony vaio vpcee32fx. I fpossible how can I tell which one works. Thanks in advance for your enlightenment.
  13. D

    HTPC Mini-ITX Build - Advice Needed

    I'm currently planning on putting together a high end HTPC system (mostly for gaming) and would like some advice/critique on the components as this will be my first build from scratch. The current components are: CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-L9i...
  14. H

    Updated Windows 10, now no more computer?!?!

    I built a computer for a friend of mine back in november and last night he called me up saying he installed a windows 10 update and when it got to 25% it froze for a few hours. He shut the computer down and now when we turn it on nothing happens? Did windows fry his computer? When i push the...
  15. BUlly_boy_2101

    New UPS for my active PFC PSU.

    Hey guys i wanted to buy a new ups for my corsair rm 650 which is PFC activated. I did some research and found that my psu needs a pure sine wave using ups, but the price is way to much. So i just wanted to know which ups would be a good alternative to the pure sine wave ups so that i dont face...
  16. V

    R7 370 wont overclock anymore

    I have overclocked my GPU core to 1150MHz and memory to 1500MHz. After unlocking the voltage and enabling the unofficial overclocking mode with PowerPlay, it wont overclock anymore. The sliders will go all the way to like 1950 and 1800 respectively, but it wont increace preformance or even...
  17. O

    Asus motherboard PSU upgrade

    Could I buy this computer: And add a new PSU and GPU? Will an i3-4150 be sufficient for the next few years? How badly will an i3-4150 bottleneck a GTX 970?
  18. G

    Looking for a great deal on two 8 core build kits, but TigerDirect is out...what to do?

    Here's the deal. My best friends, who game quite a bit when they're not working, have had me build every computer for them for years, are wanting to upgrade with his Christmas bonus from their 6-core systems to 8-core systems. They want to gift their 6-core systems to their children. I went...
  19. L

    Took my heatsink out to clean it today, and after putting everything back in I'm getting super high mobo temps.

    Pulled the heatsink out, cleaned it as much as I could, and replaced it on the CPU. Now when I run my pc, my fans start going max speed immediately after bootup without stopping, and my mobo temps have been reading considerably higher across several programs and even in BIOS. I'm getting around...
  20. S

    Does it worth?

    Hello guys.One guy is selling motherboard for 20$ "conroe kentsfield fsb1066 motherboard" I dont have big budget so i cant aford better one bcs couple days ago i just bought new GTX 650 ti directcuu2 and I haave alot ddr2 memory but my motherboard just have 2 slots and this one has 4 and...
  21. M

    Help With my New Build

    Hello everyone, this is my first go at building a computer. I am looking at these three things from and I was wondering if they all work well together and if they are the best bang for the buck...
  22. H

    Flex Mode Ram?

    Hello, I have a 4 GB stick of RAM right now. I was planning on buying another set of RAM sticks, 2x 4 GB sticks, by a different company. What are the pros and cons if I run the set of RAM sticks in dual channel, slots 1 and 3, and the lone 4 GB stick of ram in slot 2?
  23. Supahos

    Skylake non k processor question

    Has anyone actually laid hands on one and dropped it in a Z170 board? I've heard 2 or 3 people say that you can still move the bclk on the non k processors potentially allowing some oc headroom on them. I don't want to see anything quoted from tech specs or the like please only answer if you...
  24. D

    Should I wait for my local store to restock the R9 380 or buy one of the GTX 960s they already have stocked?

    So let's just say in my city, it's quite difficult to order online. Not to mention, in my country (Philippines), most online stores often don't have good cards stocked anyways. A little over a month ago, my Radeon HD 7870 died. I've since been using an old HD 5570 for gaming. It does the job...
  25. J

    Can this PC Run games?

    Hiya, was just wondering if this pc could run some games, I'm looking to be able to run last gen games (like borderlands and Bioshock Infinite) at high settings and new games at low, thanks! Processor: AMD FX 4300 (4 x 3.8 GHz) RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1333 MHZ Hard Drive: 1000 GB 7200 RPM SATA-III HDD...
  26. D

    [Help] monitor's color changed from left side

    First of all I apologize if its posted in a wrong section, I have a weird issue on my Dell S2340L 23 inch monitor. See link!2312&authkey=!APmDK3U_Zk1Lshg&v=3&ithint=photo%2cJPG From left side 25% of screen had changed color to red tint...
  27. X

    Windows wont boot

    I recently built my computer, and it was working fine, I installed all of the drivers, but when I installed my graphics driver, my monitor just turned off. Now when I try and boot my machine, it goes to the windows 10 logo then nothing. My screen is black and my USB connected devices just turn...
  28. I

    Should I over clock? If I can or should, why and what? ( like 4.0 or 3.7 etc) Will my computer get louder with my cup cooler? Will my cpu not over heat or be loud?
  29. F

    i believe my psu is damaging my Hard Drives

    the reason is all three of my hard drives were damaged in less than two months each connected at a time for a week or two one of them is completely broken it is giving that clicking noise no important data on it so I won't even bother fixing it the other two i believe something is wrong with the...
  30. T

    Extending WiFi Network

    My home is spread out laterally. The distances from the main router to other areas is considerable. There are areas in the house where the WiFi signal is weak notwithstanding the fact that I have a dual band 802.11ac router. I have an extensive physical ethernet network with two Cat6 cables...
  31. A

    Please Help Me Decide Which PC To Choose!

    Hello I am looking to build my first ever Gaming Rig but I can't decide which one to go with! I have a $800 budget. I really want to have a great first experience with PC gaming. I am looking to play BF4 and GTA5 at at least very high. I know all these builds should run CS:GO and mine craft but...
  32. P

    4 monitors set up (Can i ?)

    Specs intel core i7 5820k 16gb ddr4 gtx 970 1k psu I want 3x24inch and 1x32inch Ultra hd (2560 x 1440) I run my computer almost 24/7 . Can it support 4 monitors (one of them ultra hd) with no issues? Let me know Community :)
  33. I

    What is the best $150 monitor?

    What is the best $150 monitor? It should have: 1. 1080p 2. 60+ hz 3. 16:9 4. Displayport and HDMI 5. GSync Thanks.
  34. M

    Can't change to refresh rate higher than 60Hz

    My friend just bought a AOC G2460PQU monitor, which supposedly supports 144Hz. When we installed the monitor, we noticed that there was no option for refresh rate higher than 60. His graphic card (GTX 650) has a DVI-D Dual Link port in it and his monitor has one too. So, today, we went to buy a...
  35. R

    First time building a computer and I'm not sure the parts will fit inside the case

    The title says it all, if you have any suggestions as well please let me know,. I just looked up lots of videos and picked the best parts that people recommend.,urFpjsh,grzmqTa,urFpjsh,grzmqTa#1,urFpjsh,grzmqTa#2
  36. Caelanbro

    Change Default Installation Drive

    Hi, I just installed windows 8.1 on my new PC on the SSD, which automatically makes my SSD the C:/ dirve and where all my program files e.t.c. are. Is there anyway I can change the C:/ drive to my HDD instead? Maybe swap them around so that my HDD is C:/ and my SSD is D:/

    GTX 770 upgrade to GTX 970 (or wait ?)

    Hello dear experts! Currently I am using GIGABYTE GTX 770 (2gb) OC with Core I5 2500 k overclocked to 4.2 Ghz / 8 GB of ram. I have purchased GTX 770 around a year and a half ago. So my question is should I upgrade to GIGABYTE GTX 970 G1 edition to play at 1080 p or wait till next NVIDIA...
  38. A

    New build from scratch with VERY specific needs

    Hi, I'm getting a new rig. It'll be purely (100%) used for gaming, as I already have another rig for everything else. I'll only be buying the computer case and everything inside it, as I already have the: 1. Monitor (1280x1024@75Hz, 5:4 ratio, 17" monitor) (Just 1 monitor), 2. Keyboard (USB)...
  39. T

    speaker and subwoofer compatibility

    Does anyone know if my speakers, the Simple Audio Listens, would work with the Polk PSW10 subwoofer?