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  1. V

    Question MacOS from HDD to originally Windows PC

    I have an old hard drive that I took from a 2010-era Macbook Air. I also have an old HP Envy desktop that I would like to use for some coding; however, I am working with Swift and I can't use Xcode on a windows PC... I only have windows computers, so I was curious if anyone knew of a way to use...
  2. C

    Question Self assigned IP issues

    Self assigned IP issues Hello everyone, hope all are well. For the last day I’ve been pulling my hair out with this issue I’ve been having on my MacBook and I’m assuming iPhone. My work laptop (windows) has been working perfectly fine, however no matter what method I try online nothing works...
  3. InsanityCrescendo

    Question Laptop can't connect to many websites (ERR_SSL_BAD_RECORD_MAC_ALERT) ?

    I'm having a pretty weird problem. At some point and without having done anything different, my laptop just can't connect to certain websites (many websites, not just 3 or 4). When I try to access those sites I get the following errors: Firefox: Secure Connection Failed (no error code) Opera...
  4. Viable

    Question Which Portable SSD for Macbook Pro with Intel CPU

    I'm using a 2020 Intel MacBook Pro, I'm a graphic designer, which ssd should I choose? WD P50 Kingston Xs2000 Lacie Portable P50 has got 900Mbps read/write on MacBook in YouTube videos. I was able to find that the XS2000 does 800/850 Mbps read/write on the MacBook. I didn't see any video...
  5. T

    Question I'm looking for a new OS besides Windows, Linux or mac ?

    Hi, im looking for something similar to midnightbsd, haiku that is something new and can be used for gaming. so far i only found midnightbsd, vamprie os, elive, haiku and lonero os. are there any others?
  6. Budgeteer_262

    Question How do I share an NFTS Drive on my Mac to Windows 11 PC via Local Network?

    Hi All, I have a MacBook with 250GB space. I only use 40GB locally and I want to make the other 210GB usable by my main PC via internet LAN share. They're both connected to the same local network. I have created a "Windows NFTS" Partition on the Mac using Disk Utility app. However, I am having...
  7. buster108

    Question Early 2015 Macbook Pro charger delivering 30-40 Watts - Normal?

    Hi, I recently got an early 2015 MBP and downloaded coconut battery just to double check stuff. The laptop itself has been fine as has the battery. But I couldn't help notice at the bottom under "charging with" the wattage of the charger read as anywhere from 35-40 watts. Is this normal from a...
  8. Zazou38

    Question Is it possible to install Windows 10 on old Mac Pro with a new HDD ?

    Hi, My father gave me his old Mac Pro tower, and i would like to install a Windows 10 system on it with a new HDD, and not using any Mac IOS at all. Here is the systeme info : View: I did some research and only found some topics about how install a Windows 10 on...
  9. M

    Question Is used Macbook Air (2020) good for graphic design?

    What would your opinion be on a used and well take care of MacBook Air M1 8/256 (2020) or Macbook Air 13 2020 / i5 / 8Gb / 500Gb hdd (750 - 780 euro)? Do you think it will be able to do the job for a college student for graphic design and 3D? (programs using Adobe (Ai, Ps, Pr, Ae), Blender)...
  10. MeiGunner

    Question Mac vs Windows -- temperature differences ?

    What in the past and the present has this been ( windows pc , vs Mac ) .. I would imagine Mac being hotter in temps.. since windows pc has water cooling / big heatsinks , bigger Cases and fans , and Mac is Usally Smaller ( im not Talking about laptops, but if you want to below, you can :-D...
  11. D

    Question Safely increase windows Partition on a triple-boot system (High Sierra, Windows 10, Mac OS 10.7) ?

    My mac mini 2011 has a 500G SSD where the first partition is High Sierra, the second one is Windows 10, (upgraded with an iso file on my desktop from a bootcamp installed windows 7), and the third is my legacy 10.7 system for compatibility with older AU plugins. The problem is, I've given it too...
  12. D

    Question Thumbdrive only showing USB Drive.Ink

    Hi. I had multiple files and folders in my SanDisk thumbdrive. I only see a file called "USB Drive. Ink" in it now. There was lock icon at the bottom left of the file. I right clicked > get info > unchecked "Locked" option. Now it's unlocked. But no application could open it. How do I retrieve...
  13. papalzru

    Question Macbook purchase advice ?

    My daughter wants a Macbook for University. She's asked me for help in purchasing one. I really haven't got a clue as I am a Windows user. She needs it for day to day University work. She doesn't want to spend a fortune but also doesn't want something thats useless. I think around 500-600 mark...
  14. magnificent_90

    Question Which Mac device suits my interests and needs

    Hi For years I've been using MS Windows but recently I've seen Macbook devices and I plan to buy one. My budget is around 1200 Euros. I don't know whether to buy a Macbook Pro or Air. How about iPad devices? I will be using it for my university studies and if possible for Photoshop. Is...
  15. turbo-boost

    Question How can i reinstall my macos in these conditions ?

    Very recently i have tried to factory reset my macos but i screwed up by doing these exactly in order 1. I restarted my mac and entered recovery menu via command + r 2. I deleted my disk and renamed it , but i made a stupid mistake by restarting the macbook and not reinstalling the macos...
  16. ACF1994

    Question MBP or PC and help w/ build

    Hi again, So it's finally happened, my late 2015 MBP decided to end its life today and i am now forced to decide whether to dish out ±£2000 on a new one or finally make the transition to PC. Would appreciate it if any techno wizards out there could throw in a few suggestions. Needs to be a...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] What’s a good monitor for PC gaming and works well with MacBook Pro ?

    I’m looking for a good monitor that I can use for 4k gaming on a PC, but can also connect my MacBook Pro for web and graphic design work.
  18. Dew Mortal

    Question Can't install windows 10 on second internal ssd of MacBook Pro 13' mid 2012.

    Hey members, I just recently upgraded my MacBook Pro 13' mid 2012 to 16 GB EVM ddr3 ram and 250 GB Gigabyte SSD. I switched out the optical drive for the ssd fitted with a caddy. I thought of installing windows 10 on it. But everytime i run the installer through usb , it gets stuck on the...
  19. DarkLibra

    Question Unable to format USB flash drive

    I'm currently having a problem regarding formatting my flash drive. It shows this error. "DiskPart has encountered an error: A device which does not exist was specified. See the System Event Log for more information." after using CMD to clean it. This flash drive was used previously with a...
  20. CakeEater

    Question Western Digital DashBoard Tool

    Hello, I have a new WD Elements portable HDD and I'd like to be able to access do a diagnostic tool to fix eventual future issues. There is the WS Dashport tool, but it's only for Windows and I own an iMac. If I formatted my disk on ExFAT would I be able to access the dashboard from my Windows...
  21. JennyMil

    Question Some websites are not loading correctly on almost all browsers ?

    Hello, Not sure if this is the place to go for this kind of help or not. I am working on a project but the website is not loading fully on any of my browsers, but it loads perfectly on my mobile phone. I've been having this problem with all of my browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) not...
  22. haeki1

    [SOLVED] Parallel I/O performance 1 vs. 2 drives ?

    Hello everyone, I am about to buy a new macbook pro M1pro/max for video editing and I am not clear about the size of internal storage as it's often recommended to seperate OS & software from footage and media cache. So I thought taking a smaller internal drive + an external Thunderbolt 3 drive...
  23. hidekelip

    Question Fit mid-2011 iMac 27” internals into a mini-atx case ?

    Hello, fine people. I’ve come across an old mid-2011 iMac 27” computer that has everything working (it is getting an SSD). However, the aluminum housing of the main body has some dents that would require fixing. But before I do that, does anyone have experience or know-how to advise me how to...
  24. TripleYoThreat

    [SOLVED] When waking from sleep, the first key command is transmitted to the OS, any way to do the opposite like in macOS ?

    Always come back and hit space and pause my Spotify. I know from the start that Windows has been like this, but I like macOS's style better on this.
  25. P

    [SOLVED] Setting up 2 external HDMI monitors for Macbook Air (Retina, 13 inch, 2018)

    Hi, We have a Macbook Air (Retina, 13 inch display, 2018) that we are hoping to set up with two external HDMI monitors to allow for an extended desktop. Our Macbook Air has 2 x USB-C ports that can function as Thunderbolt 3 ports. Neither of us have any experience with adaptors or external...
  26. Baraa_Al Turk

    [SOLVED] Booting NVMe on Mac Pro 3.1 using Win 10

    Hello everyone, I'm really frustrated since I have spent so many hours trying to figure something for my problem. I have a Mac Pro 3.1 (I believe it's 2008) and I have had windows 10 installed on it for a very long time, you can say I never worked on macOS. Recently I've bought an NVMe M.2 SSD...
  27. S

    [SOLVED] Monitor "no signal" on MacBook Air M1 ?

    So I just got my MacBook Air m1 and tried to hook it up to my old monitor a Philips 243v (a very cheap monitor) I went out and bought a usb-c to DisplayPort cable but my Mac won't recognise it and my screen displays "no signal" (DisplayPort) ? Was looking at the Dell S2721QS and was wondering if...
  28. Jfontanilla


    Hi, I have macbook, I can't connect my email to our server name. I tried to connect using different server name and it's working and connected successfully. I used mac mail app as my email client. Please help me. Thank you. Hi, Is there any way to open or use port 25 for smtp server in...
  29. K

    [SOLVED] Missing copied files from cross-platforms ?

    Recently i have shifted from Mac (Hackintosh) to Windows platform. I have been making backups to an NTFS-formatted, external 2TB HDD using Tuxera , an app which allows me to see ntfs partitions on mac...but the problem is some of the data goes missing when i connect the disk on...
  30. AlergicToTheSun

    [SOLVED] Mac Pro not displaying anything?

    I recently ran into a late 2000's mac pro that will not display anything but everything will turn on and the fans will start spinning , I put the graphics card (Quadro 4000) into my desktop and it worked just fine. I know macs aren't so friendly with Nvidia so I threw a old AMD card I had in...
  31. M

    [SOLVED] Professional file management and back-up software for MAC OS

    Hi, There seems to be a large variety of software available for Microsoft Windows, but I'm specifically looking for high end software to manage large amounts of files and map structures on a daily basis. Is there any type of (preferably free and trustworthy) software available for Macs that...
  32. L

    [SOLVED] I want to play windows games on mac

    I have a quaries i have multiple games on my steam account. but now i shifted to MAC from windows, so most of the games are only available for windows. Is there any way to play windows game in mac?
  33. I

    Question Best way to do dual display with this Mac setup?

    Ok so I'm getting a new setup for work (MacBook Pro 16" (intel) and 2x Lenovo ThinkVision P27h-20's) which is great - the problem is I need to share the displays with my personal computer an M1 Mac Mini. I'd like to do this in a seamless way if possible; I've looked at various Display Port...
  34. joshuahclark999

    [SOLVED] Macbook air 13in 2015...half dead from water damage?

    TLDR at the end I have a macbook air 2015 13in model a1466 . I got it through someone who said it was broken cause of a salsa spill. After taking it apart and looking through the components the only ones that showed any sign of liquid damage were the i/o board to logic board ribbon cable, and a...
  35. P

    Question 1 headset used for PC and Mac Audio Simultaneously

    I have the Sony wh-1000xm4, which allow me to use my mac and pc audio interchangeably, seamlessly one at a time, but I was wondering if I could play audio from both my mac and PC at the same time rather than pausing one and listening to the other. Thanks I want to accomplish this through...
  36. eyeala

    [SOLVED] SSD SATA getting lots CRC Error Counts! Replacement Easy?

    Hey guy's I'm new hear, but I have been using this forum for good hardware advice for years. So here is one for ya: I'm a Mac guy mainly for the production software choices and ease of use. Right now I have a brand new MacBook Pro that I primarily use, but before that it was just my Mac Mini...
  37. A

    Question I need a B/W A3 format printer for MacBook M1

    Hey, the title says it all :) We design a super simple weekly black and white A3 (8 pages) format newspaper, I want to buy a new system (MacBook Air M1) and I need to print a couple of A3 pages a day in black and white. (it would be cool if it could also do the scanning, when needed, like...
  38. SteeveGates

    Discussion Mac OS 11 Big Sur: Performances and interface: invitation for notations and comments.

    Mac OS 11 Big Sur makes me really satisfied, to say the least. Although the download size is slightly higher than 12 Go, (to take the 2 kinds of processors in consideration: Intel, and the upcoming Apple Silicon), my Intel MacBook Pro, of mid-2014 (the latest with Nvidia graphical processor)...
  39. N

    [SOLVED] How would I natively boot linux, windows 10, and os x?

    Building a new PC build and wanna go all out triple booting Windows 10, Linux, and OS X. I'm wanting to do it natively as I have the storage for it. I know kvm is an option, and if it's a better one than I'm willing to go that route but how do I make them all boot natively?