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  1. M

    Question First time using DDU

    So its my first tume using DDU to reinstall my nvidia drivers, will DDU still ask for my windows password even though i login to windows without a password?
  2. C

    Question Jerky/laggy mouse movements when cpu @ 100% utilization

    Okay so this issue has driven me nuts. Whenever my CPU reaches 100% utilization, my mouse movements is all stuttery, laggy and jerky. This started since I upgraded my GPU. I uninstalled my drivers with help from DDU. SPECS: i5 6400 MSI RTX 2060 (upgraded from 970) 8 GB Ram in single channel...
  3. S

    Question All Games keeps freezing and crashing! Help!!

    hello friend i have a oem HP Compaq 8000 elite sff with Q6600 , 6gb ram DDR3 , GTX 750 2GB. but since i install this GPU on my Computer all games freezes and crashes randomly but i can still hear the sound from them until they closes! i tried everything from uninstalling drivers using DDU to...
  4. R

    Question Gpu flashes random colors during driver install

    I was reinstalling my gpu driver after unistalled it by ddu and amd clean up . And during the installation some flashing and random colors was happening on my screen. I know that flashing it is normal , but flashing with random colors it's normal ? After the installation and reboot I have...
  5. K

    Question Installed new graphics card. Splash screen showing up on both monitors

    I am helping my cousin with his PC. He had a GTX 1060 that he got from eBay that started to die shortly after he got it so he just got a RX580 to replace it. I tried to delete the NVIDIA drivers for him over Microsoft quick assist because he lives a couple hours away. I did not use DDU initially...
  6. Aceina

    Question DDU removed my PC's ability to see my sound card

    I used DDU to fix an issue I was having with a display driver. It said it was attempting to create a restore point when I opened it, so I figured it made one (no idea where though cause I don't see it as an option in the system restore menu) Once I got the new Nvidia driver all set up, I found...
  7. V

    CPU Overheating even in idle!

    Hey guys, first of all, I've had my desktop for 3 years and here are my specs: i5-4690k ASUS z97-A 16 GB DDR3 1866 MHz GTX 1070 ti PSU 550W 1 - 500Gb SSD 1 - 2 Tb HDD 1 - 4 Tb HDD Still using the stock cooler from Intel. (No overclock!) The only thing I replaced was the GPU 3 months ago, but...
  8. A

    Does it require internet connection

    I am updating my laptop from windows8.1 to windows10. I have a doubt that it shows "working on updates". Does it requires intenet connection
  9. R

    Do i need active or passive adapter for rx 550?

    I bought a rx 550 and a moread hdmi to vga passive. will it work or should i cancel the order for the passive before they ship it?
  10. L

    Screen Goes Black When Gaming GTX 1060 6GB

    First off let me say, PC works fine/stays on when idle and even when video watching.So this issue started a few months ago (Around July) and just gradually got worse. From happening 2-3 a week to making some games unplayable as soon as I get into a higher end game and start playing my screen...
  11. I

    Will Obsidian 250D fit the SeaSonic Prime 650W Titanium?

    Hello, this is my first post here. :) I am a web developer and am about to buy a new, small-ish computer. I will be doing mostly light development work on this and some casual gaming of not-too-demanding titles. I have decided to get the Corsair Obsidian 250D and SeaSonic Prime 650W Titanium as...
  12. D

    Will this HD 7770 fit in my motherboard?

    (before anyone ask, it is a brazillian brand. Its the cheapest I could find around here.) As you can see, the cooler is a bit big, and I'm afraid that it doesn't fit in my mobo. here is my PCI-e slot. If anyone needs another picture from another angle, please tell me. Mobo is a ECS H61H2-M2
  13. P

    Asus M5A97 R2.0 setting for Boot on Power restored?

    I have an M5A97 R2.0 motherboard that I use as a home server. In searching through the bios settings recently I realized that I don't see a setting anywhere for having the MB default to boot up on power. My goal is that any time power is removed (ie power failure), regardless of what the last...
  14. X

    need help fast!!

    aight, just build a new pc and it starts but won't show anything n the screen. i got a msix99a gaming pro carbon with a msi geforce gtx 760, intel core i7 5820k, 8gb hyperx ram and a 500w coolermaster psu. got no error codes on the motherboard, anything i can to let me know.
  15. R

    Is this a good overclock?

    I've been overclocking my 6600k With My EVGA z170 FTW Motherboard. I am currently sitting at 4.6ghz at 1.304 Vcore. My CPU is air cooled by a Noctua U14S. Is 1.304 Safe for air cooling? And why are my temperatures only at 50c full load using AIDA64?
  16. H

    Motherboard replacement for older i5 2320

    Hi All, Wondering if you can help, I'm in the process of upgrading an old i5 2320 to act as a gaming pc in the living room: Current Specs: I5 2320 @ 3.0 ghz - 1155 socket 8 gig DDR3 RAM Corsair CX500 watt PSU Nvidia GeFORCE GTX 750 ti 2GB DDR 5 I'm having a few issues with the screen...
  17. N

    Looking to upgrade Processor, wanted some advice

    Hey everyone, Like the title states, I'm currently in the market to upgrade my Processor. Let me start off by saying that yes, I understand that there are other parts that could use upgrading as well, but as of right now, with all of the video editing and recording I've been doing, the...
  18. J

    Need advice on my first pc

    I am looking to build my first pc and was wondering if this is a good setup: http://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/chon0012/saved/s63Pxr Please give me advice as to what parts won't work well. I am planning to save money and not buy a cpu cooler is that a bad decision? Any advice is appreciated thanks!
  19. S

    Why is my monitor not showing anything at all? Help please!!

    Hi, I just got a pre-built iBuypower gaming PC with a new monitor today and I set up everything and put everything together from VGA to HDMI, but nothing is working. The monitor is still black. The only time the monitor shows something is when I turn it on after a few seconds in which it...
  20. V

    To upgrade or not? Dont want to clean install, dont want to mess up games

    Just got the windows 10 notification....what to do? i like games, I want to be able to use directx 12, what advantages will windows 10 offer me? I also dont want to be an early adopter. thanks!