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  1. Hackerjazz

    [SOLVED] how to lowerr just cause 3 graphics below minimum

    plz suggest me some app which can do this and my specs are i3 2310m with intel hd graphics plz help me and I would like to play just cause 3 on my laptop I only want the gameplay am not interested in graphics so plz do something
  2. H

    [SOLVED] Internal PC blu-ray drive to laptop "internal dvd- sata"?

    Hi everyone. I need to read a few blu-ray discs, only have a internal dvd drive on my laptop but could get a cheap PC blu-ray drive off a friend. Both sata. Is it possible to connect the PC blu-ray drive via sata cable directly to the internal laptop dvd sata (take out the dvd drive and fiddle...
  3. H

    [SOLVED] i5-6600k to i7-8700, computer starts up for just a second then turns off.

    So just yesterday, I got an i7, I took my i5 out of my computer, put in the i7, and when I tested it to see of it would turn on, my fans, and led would only turn on for just a second, then turn off. So to see if i didn't accidentally get any thermal paste in the socket, I clean off the cpu...
  4. U

    Question which wire do i need for a ssd?

    Western Digital WDS240G2G0A 240GB SATA III 6GB/s 2.5 7mm Internal SSD (Green) which wire do i need for this ssd? will this wire work USB 3.0 to 2.5" SATA III Hard Drive Adapter Cable - SATA to USB 3.0 Converter for SSD/HDD - Hard Drive Adapter Cable
  5. Mya Ingram

    Question Monitor randomly disconnects

    So I just replaced my power supply because I thought that was the cause, but the problem still persists. When I turn my pc on, the monitor won’t receive any signal. So I turn the pc on and off multiple times until finally, the monitor gets a signal. And then, just randomly while I’m doing...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Motherboard Upgrade from Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3

    Hello I have been slowly upgrading components on my computer and am at the point where I wonder if I wouldn't be better off upgrading my mobo (and cpu?) as well. I currently have a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 with an AMD FX-8350 CPU. These are my other components.
  7. C

    Question PSU problems

    Hello, so I've got this problem where when I start a game and load it, after it finishes loading the moment the game shows up my pc would just shut down and show me a message that Asus Anti Surge has detected a problem and that it turned off my PC just in case of a faulty power supply. So I...
  8. bettemis4

    Question Windows 10 blue screen after 30 sec I start PC

    When I turn on my PC it blue screens after 30 sec. I can't even reinstall Windows What is going on? Specs: 2400g b450 msi carbon AC 8gb ram single channel Cooler is running, and the PC has been working for 1 week...
  9. C

    Info I figured it out what is wrong with the M.2 SSD

    After I built my rig 5 months ago, everything was fine until I notice that my pc can't boot randomly. However, it's not like a significant thing in the first place because it's gone after I turn off my pc for like 10 minutes. I start to feel uncomfortable when it happened more often (Imagine how...
  10. J

    Build Advice UPGRADE help?

    I currently run CPU - 6700K temps around 25c idle and 56-60c underload MOBO - Gigabyte g1 gaming H150i cooler RAM - 32gb g.SKILL 3200 GPU - RTX 2070 Im a Video Colorist (work in resolve). Im currently having terrible play back on my time line (4k footage) I feel as if this should be a fine set...
  11. Lejend

    Question Game locks at 60fps when on fullscreen?

    Everytime I turn full screen mode on and use v-sync/adaptive sync, my game locks at 60fps. I would be happy to play on windowed borderless as it correctly caps my fps at 82 (my monitors refresh rate) but every 5 seconds the game would feel sluggish and not feel smooth for a couple of seconds...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Game pc Build advice

    Hello, I want to build a gaming PC but i really dont know what i should get ( i can build myself) but i just dont have the knowledge to know what is good for this price. My budget is around 1000 euro. Hope you techs can help me out.
  13. K

    Question Need help motherboard not detecting cpu

    I've recently bought new components I wanted to reuse the motherboard+cpu combo I've used before in my old system it is the ryzen5 1600+ b350m gaming pro I had no problems with them in my old system but after i was done rebuilding the system without changing anything from the mobo or cpu still...
  14. S

    Question Stuck in Safe mode - no local account password

    I was debugging another issue and decided to use msconfig to set safe mode boot. Normally I login with my fingerprint. Well safe mode is trying to get my local account, which I have no clue what the password is. If it is trying to use the Windows login, that isn't working because safe mode puts...
  15. B

    Repair shop for cell phones

    wondering if anyone knows of a good cell phone repair shop - the screen on my Note 8 cracked badly about six months ago, purchased an S9+ but just like the Note much better and want to get it fixed. Thanks.
  16. D

    Question Monitor Help - Max Resolution

    Hello - pardon my ignorance, My friend build me a pc with the following: AMD Ryzen 5 2400g Asus Mobo ROG Strix B450-F My question is I am looking for the best monitor I can buy under $300 in 32 inches. Is there a way to determine the max resolution this GPU and mobo can output from the...
  17. M

    Question Damaged PCI-E slot on mobo, BSOD, No gpu device found please help!

    So I wanted to move my sound card onto a pcie slot between my 2 gtx 980 tis. As I wanted room for an internal capture card. As I was taking out the second gpu it managed to get half removed while the lock on the pcie slot managed to lock in and the last half of the gpus pcie bar was still stuck...
  18. B

    Discussion D link router

    So recently i decided to clean up my cables and so i unplugged everything including my router etc and now when i went to plug everything back in my router seems to be a bit different. It appears that the 2 lights presenting the 2 lan cables are blinking in sync im not sure if its supposed to be...
  19. H


    Case: Corsair Carbide SPEC-OMEGA White [Tempered Glass] Additional Case Fans: 4 x Corsair HD120 RGB fans with RGB Controller Internal Lighting: Ironside RGB LED Strip Wiring: Professional Wiring - Cables will be organized to achieve maximum airflow Processor...
  20. T

    Question LAN not working after shutdown

    I have a local network - win 10 pc, win7pc, modem/router, Ethernet cables. Was working properly - eg I have Lightroom on the win10 pc, and the image drive on the win7 pc. No problems. An electrical storm was forecast so I turned everything off and disconnected the Comms cable from modem. Later...
  21. K

    Question New build, 1080ti no signal to monitor.

    Hello, I recently finished building my new PC, super excited. All new parts, everything lights up, all the fans spin. However when I connected a monitor to GPU, the monitor is not receiving any signal. I also noticed that the mouse lights aren't on when connected to any USB port. I have tested...
  22. J

    Question Hey guys I had a question about a computer build having to do with a cpu

    what I wanted to ask was if the amd fx8350 will work with the asus m5a99fx motherboard. sorry if this is a pretty dumb question I'm new to building pc's
  23. UppishGames

    [SOLVED] Need help finding parts

    Hello, I need help finding the parts to upgrade my laptop. I don't know what I need to be able to upgrade without destroying my laptop. My budget is under 500 dollars. I am trying to get my laptop to support 16 ram without having to buy a 1000 dollar new pc. Here are the specs hp notebook...
  24. A

    Get "no signal" after reinstalling cpu

    Long story short, I decided to go back to my old cpu(only used the new cpu for a few days) and after I had re-installed the ram, cpu , cooler and gpu I kept getting "no signal detected". I tried reseating the RAM, reseating the CPU, but while my computer turned on, it didn't detect the monitor...
  25. B

    Laptop Screen Issue

    Hello. I have am having an issue with the screen of my newer laptop. When I first turn it on after not using it for awhile there is a bright glow around the entire perimeter of the screen. It's an Omen by HP with a 144hz G-Sync IPS panel. After about 20-30 minutes it will fade and look great...
  26. E

    [SOLVED] Does this PC build make sense?

    Here is my build: I'm looking for a build that I would be using for gaming, as well as graphic design, and music production. I chose 32gb of RAM because I may want to use Adobe After Affects in the future, which to my understanding...
  27. M

    [SOLVED] I have a diffrient kind of cables on my cooler master 240 anf i dont know how to mount it...

    I was building my pc and when i reached to the liquid coller ... Idk what is this cables i have watched a lot of videos but i havesnt seen this kind of pins in ant video (those are the cables of the liquid fans ml240r) And idk how to mount them help please.
  28. K

    Help Regarding no Sound

    My Keyboard and Mouse Usb is working to my computer but no audio output device installed i got a Logitech g560 speaker.I tried uninstalling- reinstalling the driver ,disk cleaned up up/defrag my hard drive, download driver easy or boost driver still dont work
  29. L

    Firefox’s ‘Project Fission’ Will Protect You against Future Spectre Attacks

    Mozilla's Project Fission will prevent attackers from stealing data from a site by exploiting speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities in modern CPUs. Firefox’s ‘Project Fission’ Will Protect You against Future Spectre Attacks : Read more
  30. G

    [SOLVED] Computer Disconnects from Wifi while gaming

    I keep having this *really* frustrating issue where I'll be playing Destiny 2, for example, and my internet suddenly just stops. Discord will disconnect and I'll be unable to play, forcing me to restart destiny and wait for my connection to connect once more. I just recently bought this laptop...
  31. A

    Xbox one not working with ethernet switch??

    So i have a wirelss router downstairs and wanted to hardwire in my xbox one and my PC as the wifi isnt that great upstairs where they are based I've run a single ethernet cable from my router, outside the house into my room which is connected to the switch, ive then connect my pc and Xbox One...
  32. MrYorkiebar

    [SOLVED] Is this 100hz Ultra-wide FreeSync monitor a good buy right now?

    The monitor is: BenQ EX3501R 35 Inch Ultra WQHD 100 Hz HDR Curved FreeSync I'm wondering a few things: -Will these types of monitors get significantly cheaper in the next few months or years -Will the freesync work properly on NVidia cards (mainly the 1060 2060 and 2070). -Will this last for 6+...
  33. A

    Dell Inspiron 14 M.2 SSD Installation

    Hello everyone, first time posting here. I hope someone can help as I desperately need this laptop for my work. Last week my laptop started getting really slow and eventually just stopped. On reboot it says that there are no hardrives installed. So I made the assumtion that the hdd had just...
  34. S

    [SOLVED] Is my GPU getting bottlenecked by my CPU?

    Is my GPU ( GTX 1050 TI OC ZOTAC ) getting bottlenecked by my CPU ( I5 4460 ) Thanks!
  35. blight_89

    Opinion on my PSU

    Hello to all, I bought a new PSU yesterday, and I wanted to know if it'll work well with my system, and also if this PSU is any good in general Here are my system specs CPU: Intel Core i3 4160 Motherboard:ASUS H81M-R Ram: Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600 MHz 4GB ( HX316C10F/4) SSD/HDD: HDD Toshiba...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] Help making a quiet pc

    Hi! I'm trying to assemble a quiet 1500$ budget pc, with an emphasis on processor power and some light AAA gaming in 1080p, apart from that i want to do some music production on it. So far im using these builds for reference:
  37. T

    New computer crashes to a random color (especially when playing a game.)

    My system specs are: RX 570 4G oc R5 2600 8 gb DDR4 3000 mhz ram Cooler master mwe 500w psu pls help and yes this computer is new it doesnt crash anymore after about a few crashes and shutdowns of the computer. when it crashes i cannot restart the computer as it outputs a black screen when i...
  38. K

    ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi)

    Hello, maybe someone will help. I have an ROG Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi) asus. In the enclosed manual and on any pictures and pdfs on the Asus page there are no pins marked in the attached picture. Does anyone know what they are used for?
  39. C

    [SOLVED] What should I prepare for when upgrading my mobo and cpu?

    So I've ordered a new motherboard from ASUS along with a new cpu, as well as a gpu though I am not worried about that part. I am upgrading my processor from an AMD FX-6300 to an Intel i7-4790S. These components should be coming in a couple days. I've checked PcPartPicker and I'm very sure that...