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  1. K

    [SOLVED] Black screen on monitor, with green light.

    When i turn on my PC, pc boots but monitor is completely black, no picture, or anything. It doesn't even say no signal when i disconnect cables from my pc . But when there is black screen it has green light. Sometimes it works when I'm reconnecting monitor power cable and vga cable. I tried DVI...
  2. P

    HELP!! GTA 5 LAGG!!! On my gtx 960 2gb intel 5-6400 8 rams

    Hello i was playing gta 5 2 years ago and i been getting decent fps with no shuttering or lagg almost on ultra graphics. Now i only get 40fps on lowes graphics and over time when i m playing it gets worse and worse i think becouse it heats and also if i do graphics on ultra it is even more fps...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Upgrading from Intel Core i3 370M to Intel Core i7 640M

    Dear all Master, My laptop is Toshiba Satellite L645 using Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M370 @ 2.40GHz. I want to upgrade this processor to Intel Core i7 640M. The comparation between two processors are described in this link. Can I upgrading my processor. I also need your advice about...
  4. E

    [SOLVED] SSD Full. Any help?

    Hey! I have a 118gb ssd (weird ik) but anyways. It's completely full. I've moved some stuff to hdd but idk what to do now. All i want on the ssd is fortnite and windows os. what do i do?
  5. E

    Monitor AOC G2460PF locked at 60hz

    I recently bought the AOC G2460PF 144hz Monitor because I saw all the good reviews. I've been troubleshooting for 2 days and am struggling to find a solution. The issue is I can't set the refresh rate to anything above 60hz. The options are there to set my refresh rate to 144hz on both the...
  6. M

    Dependencies missing in Print Spooler Service & "Class not registered" error

    This has me stumped. The computer will not print, and the Print Troubleshooter gives me two messages: "Print Spooler service isn't running" and "Print spooler service isn't starting automatically" In both cases, the troubleshooter reports "Not Fixed." However, when I look at Services, it shows...
  7. C

    MSI Optix MAG341CQ Curved Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor Review: A Price Breakthrough

    Curved ultra-wide gaming monitors are becoming ever-more popular with gamers. Today, we’re reviewing the MSI Optix MAG341CQ, a value option with QHD resolution, FreeSync, 100Hz and a wide color gamut. MSI Optix MAG341CQ Curved Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor Review: A Price Breakthrough : Read more
  8. DarqFX

    [SOLVED] does RAM speed make a difference in gaming?

    Upgrading to 16gb ram, but ive noticed that the speed makes a difference for the price. It isnt much, but i could save £50. My point is that, i dont want to spend money if its unnecessary but i'm fully open to buy the 3200hz if its a big deal. Using a Ryzen 5 2600, gtx 1060.
  9. C

    Thermal throttling on 2600X?

    My Ryzen 5 2600X usually above 4.0ghz during normal usage, but when I run Prime95 sith Small FFTs, the clock speed stays at 3.89ghz. Is it throttling or is there another problem?
  10. L

    [SOLVED] Chrome causes hard shutdown on home built PC

    Hi, I have two different home built computers that have been experiencing an issue. The issue occurs on both Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 10 Enterprise. When using the computer, if Chrome is started the computer instantly turns off. Not only does it turn off, but the only way to turn it...
  11. V

    Best upgrade for my current build

    Here’s my current build: CPU: i5-3470 GPU: GTX 960 2GB RAM: 8GBDDR3 Mobo:H61M-E PSU: 600w Just wanted to know which of these I can upgrade to increase my PC’s performance especially when gaming. I’m usually play DOTA2 and CS:GO. My budget is about PHP 18,000 (around 340USD) and I live in the...
  12. M

    Soundbar Volume Display

    Are there any reasonably priced/quality soundbars ($300 or less) that show you the volume on the soundbar itself (e.g. multiple lights corresponding to how loud it is, a digital display).
  13. H

    Looking to upgrade an existing computer

    Hello, I have recently decided to upgrade my computer during the upcoming Black Friday Sales. As of now, I am using a prebuilt computer with all the specifications in the link below (Nothing has been changed). I am hoping to upgrade it to a point where I could run practically any game at a...
  14. M

    bios reset password

    Hi, I have a problem with my laptop. When I bought it, all was going ok. For security reason I asked my husband to put the password for BIOS, he enter the pass, this was activated, but when he tried to enter the password to start the windows, this wasn't possible, since the BIOS disable...
  15. S

    Pc won't start

    My pc won't start it says your pc ran into some problems we will restart your pc and it never works what can i do besides formatting
  16. D

    ARC splitter possibly?

    I am looking at getting the Polk Command Bar but also want to use my stand alone subwoofer. Is it possible to get an ARC splitter and plug into AVRand Command Bar?
  17. S

    HDD won't boot b/c sata pins are broken.

    I took my computer in the shop a year ago and they said my HDD was corrupted, so they installed a SSD for me, but they kept the HDD inside.My pins on my motherboard for my HDD broke because my stupidity thought I could unplug and replug it like an SSD. I have an SSD 256 gb WD Blue with Windows...
  18. S

    Failing Drive Not Accessible?

    I have a hard drive from a laptop that is failing. It would no longer boot so I removed it and plugged it into an external housing. When I fit turn on the housing it spins up and I can see it pop up as F Drive, but as it continues, it locks up and a minute or so later I get "F: is not...
  19. Frag Maniac

    Can't login to the forum without disabling my VPN.

    This started the evening of 8/8/18. I have been using the forums daily for some time with my VPN active without any problems, but now I have to disable it to login. It's not due to an update on my VPN either because there hasn't been one lately. I do not feel safe on the net anymore without...
  20. S

    display goes black for a couple secs

    i have 4 monitors hooked up to my pc and one of my screens randomly goes black for a couple of secs then comes back online. is this a gpu issue? i sent the "bad screen" back to the factory and had them replace it but i still have the same issue when i play games. system specs 3 4k 27" monitors 1...