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  1. jevburns

    Question FPS issuse 3080

    Hi all, A question here regarding the performance of the RTX 3080. I have the Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 10 GB AORUS MASTER . Prior to this i had a Zotac Twin Edge 3070 OC. I'm having issues with FPS on Call of Duty Warzone, I understand the game is poorly optimized but still I need to come...
  2. Potatsio

    [SOLVED] Low gpu usage

    I got a pc as a gift and the specs are 3060ti msi ventus 2x OC 16 ram ryzen 5 3600 and I usualy play warzone but my frames are @ 100 with very low settings and my gpu usage is at 60 % is there anything I can doo?
  3. Aidan McCabe

    Question I feel like my PC is under performing?

    Hello I feel as if my computer is under performing in games as my FPS is much lower than others that have the same or sometimes lesser graphics cards than mine. I have an RTX 2080ti, i7 7700k, 16gb ddr4 ram and an m.2 ssd. On Warzone i get around 80 fps. This really frustrates me as I found a...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Very low FPS on GTX 1080

    Hello guys, so for some context I will leave my pc specs in the following link: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/37423566 Anyways, so whenever I play warzone for example, I never get over 65 fps on low settings. GTA 5 is the same thing, brutally low fps on even medium settings. Is there...
  5. nusuntbubu

    [SOLVED] Is my pc good for warzone?

    I have a i3-7100,8gb ddr4 2400mhz dual channel,r9 380 8gb
  6. Gaming York

    Question Low FPS in most games and shuts down under full load after a while ? - RYZEN 5 2600

    My pc: Ryzen 5 2600 temps : 40-47C in windows, 60-65C gaming, 70-75C full load (cinebench r23) and computer crashes GTX 1660 XS OC 6GB GDDR5 VENTUS : 30c idle, 45-55c light games (gta 4), 60-65C full load no crashes 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz (D.O.C.P ENABLED) dual channel hyperx fury black TUF...
  7. J

    Question Warzone FPS - "Good PC?" i think

    Hello, i know there is alot of messages on this topic and im sorry, but i spent so much money on my PC in june, just to see the FPS crumble every update and it makes me kind of sad. my speccs: Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix B450-F GAMING, Socket-AM4 RAM: HyperX Predator DDR4 3200MHz 16GB CPU...
  8. Ukrainian

    [SOLVED] Is Warzone performing as it should on my build?

    Specs: i7-7700k @4.7Ghz EVGA RTX 3070 Asrock z270 killer ac/sli 8Gb x 2 DDR4 2400Mhz 650 W Corsair PSU I upgraded from a GTX 1080 to a 3070 and I’m getting around 110 average fps in warzone on a 1080p 144hz monitor. I expected to be around 150 fps as that’s what I’ve seen on some benchmarks...
  9. Bartig11258

    [SOLVED] Terrible FPS in Warzone. Please help

    Long story short I think I should be getting much better FPS. Here's my build: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Motherboard: ASRock B450 Steel Legend CPU Cooler: Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Super RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3600 C18 2x8GB SSD: Samsung 970 Evo NVMe PCIe M.2...
  10. blacking

    [SOLVED] 100% SSD Disk Usage in COD:MW and others

    Hello guys, I've been having a problem whenever I try to play either PUBG, Warzone or even sometimes Global Offensive which is getting a disk usage of 100%, which, as you can imagine, makes the pc unusable. In Global Offensive it makes the game occasionally crash (when in fact spikes to 100%)...
  11. Y

    [SOLVED] Weird GPU problem

    So long story short i was using a gtx 960 for a long time, Warzone ran fine, i mean not 60 fps fine, but 40-50 fps fine, it was playable, half a year ago a friend of mine lend me his 1060 it was a good card, i used to run Warzone at 50-70 fps, my cpu is a core i5 4440, i know, i know, it is a...
  12. Noob-Geek

    [SOLVED] 1660 super puts 30 fps

    Hi, I have been having an issue with my new GPU 1660 Super by msi. The build is: i5 9400f CPU Asrock Phantom Gaming 4 MB 2x 8gb RAM - note that I'm using 2 different branded RAM using dual channel 1660 super MSI GPU 128gb NVME SSD 1tb HDD The issue:- After playing for about 30 mins to 1hr the...
  13. Angel Keidran

    [SOLVED] Do I really need a 80plus gold PSU for Modern Warfare?

    I'm going to replace my faulty PSU with a new one, I calculated that i need at least 306 Watts on my rig (used coolermaster wattage calculator) and my question is: Do i Really need a 80plus gaming PSU to go back and play actively Modern Warfare/Warzone or can i choose even a White/bronze/silver...
  14. G

    [SOLVED] CPU Bottlenecking PC on Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

    Hello, so currently I am running the setup as follows in a PC built on CyberPower.com: AMD Ryzen 2300x AMD Radeon RX 580 16GB DDR4 Corsair 3200MHz RAM MSI A320M Pro-E Motherboard Over this year I have been playing alot of Warzone/Call Of Duty and have been having quite a few technical issues...
  15. H

    [SOLVED] 2080ti and i7700k

    Hi guys new to this forum. I have a 2080ti paired with a i7 7700k. I'm on warzone and I was expecting to be getting around 100-130 fps not dropping below 100 really. I'm getting drops 50% of the game to a low of 70 which is annoying is there anyway to get it stable? I don't think it's a bottle...
  16. J

    Question Need help major drop in fps only on warzone

    Hi all really struggling with this new to PC gaming so i brought a ready made laptop the link below is an advert of the laptop https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Acer-Predator-Helios-17-3-Inch-Intel-i5-8GB-128GB-SSD-1TB-HDD-GTX1050Ti-Laptop-/352523341813 Acer Predator Helios 17.3 Inch Intel i5 8GB...
  17. I

    [SOLVED] Gaming PC Build advice

    Hi guys, First time posting - thanks in advance for any help and advice you can give me. This post might well be a bit long but I want to cover everything in it! Im looking to build a PC to game on.. play on Xbox currently, mainly FPS (COD Warzone atm). I have an LG Ultragear 27-GL850-B...
  18. Fk1..

    Question Warzone lowering my 9900k to 4.5-4.8ghz

    I overclocked my 9900k to 5ghz the temps are good 29-30 in idle and 60-65 in full stress, but when i open warzone the frequency go to 4.5-4.7 ;-; someone have a solution? (i have a MSI z390 MEG ACE)
  19. B

    [SOLVED] Low utilization on both 8600k and RTX 3080

    I just put in a 3080 to replace my 2080 and I got less than expected framerates in the benchmarks for Watchdogs Legion (88 fps in benchmark for the medium setting). It is substantially slower than Tom's bench https://www.tomshardware.com/news/watch-dogs-legion-benchmark. Granted Tom's used a...
  20. dany_f50

    [SOLVED] What GPU for (light) gaming in a 49'' 4k 60hz TV at 1080/1440p?

    Here's the deal. My setup consist of: Sapphire RX 580 4gb MSI B450 Tomahawk mobo 8+8gb RAM Corsair RGB Ryzen 5 3600 Corsair CX600 Corsair Spec 04 case 1tb WD blue HDD + 256gb Adata SSD Im looking for an upgrade to my RX 580 4gb. I use my Samsung 49' 4k Led TV as a monitor. Im not a hardcore...
  21. K

    [SOLVED] I have problem with the game called Call of duty Mordern warfare Warzone.

    I have a question I have a problem with The game called modern warfare warzone I get 100% Cpu And it stutters freeze and even crashes It's very annoying to play. I've just realized games are played a few months ago have been dipping down a lot for example 144 to 90 frames. Why it's 144 I usually...
  22. StrawberrySenpai

    [SOLVED] 3080 COD Warzone Poor Performance

    I'm getting low CPU utilization (around 50%) in-game and I'm capping AROUND 130-140fps at 1080p AND 1440p (regardless of settings). Any ideas as to how I can fix it? I know I should be getting around 220 fps at 1080p. I used DDU to uninstall and update to the latest drivers after upgrading my...
  23. R

    [SOLVED] bad performance on a good pc

    I have gtx 1070 I5 7600k 16gb ram and I get bad fps on some games like warzone and battlefield on warzone I get 40-55 fps on everything low battlefield 5 I get 40-60 fps everything low what could be the issue ??? I noticed this issue on warzone few months ago. Before I was getting good fps on...
  24. MauMauMew

    [SOLVED] Random Shut downs of PC

    Hello, I just installed a ryzen 3600 with a new motherboard and 16GB's of ram. I first had high idle temperatures but after replacting the stock cooler for an aftermarket hyper 212 the temperature dropped to 40c idle ish. Now whenever I want to run a game (Warzone) or run a benchmark the pc...
  25. ansimonis

    Question Warzone High Specs Memeory Leak?

    Specs: 3900x 2080 Super 32Gb ram 3200mhz 8x4 game is on m.2 Game will run perfect for first few matches I get 160-200 fps then after a few matches I will load it below 100 fps and it will drop randomly 40-120 Has anyone experienced this?
  26. S

    Question CPU utilization dropping in game, along with core count drops causing stutters

    I am having stuttering issues on warzone, and I have tried so many fixes and nothing has worked. A couple days ago, I tried to disable/limit power limit throttling, and it appeared it worked quite well. Now, I was having those stutters again and this time, I tried turning on different things to...
  27. DanielDP

    [SOLVED] I5 7400 GTX 1060 3gb High CPU usage in Games and Low GPU

    Hello so when I play fortnite my CPU usage is Between 95 and 100 on low settings with view distance High and GPU usage is only like 25-40 max why is that ? And how can I fix it ? please help ASAP!
  28. A

    Question Rx 5600xt gpu problem in warzone

    Hi, my pc specs Rx 5600xt sapphire pulse on performance bios mode Ryzen 5 2600 oc to 4ghz on aio all cores 16gb ram 2800mhz Asus tuf b450 gaming plus Evga 500w psu My problem here is when i play games like warzone i get very low fps compared to other youtube videos with the same specs, i get...
  29. J

    Question Why am I getting low FPS in Warzone with these specs?

    So I have searched and asked and done everything I can to figure this out. Probably should have started here since this is a very active community. I am getting around 50-60 fps in Warzone. I have ran a userbenchmark test and it always says the gpu is underperforming. I am not sure why? I will...
  30. Matt15872

    [SOLVED] Low FPS in Modern Warfare Warzone with good PC

    Modern Warfare Warzone (The only game mode I play) gives my PC lots of performance issues, I've tried most suggestions out there and cant find anything to work. I am running a maximum of 60 FPS in game with: RTX 2070, i5 7600k, 16gb Corsair vengeance, 144 HZ monitor, Asus tuf z270 mark 2, and...
  31. E

    Question Can't achieve a solid 144 fps with a gamer PC

    Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming Ram: G.Skill DDR4 3600 16GB RipJaws V CL19 KIT (2x8GB) CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X BOX (AM4) (with a bequiet! Dark Rock 4 cooler on it) GPU: Sapphire 5700 XT Nitro+ SE 8GB PSU: Seasonic Focus 650 Gold Semi-modular SSD: ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 256GB HDD: 1 TB WD...
  32. Changster101

    [SOLVED] Low FPS in Warzone

    I have unusually low fps in COD: Warzone, with it hovering around 100-110 fps. With my build, I feel that I should be getting 140-180 fps on low settings except high texture and 1080p 100% resolution scale, as well as default POV. My Specs: CPU: i5-9400f GPU: 1070 TI Duke (8 GB) RAM: 16 GB...
  33. K

    Question I have problem with the game called Call of duty Mordern warfare Warzone.

    I have a question I have a problem with The game called modern warfare warzone I get 100% Cpu And it stutters freeze and even crashes It's very annoying to play. I've just realized games are played a few months ago have been dipping down a lot for example 144 to 90 frames. Why it's 144 I usually...
  34. SadisticSam

    [SOLVED] Warzone Fps issues

    I am having issues with Warzone on PC I am having constant frame drops on Warzone both in the menu and game (more constantly in the game). I have been using the in-game fps monitoring overlay and the issues I seem to have are fps suddenly dropping way below 60fps and the latency spiking as well...
  35. SSJBGhost

    Question FPS drops in COD Warzone

    Why do i get 120 fps in COD warzone and then midgame it randomly goes down to 20 and is stuck on 20 for the rest of the game? I got a 1060 3gb ryzen 5 2600 and 32gb ram everytime i play the game my fps is fine but then midgame it randomly drops to 20 fps for the rest of the game i tried alot...
  36. M

    [SOLVED] My internet disconnects each time i start a game

    So i have a very specific issue, i reinstalled my windows and i did all the updates and set up the drivers. the issue that i have is that my internet works perfectly fine while i am surfing or anything else basically, but the second i start a video game like Warzone or League of Legends, i get...
  37. Y

    [SOLVED] Made some tweaks from guides on YouTube, things look better but performance took a huge dive

    I followed Panjno's guide on YouTube to getting the most out of your PC for the best performance possible when playing CoD Modern Warfare, mostly for Warzone. I'm not exactly sure how but for some reason my CPU hits 100% all the time now. When it does, everything begins to stutter really bad...
  38. zgdandy

    [SOLVED] Severe Lag in Warzone and Fortnite, is it my CPU?

    In the past month or two my PC started having severe lag on Fortnite and COD WZ that has made them both unplayable. Ive checked for malware and cleaned my PC. In COD my player will jump around and move in completely random direction, while in fortnite it takes ridiculously long to render...
  39. M

    [SOLVED] Which parts to upgrade to reduce lag and get higher fps in Warzone?

    Hello, I'm home from my uni now cuz of the pandemic, and I thought I'd try to game again. I downloaded the Battle royale game COD Warzone, but I'm not happy with the FPS. I get around 80-90FPS and the game also doesn't feel smooth at all. All the graphics are on low and normal. I also have a...
  40. S

    [SOLVED] Low FPS in only Modern Warfare with 9900k and 2080ti

    Hello, so I have been experiencing some issues recently with my Modern Warfare game. For the past week or so I've been having incredibly bad fps (from 130 smooth fps to 40fps) I'm running a 5120x1440 resolution and I used to get anywhere from 160-130 fps depending on the place of the map...