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  1. B

    my microphone show that he's reciving sound from my speakers

    for some reason my siberia v2 decided to do some weird stuffs im trying to use it but it doesnt show me at all that im talking and when i play some music in the backgorund and it shows me that its reciving it from my speakers and from my microphone (i can still hear it loud and clear), im trying...
  2. A

    Stereo Speakers were working before but inversed themselves (right become left etc...)

    Hello Tom's Hardware ! So I had a perfect speakers setup that was fully working, and I decided to do a bit of cable management behind my desk. I grabbed the cables and all, arranged them and gave them a clean look ! But now when I plug my Jack for my speakers into my computer (it doesn't change...
  3. R

    Fan only works when at 80%

    Hey guys, I have radeon hd 7870 xt sapphire with two fans , the other fan doesnt work totally , even at stress test or when using intensive softwares or gaming .. but i noticed when i manually set the fan speed to 80% using speedfan software the other fan works .. but only then .. it doesnt work...
  4. wal3edmahmood

    MSI R9 380 4gb or Evga 960 GTX ssc 4gb?

    Very much confused about which one should i get ? my budget is no more than 240$ and please note that my psu is a Thermaltake 530w. I play at 1920x1024 resolution and also i am concerned about the temps since i am coming from a hot country ( avg 30c / 86f ) CPU - intel i5 4590 ram - 8gb drr3...
  5. B

    AMD GPU overheating

    So my computer had a hard drive failure and i had managed to gather non OS information off the drive itself, however i had to change boot from uefi to legacy due to the new OS being an MBR. Once i had installed my drivers (latest crimson 16.3.2 or something at the time of this writing) i...
  6. B

    Why is my CPU clock speed going above the max?!?

    Hi, I've been having issues recently... Generally when watching videos on youtube or something, mostly video related anyway. Video stops, screen turns a funny colour (can be random) sound begins to distort and come to a stop in 2 or 3 seconds, and the whole system...
  7. M

    triple monitors objects

    hi! i just got triple monitors a while back, they are all the same and im running them off a r9 390. the thing is objects in game while on the left and right screen are very stretched and appear alot closer than it actually is, i want to fix this so may i know how? yes my game resolution is...
  8. rider_

    Antenna to access point to wireless router to connect to a far away heaven of wifi

    I have an adsl connection but it is capped at 100gb (pity me), and I am paying the maximum amount of money they offer so there is no way to purchase a higher cap. On the other hand, my phone shows one line of an free wifi (from my work and I have the password) when I am in the balcony of my...
  9. X

    Rival 300 or Deathadder Chroma has a better sensor for csgo

    Hello guys so i want to ask you Rival 300 or Deathadder Chroma has a better sensor for csgo i am using deathadder chroma with steelseries pad and i think its a good sensor im DMG i was Legendary Eagle Master so i wanna ask you which mouse has a better sensor for csgo and what i need to buy in...
  10. G

    Ethernet Connection Not Recognized

    When I boot my computer up, the Ethernet connection isn't recognized until after about 30 seconds on Windows 10. It does connect to the internet after about 30 seconds, I was just wondering why it does this when it hasn't done it until just yesterday. Thanks for answering and have a good day!
  11. M

    2 240 SSD in raid0 with a 60gb ssd

    I recently upgrade my pc with 2 240gb SSD working in raid0. I don't know how to use my old 60GB SSD. Is there anything I can use it to improve the PC performance? Thanks in advance
  12. S

    What's making the noise in my PC?!

    Hey all, My PC is making a large amount of noise (in my opinion) but I can't tell which component is making it! I've tried to listen but the case is just too compact for me to know which it is! Will it be the default fans, the graphics card, the power supply or the CPU water cooler (H55...
  13. RightHereBro

    Evga GTX960 SSC ACX 2.0+ 4GB VS MSI GTX960 Gaming 4GB

    I had a r9 380 4gb which i sold because it was stuttering in every game ,resolution ,settings ,drivers(I have another thread discussing for this if you want to tell something).So i am going to buy a GTX960 4GB. Both models have the same price in my country, but the evga model is from a trusted...
  14. E

    Fast help, can't use my monitor and tv!

    So when I connect my Monitor and TV at the same time, they won't work together and I get no picture. I've tried uninstalling my drivers via amd clean up utility and reinstalling them again but it didn't help me fix my problem. The only way I can use one is if the other one is turned off. I'm...
  15. GlassToTheArson

    I think my new ASROCK Z170 Extreme4 just fried my system

    Here is what I posted yesterday when my issue began: I just installed an Asrock Z170 Extreme4 today. Upon plugging everything back in I turned on the my computer to find that shortly after the Windows logo appears I get a BSOD with the error code 0x0000007b. From what I understand this is...
  16. D

    Question about a MB connector

    Just wondered what this connector is for? Thanks.
  17. N

    Whats the best 144hz, 24" gaming screen at this moment?

    For CSGO competitive gameplay mainly. Price range 300 - 400$+- i dont really care what brand as long as its dank
  18. Computers Taste Like Metal

    96% Disk usage?!

    I was playing rust and I crashed, I checked my disk usage and one program was using it and it was "service host local system"
  19. N

    GTX 670 Idle Power Consumption

    Hello, I just noticed when I look at the power % usage in MSI afterburner it says that my graphics card is using 50% of it's power at all times when my computer is idle. I installed the latest drivers and have the power management set to adaptive in the Nvidia control panel. I have no idea what...
  20. H

    Computer won't work with SSD plugged in

    Hi there I am currently having an issue with my pc. Everything was working just fine earlier today, but I installed a different power supply and suddenly my computer will not even post with the SSD plugged in. The fans will start to spin for a second and then it will shut down. If I take the SSD...