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  1. J

    Question DDR4 vs DDR5 when upgrading Mobo

    I'm investigating the options of upgrading my CPU from a 9th gen to a 12th or 13th gen - which means new MOBO and RAM will be required too. I obviously want to future proof as much as possible but have now run into a dilemma and need advice please. I'm looking at the newer Mobo's like the "MSI...
  2. averagepcenjoyer

    [SOLVED] My CPU Cooler Bracket Screws Stuck(literally)

    I purchased a new motherboard because the old one was bricked. I was installing parts in and after installing my cpu I went ahead and tried to remove these screws to install my cooler that came with my processor (Ryzen 5 2600x). However screws are literally stuck. I tried everything I think. Any...
  3. R

    Question Certain keyboard keys not working on my recently built custom system ?

    I have recently configured a system with motherboard[Gigabyte H410M H V3], nvidiya gt 730 graphics card, processor i5-10400F. I confess that I had installed-uninstalled os'es[including windows]. Currently am using opensuse. Initially all the keys were working and I don't know in which step the...
  4. J

    Question Motherboard for Ryzen 9 7950x - Suggestions?

    Hello! I have been looking at different boards for the Ryzen 9 7950x and i have never had such a rough time deciding. Essentially I don't care about the chipset variants as they don't need any of the features this time around. What I am mostly concerned about with the lower end models are the...
  5. sanket5real

    [SOLVED] pc shows black screen on after installing nvme ssd

    i bought a kingston nvme ssd today when i installed it and started PC , it shows blank screen, no bios nothing I have gigabyte b450m ds3h if i remove it and start PC, on my HDD it starts normally Do i need to do some setting in BIOS before installing ssd ?
  6. jpgopro

    Question Audio popping, crackling, static, cutting out, robotic, wireless headset

    Hi, I have had this incredibly annoying issue that hopefully someone can help me with. So about 3 months ago I did a complete PC upgrade and have had a persistent issue with my sound only when using my wireless headset (SteelSeries Nova Pro Wireless), I have also tried using the Turtle Beach...
  7. DobriAndr

    Question Currently looking on a opinion for a mobo and cpu combo 2nd hand

    Hello im currently watching a cpu and mobo combo for around $80. The cpu is intel core i3 10100f and the mobo is the Gigabyte H410M S2H V3. Im looking forward for your guys and girls opinion on it. I personally think its a good deal but i want to hear somebody that has a little more knowledge...
  8. E

    Question should buy z690 or z790

    I decided to buy an intel 13 gen CPU (13700k) since it is around the corner plus the price difference is not that big, so I want to know if will it be fine to buy the motherboard z690 instead of z790 or if should I just buy z790.
  9. gvrrrntthtrterg

    Question what to choose

    I am trying to build a gaming machine should i go with 2x xeon x5675 lga 1366 or 1x i3 10105f lga 1200 and lga 1366 is ddr3 but lga1200 is ddr4 which would be better my current system is ryzen 5 5600h
  10. L

    Question Clarification on USB header naming

    Hi there, I am looking to upgrade my current motherboard, and am looking at motherboards and am a little confused. I went to PCpartpicker and was filtering motherboard by features and was trying to find a front IO header that matched what my case has. My case is a Fractal Design Meshify with USB...
  11. GIFFIG

    Question RAM speed higher than CPU/Motherboard spec ?

    Dear users, i have a question regarding RAM capability with cpu and mobo CPU, Xeon 1620 v3 Memory Types DDR4 1333/1600/1866/2133 Mobo, Asus x99 pro Memory 8 x DIMM, Max. 64 GB, DDR4 3300 (O.C.) / 3200 (O.C.) / 3000 (O.C.) / 2800 (O.C.) / 2666 (O.C.) / 2400 (O.C.) / 2133 MHz Non-ECC...
  12. M

    Question Cannot Boot from other SATA drives on Gigabyte Z390 AORUS

    I saw a similar topic but I think I'm supposed to start a new thread. I LOVE the Gig. Z390 AORUS and have NO trouble with it until now. I have a Samsung 970 EVO NVME installed in the M2.A slot, which is working fine. I have FOUR other hard drives which DO SHOW in Windows 10 and I use them...
  13. M

    Question Help me choose a combo for 5600

    Hi, plan is to uprgrade my PC with 5600 or 5600x. PC will be used for playing cpu heavy games like csgo and valorant on 1080p. I have a hard time choosing a motherboard and cpu cooler. I got 2 options, 1st option asus tuf b550 plus + scythe fuma (240$) and the 2nd option Asrock b550m pro +...
  14. George Moytsios

    Question Help with ram compatibility

    Hello, I want to upgrade my ram and cpu and I need some help. My motherboard is asrock B450m Steel Legend I want to upgrade from R5 2600 to R5 5600x -> checked and a simple bios update will do the trick I want to upgrade from 16gb 2666mhz ram to 32gb 3600mhz -> my problem Do I have to follow...
  15. D

    Question PC Build Under 2k

    Hello! I have a test for you guys. Well, this is mostly knowledge for me because I'm thinking of building my PC soon. So, I want your guidance on which components or build would be good for my needs. I'm trying to build a PC under $2000. It's been a while for me since I built a PC, so things...
  16. sart

    Question Which PCI_E put the graphics cards? MSI MAG Z690 TORPEDO

    Processor: i5 12600kf Graphics Cards: RTX 3090 and RTX 3050 I have the MAG Z690 TORPEDO motherboard. This board has 3x PCIe x16 slots, as follows: PCI_E1 (From CPU) Supports up to PCIe 5.0 x16 PCI_E3 (From Z690 chipset) Supports up to PCIe 3.0 x4 PCI_E4 (From Z690 chipset) Supports up to...
  17. Funky Pig

    [SOLVED] CPU fan error AND cannot go into BIOS

    I changed my CPU cooler recently and now I have this error. The main problem is that I cannot go into BIOS because for some reason my PC does not recognize the keyboard. Pressing the Del and F1 key does not work. I tried: Pressing the DirectKey on the mobo and that doesn't work. Clearing the...
  18. S

    Question Help

    I build a pc recently and it looks like we plugged the reset switch wrong When we clicked it nothing happened (like nothing fried on the board and also nothing happened like it didn't reset the pc) Is it ok if I leave it like this or it could damage in the long run Like does a reset switch...
  19. E

    [SOLVED] how do i upgrade my Gpu to rtx 3060 ti without bottlenecking it ?

    hi, my system specs: cpu i5-4670k, gpu zotac 1050ti mini mobo- gigabyte z87x-ud3h, bios version F10b psu corsair cs650m ram corsair 4x4gb @1600 mhz Crucia MX 500 500gb ssd WD 1TB sata internal hdd, AHCI cabinet: cooler master haf 912 cpu cooler-Hyper 212X OS: Windows10 Now i wanna upgrade my...
  20. Nadim Hassan

    Question My pc doesn't turn on

    Hi, I'm facing a problem with my PC the problem is that when I wake up and try to turn on the pc by plugging the power cable into the power strip the motherboard flashes instantly and after that when I push the power button of the case the pc doesn't react at all I tried these steps : 1-cleaning...
  21. ablanc

    Question Please help! EZ debug led has light on cpu whenever i try to boot. No signal to monitor.

    I recently upgraded from a ryzen 5 2600 to a ryzen 5 5600x and whenever i booted up there would be power but no signal and the cpu led on the mobo would light up. I tried my old cpu (ryzen 2600) and the pc boots up normal and works perfectly. My bios is also updated to the latest update. i’ve...
  22. raejinn96

    Question when PC on for a while, it would randomly become no signal and lost sound (progress?), the power still running

    Here is my PC specs : I build my PC first on 2019 CPU : Ryzen 3 2200 G Motherboard : ASROCK A320M HDV RAM : GEIL EVO Potenza 2x4GB 2666MHz PC21330 GPU : I'm only using Vega 8 (Ryzen 3 iGPU) PSU : Cooler Master 450 MWE 80+ (with white label one) SSD : WD Green 240GB (my windows 10 installed...
  23. Jin_Tonik

    Question Mobo doesn't turn off

    Hello guys! I just upgraded my Mobo and CPU and since then my PC boots normally, I can play as long as I want but when I shut it down the Mobo stays on, and the fans are spinning! Most of the times it shuts down about 10 minutes later, other times I do a force shutdown... The weird thing is that...
  24. Wan69Yh

    Question Pc case hasn’t come with stand off screws how should I install my motherboard?

    I’m currently building a pc I have all the parts and my motherboards is set up ready to be screwed in so I can continue putting the rest of it together. However my pc case , Obsidian 500D RGB premium mid tower case) hasn’t come with any stand off screws at all the only screws I have are for the...
  25. Rashkovskiy

    Question Why do i sound like a chipmunk?

    I just changed my motherboard (b450 tomahawk II to a b550 tomahawk) and changed my case for a corsair 4000d airflow. The sound I hear is perfect (from games, videos or friends), but all of a sudden, I sound like a chipmunk and have a lot of distortion whenever i speak. it doesn't come from my...
  26. U

    Question Do I need a sound card?

    I have an MSI 911-7A70-003 PRO VDH Kaby Lake Intel B250 I brought from Amazon a while back. I’ve heard multiple people say that there is no longer a reason to buy sound cards since they are integrated in most motherboards. Though I’ve noticed quite a few issues with my headset only on my pc...
  27. C

    Question Compatable motherboards for ryzen 4100

    Will the Gigabyte A520M S2H motherboard work out of the box with the ryzen 3 4100 cpu and if not could a motherboard be recommended at the similar price that will work out of the box no need for updates needed.
  28. bancevicj

    Question Is RAM Compatibility will based more on Motherboard or in CPU? Will my RAM still work if I upgrade my Ryzen 5 2600 to Ryzen 5 5600g?

    My RAM: G SKill Trident Z Pro 2x8gb 3000 Mhz I am talking with the QVL Listing of the RAM on a certain motherboard as well. For example, I see RAMs that are in Asrock B450M QVL List of CPU Ryzen 2000 series (Pinnacle Ridge) BUT NOT IN QVL List of Ryzen 5000 series (Cezanne). Two Main Concerns...
  29. minitechtips

    Question Which is the best way to find the motherboard in gaming pc?

    Hi i want to know which motherboard i using in my gaming pc and which tools best for finding it. Can this guide help me?
  30. Nomiraxi

    Question Did I fried my motherboard?

    Hello guys, I made a mistake and misconnected the hd audio cable from the front panel to the S/PDIF connector on the motherboard. I noticed it when I connected my headphones and my pc shut down instantly, I read the manual and connected it right this time and now everything works correctly, but...
  31. C

    [SOLVED] My GPU got fried and so did my friends GPU when I borrowed it to test my PC -- how can I stop this happening again ?

    My configuration is Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte Aorus elite B450 motherboard Zotac GTX 1060 3GB coolermaster 450W PSU Kingston 2x8GB ram gigabyte 250Gb ssd + 1TB hdd So a few weeks back during a storm my GPU and router stopped working, I think my GPU is fried cause everything turns on except...
  32. M

    Question Motherboard upgrade

    I had a question of curiosity. I wanted to upgrade my motherboard to a new model to support my current 3060. I was wondering if it would be worth it or not to do so. I’m not over clocking either. I also want to upgrade to a 3080ti but we’ll see. current set up CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x GPU:3060 MOBO...
  33. I

    Question PC won't boot - no signal, CPU LED is red and 00 error code ?

    System: Windows 10 Home 64bit ASUS - X99-A/USB 3.1 CPU - Intel 5820K RAM: Kingston 32GB (4x8) PSU: Corsair RM750x (750Watt) I have had this problem since maybe late thursday or friday where the computer has issues booting. Mind you I built this one in January and it was been booting into...
  34. Nahru falah

    Question PC won't boot at all ?

    Hii. My pc just went completely wrong. At first It wont boot at all. So i rma my my motherboard because I've tested all my component in different build and its working fine except for my motherboard. After the rma its getting worse. It can boot to bios but it will get stuck in lockscreen. Then...
  35. Z

    [SOLVED] Motherboard usb 2.0 headers

    So I have 2 9 pin usb 2.0 headers on my asrock z690 steel legend wife 6e motherboard. Both seemed to be working fine until I had to switch PSU’s the wattage of the PSU’s are the same. Now it seems only one of the usb 2.0 headers are working. I never touched them during the changeout of PSU’s but...
  36. Z

    Question USB ports dying one by one ?

    Hello! My computer was working greatly about 6 months ago but then I bought a Dual Sense controller and started using it with a USB cable, worked nicely for some weeks but for some reason none of the USB was recognizing the controller anymore, I gave up and started using a Bluetooth dongle...
  37. Y

    Question Getting no post top pcie slot. red vga light. But works fine bottom slot pcie

    So basically my mobo ''died'' 2 months ago. First it had red cpu light, no display, then i shut my pc down via PSU button, and since then it wouldnt boot or even give a single fan spin, it literally acted like it wasn't plugged in power. Then I rmaed it, and they were fixing it for 2 months, and...
  38. Sealpope

    [SOLVED] Help, my computer has power but won’t turn on.

    So I had been running into problems with my cpu temperature, so I took it out and cleaned it. Afterwards I realized at some point, I had bent a few pins and set them back straight and have put my cpu back and connected the cpu fan. The problem is since after this, my motherboards rgb lights are...
  39. Astronomy

    Question Can't enter/reset BIOS, black screen after selecting EFI boot ?

    I have an MSI b75ma-p45 motherboard, and I changed the boot mode from UEFI to EFI (help said something about EFI roms) Didn't know what it was and was stupid enough to select it to see if it would solve my Windows startup issue (Windows was booting into startup repair). After this, the machine...
  40. B

    Question What is really happening with my audio?

    So recently a problem has occurred every day, and i really cant find the solution other than doing random stuff and it fixes itself. So here it is: My audio devices connected to my motherboard (3.5mm jack in front and the one in the back) suddenly stops giving sound. And no, it is not muted or...