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    Can i run it on e7400,4gb ram and r7 250?

    Hello,can i run fortnite on dual core e7400, 4gb ram and r7 250?
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    Headphone AUDIO DO NOT Work on Newly Build PC

    I recently built a PC with Windows 10. I downloaded all the drivers (including audio). When I plug in my headphones into the audio jack, the computer recognizes I plugged a device in, but I can't hear anything from the headphones. I went to my audio device manager and couldn't see the device I...
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    Nividia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti - can I use a i5-2500?

    I want to know if I should buy a newer processor or if there is a way to just use my i5-2500. I've been thinking of falling the AMD side and buying a processor there for a cheaper price put I don't know which is the right decision.
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    Can I run Counter Strike:Global Offensive on these specs?

    intel corei5-3470 3.2ghz Quad Core Processor 8gb ddr3 ram Integrated Intel HD 2500 graphics
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    Will Upgrading RAM help me get good FPS with old CPU?

    I have an old laptop Dell Inspiron 3521 with 4 GB DDR3 RAM(3.87GB usable), Intel Core i5-3317 CPU @ 1.70 GHz 2 cores, AMD Radeon 8730M HD 2GB GPU, 1 TB HardDisk. I play games like Grand Theft Auto V, Watch_Dogs, Far Cry 3,4, NFS Rivals, etc. They sometimes run in 30FPS, and sometimes up and down...
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    What component loads multiple people around you in game

    I just want to know what pc component loads in game people around you or multiple figures or ai in game around you
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    PC says only 7.94GBs of my installed 16GBs of RAM is available.

    when i go in the setting or BIOS, it says only 7.94GBs of RAM is available out of 16GBs installed. the RAM is newly bought and installed. the motherboard is a Asus ROG Strix B350-F. i have reseated the RAM sticks and made sure they were properly installed. I also tried setting the RAM in the 2...
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    game keep crashing after changing gpu.

    hi,i need help fast because everytime i play game using my new gpu,the game crash not immediately but after 5 min or so. my old gpu is gtx 550ti and now im using gtx 650ti boost edition.i have reinstall the driver and uninstall the old gpu driver. it only crash if i play game,if im editing or...
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    Phone -->HDMI --> audio amplifier --> RCA output

    In my Dodgey Caravan the DVD player (reader) is unreliable. What I did was set up my Android phone to play videos 1) then output to HDMI 2) then input the HDMI into a HDMI-to-RCA converter and finally 3) output the video and audio into the RCA inputs of the DVD player. The setup works fine...
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    Trouble finding 4K Competitive PS4 Pro & Xbox One X

    I'm honestly finding so much trouble finding a 4K Monitor! I play competitive on PS4 & Xbox One X. I need something very fast and 1ms and something that looks very very very very nice and beautiful. 60hz is fine because thats all it goes up too. Also HDR if possible if it makes it look...
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    filemissing for amd drivers

    When i go to install amd catalyst/driver from da official server....after da installation it shows that file missing.... installation incomplete...plzz help me guys....
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    Are either of these GPU's compatible with my CPU and motherboard?

    My CPU: My motherboard: The R9 270 and GTX 1050/GTX 1050Ti are the graphics card's in question, are either or both of them...
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    ⭐What should i upgrade first? Cpu or Gpu?

    Hello Peaple :) -I'm going to buy a i5 6500 and GTX 1060 3GB But for now i can only buy one , My Pc spec: CPU : I3 6100 3,7GHZ GPU : GTX 950 2GB RAM: 8GB DDR4 2133 Which one should I buy first?, I5(180€) or 1060(250€)
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    PC bootlooping . Can be virus

    I recently tried to install a free cracked Photoshop through an installer from an unknown website . During installation I searched through the internet that photoshop CS3 takes a lot of time to get installed .I believed into that thing a I did a regretful mistake. I tried to quit the...
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    Net Framework 3.5 won't enable.

    I've recently upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7 after installing a new motherboard with Ryzen CPU. Problem is I'd like to run some of my own favored applications but they need Net Fr 3.5,so they ask me to install and enable it,I do,then it asks for a restart,I restard,and then when I try to...
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    Please need help

    my laptop is asus x455l i try to open it but it stucks at preparing automatic repair it not continue its stuck for almost an hour please
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    I'm looking to install a graphics card in my Dell Latitude E6410 laptop via a riser adapter; is my laptop compatible?

    I wish to install a PCI-e x16 nVIDIA GeForce GT-series Graphics Card in a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop through the use of a riser adapter that I plan to purchase. I don't want to take it apart twice (once to check if it has extra mini-PCI ports available, and again to install the adapter). Is this...
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    Display white line and mirroring

    So my monitor starts fine after a 10 or 15 minutes some white lines appear and they just get more and after that it starts to show different places of the monitor as you can see the problem is not my gpu because I tried with 2 different gpu and a ps4 no difference the only thing that i notice is...
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    How do I properly wipe my hard drive for a fresh install of windows 10 on a new motherboard, cpu, and ram change?

    Hello all! Recently I have decided to update my AMD CPU and motherboard (RAM also because the mobo requires ddr4). The parts are currently in the mail and right now and I am trying to figure out how I should go about preparing my one hard drive for the new parts. I only have one drive in my PC...
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    SSD NVMe shows in BIOS but NOT in disk management or anywhere else

    My windows crashed a few days ago and this resulted in not being able to see or access my SSD NVMe. I can only see it in my BIOS but absolutely no where else. However, if I put it in another computer it shows up fine but in my laptop I cannot see it (only in my BIOS). It is formatted to NTFS...