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  1. G

    Windows Holographic Updated, HoloLens Commercial Suite Announced

    Coinciding with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for desktops, Microsoft released the second major update to Windows Holographic. Additionally, the HoloLens Commercial Suite was announced. Windows Holographic Updated, HoloLens Commercial Suite Announced : Read more
  2. J

    Any solutions to a 04/D4 error code?

    I keep getting a D4/04 error code on my Asus ROG Maximus viii hero mobo. It was working fine earlier today until.I turned it off. Then when I tried to turn it on tonight I get a 04 or D4 error code and it doesn't post. I have tried a variety of solutions including reseating CPU and RAM...
  3. S

    USB hub blown other USB ports on my pc, is it safe to use?

    I've just had a ten year old powered USB hub blow all but two USB ports on my 6 year old Dell XPS. Thankfully, the only devices it fried was three mice when testing for the problem. However, I'm left with a machine with several USB ports on the motherboard not working and I have far more...
  4. B

    .inf driver files for system transfer

    Hi there, i'm trying to transfer my user/ files/ programs from my old PC to my new one using EaseUS Todo backup software and I'm following the steps on their guide here: http://kb.easeus.com/art.php?id=10008 However i don't know how to find the right driver files as listed in the third...
  5. G

    Is there a program that I could launch my games from that would boost fps.

    Is there program that I could launch my games from that would boost fps
  6. F

    Samsung 850 EVO drive not recognized by data migration program

    Trying to install Samsung 850 EVO into Acer desktop, with Windows 7. Plugged Anker sata/usb adapter with SSD in, driver loaded. When trying to use Samsung data migration program, SSD target is not identified. Device manager indicates USB mass storage "not started". I have read the posts here and...
  7. D

    FX 4100 idling at 79°C

    The title says much of it; the FX 4100 is on a GA-78LMT-S2P board with no graphics card. CPU temp was recorded by CPUID's HWMonitor. I took the CPU out of its socket and saw that the thermal compound did not fully cover the lettering on the CPU heat shield.
  8. S

    How to check a specific web page in the host file

    This is my example below. say i wanted to check www.google.com using, In the Hosts file, I would write: www.google.com But if I wanted to check www.google.com/images-for-you (a url I just made up) How would I write this? Can I do this? it wouldn't be just
  9. A

    Xbox 360 wireless receiver issue with wifi

    I have lenovo Y50. Whenever I'm plug in my xbox 360 wireless receiver, I can't use the internet using wifi. What can I do to use internet when plugging the xbox 360 wireless receiver?
  10. P

    What Graphics Card

    My pc specs are motherboard pc mate cpu intel i5 4400 and a 750 corsair bronze power supply My question is what is the best graphics card i could use with these specs? Thanks
  11. U

    Overclocking issues AMD FX-4130 and Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3

    I bought an AMD FX-4130 and I was going to overclock it. I am very new to overclocking so I looked around at a lot of things for help and I thought I had the basics of it down. However, whenever I try to overclock it, all programs run slower and Windows 7 switches back to it's aero theme and has...
  12. R

    2 SSD in RAID 1 for OS & RAID 10 for storage - Install problems

    Hello, I'm currently trying to reconfigure my PC build. I installed the two Samsung 850 Pro SSDs on my SATA 5 & 6 ports, enabled RAID in all ports through the bios. I created a RAID drive using the onboard tool used at startup. I have the RAID drivers & ASMedia drivers on a flash drive. In the...
  13. MemphisRaine

    Is this good enough?

    I'm from the Philippines and I'm building a new pc. Here's my ideal specs. Your comment and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Intel i5 6600 skylake Asus z170 pro gaming Asus GTX960 strix DC2OC 4gb Cougar MX500 Black Seasonic m12ii 750w evo Kingston 8gb HyperX 2133 Kingston 120gb SSD...
  14. N

    Need help building a new gaming rig for a budget under 1400$

    Hello all, I have not built a gaming rig in about 4 years, I had bought the Alienware 17 gaming laptop fully maximized for around 4000$ 2 years ago and had it stolen last year, which sucks. It was my first laptop gaming experience and I want to go back to desktops, so I need recommendation to...
  15. ggryk


    I broke my EVGA 980ti HYBRID and all of the liquid just came out. My computer is fine. And I'm thinking of fixing it by myself. It's really easy, just plug the hose back in. But here's one problem, I need the coolant liquid. what kind of a coolant liquid is the best? Please be specific.
  16. J

    Will this Solution work?

    Case Power Supply Video Card I was trying to build a rig and haven't built one since around 08', I just want to make sure that the video card would fit and that there wouldn't be any glaring problems.
  17. S

    GTX970 in februar or wait to the successor?

    Hi! I'm planning long ago buying a new video card. What held me back, that I didn't had time to play recently, because I was working and attendind college in the same time. But that situation is ending this month, so the question is: Should I wait a few weeks for a new video card release, or...
  18. A

    Pc is not starting

    I update the asus bios and now the pc is not starting. No monitor no mouse nothing at all. What to do?
  19. Outerocean23

    New laptop canno't play anything

    I have a new laptop that I just bought 2 days ago which costed $469. It's a Toshiba Satellite C75-C with AMD A6-7310 APU with Radeon R4 Graphics 2.00 GHz 6.00 (4.93 usable) ram 64 bit. And I ran a lot of tests in Can You Run It, it says that I can run a lot of games. But the games that I run...
  20. R

    Blue Screen Nightmare

    Hey all, I'm getting the following with the Blue Screen of Death for my windows7 computer - any thoughts on how to fix this? I've been getting this about once a day now. Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated! Extra info: I did notice that when I'd "wake up the computer" after it...
  21. SKREFI

    DVI to VGA Cable Convertor

    My monitor have only VGA and I now I bought the GPU: AMD R9 380 that have only DVI so I need a convertor! How can I choose one, I dont know anything about that, I sow same are Male, same are Famale... WHAT THAT meen ? :(
  22. G

    Is this coil whine?

    Hi, Im not exactly sure what sound is this but its coming from between the GPU and CPU, kind of like screeching "eeeeeeee" sound when its on load https://www.youtube.com/v/Tjwwhp6NY0A
  23. aDevilishTurtle

    PC Build Review (<$1400).

    I just wanted to get some feedback before I go through with the purchase today or tomorrow to make sure everything is the best bang for buck. (at least with my preferred merchants of Newegg and Amazon) Trying to go with LGA1151 to be up-to-date but I also am debating just downgrading to 1150...
  24. A

    Nvidia Drivers Crashing

    So i have a Lenovo y5010p It has an i7 and a 750m sli grahphic when ever i play any game the nvidia drivers crash. I reinstalled windows and drivers sevral times and it is still not working please guys I need help I also tried talking out the sli card and back in
  25. G

    Need your help in keeping price down for a gaming system

    Looking to upgrade my current system (i5 750, 2.67 GHz, 4GB RAM, standard VGA graphics) to a new gaming PC, which I hope will last for the next five years, in a budget roughly under $1000. So was fiddling around various sites and came up with the following configuration: CPU: Core i5 4690k...
  26. W

    Extended display with key to switch between them

    I use 2 monitors but i only use one of them occasionally and i was wondering if there is some software that can limit my mouse and keyboard to one screen by pushing a button or be able to switch screens by pushing a key.
  27. Z

    I'm using an i7 with win 7 64 bit and 16 GB RAM.Is 70 degrees for a couple of hours too hot?

    I'm using an i7 with windows 7 64 bit and 16 GB RAM. I do not use it for games. I use a program called Nikon NX2 which converts images from the RAW format to JPEG after manipulation. When I have several hundred images the process may take a couple of hours. Is it safe for the CPU to be at around...
  28. M

    geforce gts 250 freezing problem

    Hi, I have a little problem with my GPU. Every time I lunch any game, after a few seconds it all freezes. After the reset the textures are garbled, even the BIOS. I have screenshots that show the exact moment it crashes. Sorry for bad English, and thank you for any help.
  29. Jonathan Wong

    DDR3 1600 vs DDR3 2400 in 2015

    Few years ago it didnt really matter between 1600 or 2400, it was an expensive option for those who wanted the best of the best. But now DDR3 prices have gone down and im looking to upgrade from 16gb to 32gb. Is it worth getting 2400 32gb ram? It is going to be used for gaming, 3d modeling...
  30. S

    Do Bose earbuds work on PC?

    As the title states, I'm wondering if Bose earbuds work on PC. I just bought a pair recently and have been using them on my laptop fine, but now I have just plugged them onto my PC, and there is no option there reguarding any earbuds. Could someone tell me what to do to get these to work on my PC?