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  1. W

    Hp pavilion dv7 6135dx stuck in endless hp logo reboot

    I have tried power cycling. HaRd rebooting. Ran all hp diagnostics all pass. Even the hard drive won't let me get into f11. To even get to Windows options Is my hard drive toast.? Was playing a game and got the 8% power remaining message. So I went to plug it in and it shut off.thought...
  2. Kyle_James

    Sound Loop Crash Is back

    So its been quite a while since this has happened, but today GTA V locked up on me with the audio loop and froze my whole PC. This was an issue a while back but seemed to go away. Ill ad that I have replaced just about every component in my computer. I had these issues on my previous build...
  3. M

    Thank You Everyone

    Hello all, I just thought I would take some of my time to write thread to thank everyone who helped me on my build. It was my first build ever, and everyone here was very knowledgeable and fast to respond. I've had this PC now for 4-5 months give or take, and I am extremely happy with the...
  4. Casey2016

    What Enables a Hard Drive To Boot From A Different Computer?

    I have numerous older hard drives from which I want to extract my license keys. My question is, what enables a hard drive on which I have installed my system partition to boot on a different computer? When I installed a hard drive on which the system partition hads been restored to the same...
  5. Z

    Games Sound Stuttering after I dusted my Laptop

    So, at first, my laptop suddenly lags a lot. It is very hot, so I blow the exhaust and intake, which turns out pretty dusty. After that, my laptop fan seems to be quieter than usual and I notice that my laptop isnt as hot as it usually is, which is good. Then, I try to play the same game, lags...
  6. Y

    BSOD's and a Constantly Crashing Computer - Help!

    I have a PC that I built a few years ago. Been running great. A couple of days ago. I got a BSOD (first ever on this machine). Booted back up just fine and was working. Then I went on a business trip and now I'm back and things are strange. First off, the machine takes 2-4 tries to boot. It...
  7. W

    How to Copy an OS iso-img File to a Bootable USB Drive

    How to copy a Win 7 Pro 64-bit OS 3-gb iso-img-file to a bootable USB drive using Rufus USB software ... or one of these USB drive softwares: And then how to use the USB bootable drive to...
  8. L

    The crew game has stopped working

    hello, i purchased The Crew and The wild Run expansion on Steam summer sale yesterday. Downloaded the game, everything was fine but after downloading and installing it says "The Crew game has stopped working" and i have no idea what went wrong and how to fix it. may i wait for help please ?
  9. J

    Laptop Crashes while loading Windows 7/10 installation disc

    I bought a new laptop and I want to sell my old laptop, so I burned some Windows 7 and 10 installation discs to overwrite everything on my old laptop before I sell it. Every time I try booting from disc on the laptop it turns off on the Windows logo, I'm guessing it's crashing. Please help me...
  10. B

    Is the RX 480 compatible with my motherboard?

    Hey, I need to get a new graphics card and I would like to know if the AMD RX 480 is compatible with me motherboard. My specs are CPU: Intel Core i7-3770S Motherboard: MSI Z77A-G45
  11. DizzyMn

    Need to choose a motherboard at or under 110 dollars USD for my i5 6600 non k

    Hello, I am building a pc for the summer geared for gaming and multitasking and I went with the i5 6600 non k and I am needing help to find a reliable at or sub 110 dollar motherboard for my needs. I would prefer the better chipsets but will go with a lower chipset ( except h110 ) if it has many...
  12. Casey2016

    Unable To Reboot After Successful Backup And Restore

    have Windows Vista laptop. After successfully backing up and restoring a system partition to a different hard drive from the original one, I was not able to reboot the system without using a CD. Can you tell me what could have caused this to happen and what I might do differently? Many...
  13. R

    Changing from G1840 to i3 4150

    Do I need to turn anything on in the BIOS after doing this? Cause I'm pretty disappointed about how it performs. It might just be do to the low resolution I'm using(1366x768), but if I play with The Forest game for example, I have around 58 fps maxed out looking at a certain point, and the GPU...
  14. F

    Asus x99-A USB drivers

    Hi all, For the last 7-8 months, the USB drivers on my Motherboard and front of the PC have been dying, randomly. Updated BIOS to current version Mem Test Driver tests (Mainly graphics drivers) Even reinstalled windows 7 and 10. (Cant think of any more tests i've done off the top of my head)...
  15. Steve101_

    Should i go for this?

    So i bought this: And dont like how well it performs. Question is do i buy this american laptop is clearly better as far as i can see. I dont...
  16. G

    Charging a rechargeable batteries

    Hi All, I have a local brand hair trimmer (single AA battery) with me. I don't know what brand it is and how much amperage it gives to the battery when charging (but I'm sure its very low). This trimmer is working well with its own battery with which it came (the battery is plain, no texts on...
  17. G

    Computer won't recognize multiple monitors!?

    Recently I accidentally downloaded software that was harmful for my computer, it hooked me up with a bunch of nasty ads, even when I WASN'T on the internet. So, I decided to reset my computer, it was time I did it anyway. Before, I had three monitors, all worked perfectly, the resolution was...
  18. J

    How is SSD Media Wearout Indicator calculated?

    I have an OCZ-ARC100 240GB SSD in a home server that stores video from cameras, and this is all it holds. It stores the most recent 2-3 weeks of video, so one could safely say that every 2-3 weeks I'm writing 240GB to it. Let's assume 3 weeks as a conservative estimate. This drive has been in...
  19. R

    Laptop connects to one TV but not to another - Weird Issue

    Dear All, My new laptop (HP - Windows 10) will not connect to my TV (Videocon 40") via HDMI. Tried different ports, different HDMI Cables. I remember connecting my old laptop(Toshiba - Windows 7) to this same TV. Both HDMI ports are tested and currently working fine with TV HD Set-top box. No...
  20. Z

    Help with Freezing while playing games

    Intel Core i7 6700K Skylake Processor 4.00 GHz (Overclocked to up to 4.6GHz) 1 Corsair Hydro Series H55 Liquid Cooler 1 Generic thermal paste 1 Asus Z170 PRO GAMING Motherboard - Skylake CPU only 1 16GB Corsair/Crucial DDR4 2133MHz Memory (2 x 8GB sticks) - Skylake CPU only 1 Chillblast NVIDIA...