[SOLVED] Extremely Slow System

Mar 3, 2020
I built a PC for my brothers birthday a bit ago. But saw that EVERYTHING on his computer is slow. From getting off the post screen to windows advanced setup options. Everything is slow. Games run a lot slower than they should and booting takes about 7 minutes. This PC should not be this slow. I have already tried replacing the cpu and the ram and nothing seems to work. I am getting 10-30 FPS in titles that are meant to run on potatoes.

CPU- Intel i5 2400
GPU- MSI gtx 970
MOBO- Asrock Z77 pro 3
RAM- G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB DDR3
PSU- Rosewill RG630-S12 - Green Series 630-Watt
HDD- WD Blue 500GB Desktop Hard Disk Drive - 7200 RPM (x2)

I am really struggling to find the cause of this. This Pc should not take 7 minuets to boot. Or get such low FPS in games like TF2

Pardon bad spelling, am from russia
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OS? Windows 10 - edition and version?

What games does your brother play?

And the PC is using one of the two WD Blue 500 GB drives as the boot drive - correct?

Boot up as normal.

Use Task Manager or Resource Monitor to observe system performance.

You can and should use both tools but only one at a time.

Determine what resources are being used, what is using any given resource, and to what extent (%).

Any change if the non-boot WD drive is disconnected?
Mar 3, 2020
I checked all the resources being used and everything looks about normal. Cpu Idoling at about 1-10 percent and while gaming around 50-60 percent. Gpu also looks good. Temps are nominal. I'm using windows 10 home. Ram is also running fine. But the sytem and games are still snail like. He is currently playing things like skyrim and team fortress 2. Both non demanding titles. But still extremely slow for some reason. Hard drive doesnt seem to make a difference