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  1. X

    Question New "Administrator" Password required at more errors after Windows XP fresh setup

    I have installed Windows XP on a Presario laptop using a DVD drive. Yes it installed fine without any missing files error or any errors. But at the end when it said "Let's begin" in the windows XP logon screen. it required a Password from the user named Administrator. I pressed enter without...
  2. Craziegamer

    Question My Compaq laptop is stuck on logo ?

    When I try to start my Compaq logo it stays on the go screen. It happens when I try to install a os on to it and it gave me an error on it. it said something like disk 8 was used. Nothing should have been used the only thing running was the laptop and the USB installer. When I try to open things...
  3. joshhh-16

    Question Need help in choosing which second hand gaming PC to buy!

    Hi All, In need of help to determine which PC to buy, I am a console player moving to PC and I have bought a 144hz screen 1080p. So preferably whichever will provide me with higher fps for gaming, currently I mainly play fortnite. I have only just recently started reading information about...
  4. Lyphrus

    Question Rosewill Cullinan mx fan question

    So I have a Red LED Rosewill Cullinan MX case, I also have an Asus Crosshair motherboard. The manual for the case says to just plug in the molex into the PSU and the 3pin connectors to the fan control unit on the chassis. I did that the fans were running the other day just fine, and now they do...
  5. K

    Question What CPU Cooler should I buy?

    Hello. Recently I have been having issues with high gaming temps. It goes up to 80ºC sometimes. Usually from 65-75. And this is without no overclocking, just turbo mode on. CPU: i7-3820 Intel - I want to be able to overclock it abit, not much.. from 3.9 -4.4 ghz. I do not have a 240mm space for...
  6. D

    ASRock BIOS Setting

    First off, I apologize. I'm learning how to get around in here. I asked the question and got an answer about why there is no option to change the cpu voltage in BIOS with the A320M-HDV motherboard.. The other question is. Why does it have OC Tweak option if I can't overclock the cpu. Sorry, I'm...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] Gtx 1070 ti mining

    I am looking to buy a pc, and would like to mine. How much could i potentially make with a gtx 1070 ti?
  8. M

    Biostar motherboard is startup password protected and doesn't enter BIOS settings

    Hello, I have "biostar a681-350 deluxe r2.0" mainboard and it is startup password protected which is forgotten, So trying to reset the CMOS password by chaning Jumpers and also removing CMOS battery (actually removed for 5 days), but nothing works and again it asks for password. Also pressing...
  9. R

    stuttering while in game and not in game

    so i have a 970 and a 8350 with a msi motherboard and using a tv screen since my monitor is broken. I just updated my nvidia drivers and restarted my pc and now my pc stutters while i am in a game and while i am watching a youtube video or typing this. Before i updated my drivers my pc never...
  10. R

    Failed CPU upgrade

    Hi, I have an old Acer Aspire store bought pc, model M3802 with 8Gb ram and a Q8300 cpu. I installed a GTX 1050ti card, and it's alright for gaming but the bottleneck is at the cpu. The motherboard is G43T-AM V.2 with a locked bios so I can't OC but I wanted to get the best processor I can use...
  11. S

    Trident Z RGB and Ryzen

    Hi, I recently bought 16gb of f4-3000c15d-16gtzr ram for my new Ryzen 5 2600x system. I didn't realise they made an AMD optimized f4-3000c15d-16gtzrx model. Not that I could find any online apart from second hand ones on eBay. I've read up on a lot of compatibility issues with Ryzen and the TZR...
  12. R

    Ryzen 2200g doesn't work as display output! HELP!

    Hello, I have a problem, I just built a basic desktop PC, it doesn't have a GPU. When I finished building it and plugged in my HDMI cable and turned it on but nothing displayed on my monitor and it still turned on all the fans are spinning. I need some help. Specs: - Ryzen 3 2200G - MSI...
  13. K

    RAM Overclocking Failure

    So i have bought a new RAM kit for my pc, i have bought a G.skill F3-1600C9D-16GXM. i have successfully installed the ram but in basic it does 1333mhz, so i tried to manualy overclock it in the BIOS, but after rebooting it said ' the system has experienced boot failure because of overclocking'...
  14. H

    Mouse disconnecting and reconnecting

    It just disconnects and reconnects but it doesn't happen to other mouse , only my main mouse. It doesn't require any driver like Razer mouses do.
  15. B

    PSU Corsair HX620W

    Hi. I want to build a new pc and wondering if my old Corsair HX620W psu is good enough for the newer builds or should I get a new one? Thanks :)
  16. A

    PC Turns on then off

    GPU stuttering, fans aren't moving one day, then the next day I turned on my pc and it turns on for atleast 1 second then restarts (no display). CPU: Intel core i5 6500 GPU: Zotac gtx 10606gb Mobo: gigabyte h110m-A PSU: EVGA 600W Bronze edition
  17. S

    Freeze every 30 seconds for 3-5 seconds

    Ok so i play alot of computer games and any game that i have to connect to a server i freeze/disconnect from the server for 4 seconds every 30 seconds and its exactly every 30 seconds and when i play offline everything is fine. its been happening for about 2 years now and ive had enough we have...
  18. L

    No signal but power

    So 2 months back I built my first pc using a pentium 4560 with an asrock h1110m hds, it did not receive a signal to which I brought it to support in a near by store who claimed the mobo was faulty.... I proceeded to buy another in which I then discovered was not compatible with 7th gen...
  19. I

    Temperature Too High? Seagate External's Run around 50C

    Is 50C steady for an external drive too hot? I have 2 Seagate external's that both run around 50C-52C always. My other drives typically run in the low 30C's range. I'm guessing its a bad design or the drives naturally run hot since the cases are different and the drive sizes are different. Is...
  20. J

    Will R7 250x run good on chinese 500w psu?

    Hi, today i bought a Msi R7 250x 1gb gddr5.I saw it has a 1x6 pin connector and my chinese psu has two four pin vga connectors ( forgot to mention it's power is around 450W to 500W, idk exactly but i know it is around there.I searched the internet and I saw an adapter form two four pin...
  21. J

    Motherboard, CPU, or PSU failure?

    Hello all. After a power outage (and despite being plugged into an APC surge protector), my wife's PC will not boot. Not even to the BIOS. I've eliminated the GPU as an issue by a. testing the GPU in my PC, where it performed fine and b. trying to boot with the GPU removed and the monitor...
  22. J

    Bad pci-e slot or what?

    Doing some mantainance i took my GPU(gtx 1060) out of my mb and now when i putted it back in it wont display (this with hdmi cable), then tried with my hd 6670 nothing, tried vga with it nothing again. Specs: 500w thermaltake smart 80+ FX 6300 M5a78 lx3 Kingston hyperfury 2x4gb Kingston ssd...
  23. M

    Please help me

    Why do I have lag and lag spikes when I have a good pc processor:i5 7400 gpu:gtx 1060 8 gb ram
  24. T

    How do youtubers do it

    When i watch Youtuber's they go from their main screen into their second screen and back the opposite way they came. For example they go into their second screen by moving the mouse right but then to get back into their main screen they go right again. On my computer when i go right into my...
  25. C

    Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S

    Why my ram usage is so high on tablet? I already get 300 MB less by default, and now 1.5 GB are used even though no app is opened and no sync setting is on ! The same thing is true for my both smartphones - Sony and Samsung !
  26. S

    can i run csgo?

    Can i run csgo on i3-4010u 1.70Ghz Nvidia Geforce GTX 820m 2GB (notebook) Laptop. Memory - 4GB RAM (3.89 usable) 64BIT Laptop- ASUS X550LD
  27. B

    WIN10 SSD Issue

    SSD issue on Drive letters. I have two disks Dsk 0 and 1 Installed the SSD drive and cloned to SSD drive. Changed bios to boot the ssd. Now I have 3 drives showing --2 are Windows and 1 called System which has only 1 folder labeled "EFI" So I have an A, C and E hdds shown but of course I...
  28. P

    Netflix is lagging and the audio is out of sync

    Hi, my netflix is lagging, and the audio is out of sync. I made a video and uploaded it to youtube. As you can see here:
  29. Prestigebumps1

    Help on setting up router as wifi extender

    I'm trying to setup my netgear N600 router as a wifi extender, but my problem is it wont connect over wireless. I followed a guide saying to use the WPS connectivity but the netgear router wont connect over wireless (I checked my modem and it supports WPS connectivity). I connected the netgear...
  30. B

    Your connection is not private

    Hii I am not able to open gmail in both chrome and IE. getting an error and all other sites am able to access. Could you please help? Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards)...
  31. R

    System crash after with screen

    Hi , today I was helping a friend on teamviwer and when opening a game on their computer my pc have crashed after some seconds stuck on a white screen , right after the crash, it restarted automatically in less than 20 seconds , seemed all good less the wi fi adapter that doesnt started up ...
  32. K

    Total Freeze need to Hard reset

    Hello Community I have a pretty new Gaming PC CPU: i7 6700k GPU: MSI 980 TI RAM: Adata 2x 8 GB DDR4 2133 MHZ (i think it is 2133) Motherboard: MSI PRO GAMING Z270 Carbon PSU: it was something with corsair 850W GOLD To get to the point it worked but after 4 Months it started freezing randomly...
  33. C

    Activating windows 10

    Hello, recently i have swapped my mobo and lost my windows key. So i bought a new one and ended up that key isnt for my system (i got scammed basically). So i was wondering if i buy a new license from window store will it overwrite my incorrect key and everything goes fine or will i have some...
  34. C

    1060 vs 1070

    So looking at upgrading my gpu here in a couple months I game at 1080p 75hz I have a 1050ti so my question is should I just get a 1070 seeing how in a year or 2 it will be a 1080p card and will give me more longevity out of my system is it a good idea to just go with a 1070
  35. J

    Boot Loop Issues

    Hey guys I'm having some trouble getting my new PC build to function correctly: This morning I turned my PC on and went to the BIOS to check what version my BIOS was. I never changed any settings or anything but just clicked 'Save and Exit', since then my PC would reboot itself about 4-5 times...
  36. R

    EVGA 1070 FTW Power Connectors.

    So I've just received a GTX 1070 from EVGA as a replacement for a faulty 980TI, and now that I've put it into my PC and gone to plug it in, I've noticed that it has 2 8-pin connectors. I've recently moved house and have absolutely no idea where the rest of my PSU cables might be, so in my...
  37. B

    What are my options?

    Hi there Looking to help my friend out upgrade his system somewhat. Thing is, its a prebuilt (HP Pavilion p6-2260ea) i3 2120 300w psu Joshua-H61-uATX motherboard In terms of GPU what are my options? Is the mobo too old to support current gen?
  38. Z

    Microphone recording echo

    I have this issue where whenever I record with ANY software, so it's definitely something with my computer as many different mics do the same (As well as the INGAME sound being echoey when recorded aswell). The issue is that whenever I speak or record a clip, the sound will sound very "echoey"...
  39. D

    Is this a good PSU for my build?

    Hello everyone! I'm sorry I put this question under the Systems category, but I couldn't find a power supply category. For the last 3 months, I have been planing to build a PC, and finally decided on all the components except for the PSU, I have this one in mind: EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2 Do you...
  40. G

    Horrible FPS in some games

    Hello! So, this has been happening for a while now and it's driving me crazy. Some games like Rocket League are running alright, there are some lag spikes here and there but i can live with it, but games like CS:GO or Rust, they are running really bad. For example, CS:GO was a game that i used...