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  1. maxcs

    Question Warzone lag spikes, stuttering, freezing, drops, etc.

    So much lag in Warzone. So, recently I've been getting so much lag in the game. I'm running it on a Ryzen 5 2600 and MSI Armor RX 570. When the game is running smoothly I get around 90 fps, but then every turn, every second, every movement I make, every shot it just jumps to 20-30 fps and so on...
  2. LeighG

    Question Low Fps on Gaming rig

    Hi, I've recently started playing a recently new game called Call Of Duty Warzone. In this game, I have turned every setting to the lowest possible level and I'm still getting only around 60 fps with my i7 6700 + GTX 1080 TI? I'm not sure if the fact that I'm managing two 144 monitors on my...
  3. aerotype_

    [SOLVED] i9 7900x 1080ti PC crashing while gaming

    Hello everybody, I’m new here, just really looking for some help. I built my first PC about a year ago with the following specs: i9 7900x EVGA GTX1080ti hybrid ASUS Prime X299-deluxe G.Skill Trident Z RGB 4x8 GB Fractal Design Celsius S36 (AIO) Phanteks Enthoo Pro full tower case Samsung 850...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Problems running games

    Hello everybody, I have assembled my gaming pc 6 years ago, so I understand it is getting a bit old. The specs are: Intel i5-4690k Nvidia Gtx780 8Gb ram Lately I have been experiencing issues running a few games, in particular Assassin's Creed Unity and COD Warzone. While I can run the latter...
  5. Tikku82

    Question Warzone FPS problem

    Hi Before the 27th update patch, my game was working perfectly. These days, something happens at the Warzone loading screen. Temp/Gpu usage drops and fps drops almost half to what it used to be. Note that other games and CoD other game modes runs perfectly + the lobby. Its just Warzone issue...
  6. AleksiDj52

    Question Should i set a PageFile for 12GB of RAM?

    Hello everyone, first of all English is not my mother tongue so i hope you understand what i say. (At first you may see what i write may not make sense with my title but read it, it will make sense later on) So what happened is, the last 3 days i've been playing COD Warzone and everytime i...
  7. rosenvinge

    [SOLVED] Shadowplay turns sound off ingame everytime it saves a video

    Hey! I'm having a wierd problem: everytime time a wanna save a video from 'replay', it turns off my sound ingame, which i can turn on again without restarting the game .. Only happens in COD Warzone! Anyone got a solution / work-around ? Thanks!
  8. fadelrama

    [SOLVED] High ping in certain games

    why my ping high in APEX, BFV and Warzone and pubg. But my ping fine in DOTA 2 and csgo. Ping in dota 2 is 22 and in bfv is 200 both connect to SEA server. please help
  9. N

    Question Call of Duty 2019 advice

    I have a small question about this. As of now, in march, how much space the game takes? I've seen it will go up to 175 GB, but probably with future updates, but what about now? Also, i would like to know if it's worth or not. I've seen they made bigger maps, helis and tanks, kinda my taste...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] My GPU usage in a new intense game is very low

    I just installed Call of Duty Warzone. I knew I thought I'd have a few problems playing the game since my pc isn't very high end but I did not expect this. The games almost unplayable. Close to 90% of my CPU was being used, very high percentage of my ram, 70%+ I think was being used but only 7%...
  11. A

    Question Warzone CPU Upgrade Improve FPS??

    Hello everyone, I am currently running a old setup and as such have to play Call of Duty Warzone on all LOW settings. My question is if I upgraded my processor from an i5-4460 to an Ryzen R5 3600/x Would I get any FPS improvement? I am currently capped at 60 and roughly maintain 50 fps in...