For that sort of price the GTX 1660ti makes more sense. RTX 2060 if you want the fancy features.

As you'll be playing at 1440p you'd want a graphics card with a bit more graphical power anyway, which will mean something better than the GTX 1060.


I wouldn't worry too much about a bottleneck. You are going to have one if you intend playing late release titles. Higher the resolution the less important your CPU is, but there are plenty of games out now that an i5-3570 isn't really enough for. Depends a lot on the games you play.

GTX1070 is not really worth it compared to the other two.

Low end RTX2060 should outperform even high end 1660Ti so the only real bargain there is if you get the cheaper 1660Ti models. (Single fan designs)

So either a high end 1660Ti if you intend overclocking (not the one above) or a low end RTX2060 (That one would work)if you just want to plug it in and go.