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    Windows is loading files... Then sudden shutdown

    I am trying to make a old PC of mine (from 2008) to run. Its old HDD stopped working and today I bought a new one. Everything was going well. I installed Win 7 in my pendrive via Rufus USB since I don't have a install disk. I selected the USB as the first boot device and It starts the "Windows...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Upgraded to hd to ssd

    Cloned my 2tb hd with macrium reflect to ssd 1tb crucial, no boot device error. Returned original hd to laptop, same message no boot device found. Please advise
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    Hi All, Was building for my brother however have come across some shop built unbranded systems which will save me the headache. Last build I did has a 4670k / gtx780 for myself with everything else top shelf for 2013 and overclocked still punching 1080p for what I play but his budget doesn't...
  4. W

    Can a cpu kill a hard drive?

    Hi. So, I just wanna know if a cpu by any posible circumstance can be the reason for hdds dying. (putting putting psu a side)
  5. B

    Aorus x470 Gaming 5 not powering on

    Build: Aorus Gaming 5 x470 EVGA gtx 1080 FTW AMD ryzen 2700x Corsair Vengeance LED 2400 16gb I built my PC back in May and hadn’t had any problems until today. I powered on and everything came on except the LEDs on the motherboard and there’s no output to my monitors. I’ve moved my RAM and...
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    [SOLVED] First time overclocking and I cant get my max load temps under 80 Celsius

    Hi, I recently tried my first overclock but im worried that my temps are too high. SPECS : Motherboard :Asus Maximus X Hero CPU : i7 8700k CPU COOLER : NZXT Kraken x62 240M PSU : 750W RAM : 16 GB DDR4 3200 GPU : GTX 1080ti I followed this video on how to OC ...
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    If does my cpu temperature affect the temperature of other components like gpu

    I changed my mobo and replaced my ram but since then both my cou and gpu run really hot,especially the cpu.Now i know that thecpu does that because of the faulty intel stock fan i have now but im not sure as to why the rtx 2070 ks running at 70 c while gaming,ut gets to the point where i am...
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    [SOLVED] High vdroop even with llc on

    Cpu i7-8086k, motherboard asus rog strix z370-h gaming. I'm running 5 ghz 1.285v, but when I increase the voltage I get vdroop of over 30 millivolts and load line calibration doesn't do anything. On 5.1 ghz I need to use 1.35v and if I do 1.32v it drops to 1.28v under load
  9. N

    Upgrade or keep cpu

    Specs :i5 6500: :cooler master 212 Evo: :asus z170-A motherboard: :1 ddr4 8gb 2400 ripjaws: :1 ddr4 4gb 2400 patriot viper: :asus dual of gtx 1060 3gb: :240gb ssd for os :1tb HDD :400gb HDD :500gb HDD :Corsair CX-M 600w semi modular 80 plus bronze: :Corsair 300r windowed case: I mostly use...
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    [SOLVED] slow boot up

    so i been having problems with boot up on my pc, its windows 10 pro on my ssd and it had just recently been booting up really really slow Specs ryzen 5 1600 b350 strix gtx 1070ti 8gb ram 250gb ssd 1t hdd coolermaster cooler
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    Connecting active bookshelf speaker to active subwoofer

    so i just bought 2.0 active bookshelf speaker (edifier r1000t4) for replacing my old 2.1 speakers. i want to use the old subwoofer from my old 2.1, the sub has aux input and left right output. and the 2.0 speakers has left right input. both are powered (the sub and speaker) is it right to plug...
  12. V

    [SOLVED] What The Best Watercooler?

    Thermaltake EKWC ... suggestions? i9 9900k z390 sli rtx 2080 ti 16gb 1tb samsung 970
  13. W

    Help with upgrade decision

    My build is -Ryzen 5 2600X -RX 480 4GB -MSI X470 Gaming Plus -Corsair Vengeance 16GB ddr4 3000 memory -Kingston 240GB SSD This is a build I'm currently working on but don't know if I should upgrade my Rx 480 4GB to something better. I checked a GPU check website with this GPU and CPU and the...
  14. C

    New build turning on and off

    hey all. so I just spent a bunch of money on all these components just to put it all together and it not work. ill turn the computer on, no fans will come on, the rgb lights on the mobo come on, I currently don't have a gpu (it comes in tomorrow ) but I read that the mobo has dedicated graphics...
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    Acer set up defaults [SOLVED]

    Does anyone know what the setup defaults are on an Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-53VG Laptop? What does it include? What will happen if I select this option in BIOS?
  16. K

    Can I use some tape on the motherboard ?

    I swapped my wireless card with a new one and I successfully installed the antennas and etc...however I am afraid the sockets may come off later on...I have decided to apply some tape on the antenna sockets..I have also decided to tape the antenna cables to the laptop case... I am intending to...
  17. I

    Anyone know what problem this is?

    I have an x34 Acer predator. When I have a single window on either side of the screen, colors appear washed out, but when I bring up another window; whether it be exactly the same window or a different one, colors will be normal. When I have a single window on either side and I drag around...
  18. Z

    Can I use a HP Pavilion p7 case to hold a ryzen 5 build?

    I want to upgrade on a budget so I dont want to buy a new case. Does anyone know if it will run cool with only one rear exhaust fan?
  19. A

    Am i being bottlenecked?

    So i recently bought a pc and i can't get my gpu to work more than 80%, i've tried a couple games but it's very noticable in fortnite where it drops all the way to 40% sometimes. I used to be able to push out 190-240 fps last year and now i struggle to even keep it over 144 fps. I've tried all...
  20. JaSoN_cRuZe

    Upgrade later or buy a suitable mobo now!!

    My Config CPU:i5 3570K (Hyper 212X) Motherboard:Intel DH77KC Ram: 2*4GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz SSD/HDD: 250GB 850 Evo(Boot)/3TB Seagate Barracuda(2+1). GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ RX570 Oced (1480Mhz C.Clock & 2100 Mhz Mem.Clock) Latest Driver 18.10.1  PSU: Seasonic S12ii-620W  Chassis: Antec...
  21. M

    Confused... Help choosing please...

    First, I have to apologize for the bad english you are going to read :Z Well, I have a 1000€ ~ budget for a GPU right now. I live in Spain and here the 2080TIs are out of stock everywhere... Well I have decided to go for a 2080, but Im not sure yet... I want realistic opinions on which GPU...
  22. D

    BlueScreen Locale id:1033 BCCode :f4

    I need help. i don't know what happened to my pc, everytime I play csgo the game crash and bsod happens. this already happen about 2 times this day. If im using computer for other stuff like browsing/youtube the computer just fine. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS...
  23. C

    How is this laptop for low-end gaming

    I want to buy this laptop for low end gaming and schoolwork. What I mean by that is modern games on low (and if possible) medium settings. Link is below...
  24. R

    GT 1030 Compatible?

    I have done a lot of research on best/cheap low profile graphics card that could be used for some rendering and gaming. I encountered GT 1030. I forgot about power supply requirements. Looking at my prebuilt system (HP Pavilion 570-p026) which came with a generic power supply that outputs 180...
  25. S

    bios update failed....

    I have a intel dh61h0 motherboard with pentium g645 processor. I recently bought a new i3 3220 (socket lga 1155) . but the processor fits on the board....but on my case it didn't worked... So i checked on intel website and found that there is an update for the bios for supporting 3rd generation...
  26. B

    Tv sound to stereo receiver

    I have a Yamaha rx v1900 stereo receiver with HDMI output and inputs. Have just bought a new Lg oled 55c8pta tv, but cannot get sound from tv to stereo. Have gone through settings on tv, but no sound. Have optical out on tv, but not on stereo. Is is doable? Cheers, Brad.
  27. O

    two monitors idk

    So, i tried to connect my second monitor to my motherboard, and my first monitor witch is connected to gpu just goes blank and cant do anything
  28. C

    Will there be a noticeable difference? i5-4460 vs i5-8400

    Im trying to get more fps in a game, currently have 4460 and want to upgrade soon. budget is around $200. Will there be a noticeable difference between these two? here are their specs: Intel Core i5 4460:
  29. J

    Weird Internet Cutout Issue

    I have this issue where it seems like my internet cuts out but nobody else in my household has any similar issues so i'm starting to believe it is some sort of weird hardware issue.I am using a desktop connected via Ethernet cables. Ok so after it cuts out nobody can hear me -in discord/team...
  30. S

    9th gen intel cpu BIOS update?

    I recently brought a used gigabyte k3 motherboard for the new intel cpu set to be release in the week or two. I understand that all the major motherboard manufacturers will be releasing updates so that the new CPU will work with the old z370 boards. However I have just realized that I may not...
  31. A

    New Rig;Need help

    Hi All, Anticipating the RTX 2070, could you please help me in choosing the best hardwares/components to go along with it? Budget is $1300. I don't mind dishing out a few more bucks if the need arises. Thanks!
  32. O

    will my graphics card fit in this case?

    im building my first pc next weer and im buying a mid tower pc and i was wondering if my gpu will fit inside the case. the gpu im getting is an asus 1060 6gb strix gpu pc case link -...
  33. T

    Help with constantly crashing computer!

    Hello! This is my first post, but any help is appreciated! For the past month my computer has been really struggling. It has a bunch of problems and I'm guessing it is because the computer is getting old (built almost 5 years ago, been used VERY actively over those years.) (Mainly for gaming)...
  34. mojimax

    updated driver and GPU stopped working

    hi , ok so its weird , i updated the driver for my sapphire 7750 low profile gpu then system restarted and right after the installer finished its job i launched a game and then i lost signal from gpu , so i restared the pc and still nothing found out the moment i hit the power button to turn...
  35. B

    What Component should I upgrade?

    Hi, i currently have this specs: ■ Intel Core i5 6500 ■ Gigabyte GTX 960 4GB Windforce ■ 8GB Ram HyperX 2400MHz ■ Super Flower SF-550K12XP v2 550W ■ MSI H170A PC MATE I'm currently playing CS:GO using a BenQ XL2411 @ 144 hZ and PUBG, but sadly not hitting 144... I'm planning to update my rig...
  36. J

    Computer doesn't boot up, Just to the Windows loading screen.

    Hi guys, I have a problem with booting up my computer. When I boot up my computer it only shows the black screen with blue Windows 10 logo. Normally it would show a sign of loading with it, but it doesn't. So its stuck and i can't even get in my bios when pressing F2 or other keys. When I start...
  37. T

    Anyone ever use insignia or cooler mast brand thermal paste

    A friend can give me some of this for free, he gets it for really cheap thru work and has an extra tube. Wondering if anyone has experience using it, it has solid reviews on the best buy website. The cooler master is sold locally for only 6$. I only have experience using Arctic Silver and the...
  38. R

    Need New Laptop

    [Moderator note: moved post to Laptop General Discussion.] So I previously owned a very powerful laptop that clocked at like 4.0 and had an nvidia gpu etc. but sadly it was very old and just stopped working, pretty sure the motherboard is fried. So I am in need of a new cheap laptop, maybe even...
  39. K

    I dont even know where to start all my stuff has gone blank! :(

    I cant even access any of my stuff its just all gone i can still use the task bar to get around but actual my computer part is all gone here a link I also like to add this happens on and off sometimes it shows it sometimes it does that
  40. W

    HP Envy Ryzen vs Lenovo Flex Intel (Buying decision)

    Hello everyone I'm planning on buying a laptop for college, but it has been difficult for me to decide between those two, so I was hoping you could give me some new insights based on your knowledge/experience HP Envy...