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  1. J

    Gaming & Streaming Issue.

    Good Evening Everyone, Brand new to the community and I've heard nothing but awesome things. So let me start off with PC Specs & then my issue. CPU: i9-7920x Motherboard: Asus-E Gaming x299 RAM: GSkill TridentZ 16GB GPU: Aorus 1080ti PSU: EVGA 850T2 While gaming only, I have no problems or...
  2. W

    Unstable System. Maybe RAM compatibility issues or not.

    Hello there and sorry for my English :P. First of all here my system: Intel i7-6700k Asus Z170-A G.Skill RAMs 16g (F4-2800C15D-16GVR) 1060 3G. So I had a set of RAMs Corsair VENGEANCE LPX 16G and I had a lot of problems and it seems a lot of people had the same issues. I understood that I...
  3. Z

    Bottleneck Core i7-8700k with a MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G

    My current set up is a core i7-4790k with the 1070 i want to upgrade my cpu since its very old and im going to get a i7-8700k I just want to know is i will encounter a bottle neck between the 8700k and the 1070. Do i even experince bottleneck right now with the 4790k and the 1070 since the gpu...
  4. N

    My factory reset is stuck at 47%. (Windows 10)

    So, I did a Factory Reset at 2pm, now it is 6pm and it is at 47% and it was like that for a hour at minimum. Is this a problem? And if so, how can i fix it? Thank you!
  5. L

    USB Headset w/DAC - would rather use MB integrated sound

    So I have the HyperX headset with mic. It has one ouput line from the headset itself, with a single 3.5 male at the end. This end is supposed to plug into the little DAC unit, which then plugs in to USB on computer. I had been using just the headset with a 3.5 extender cable...I just plugged it...
  6. T

    Loading graphics problem !

    My Issue is while i am playing cod bo4 or cod iw on high settings the graphics still dont load and are pretty blurry i can provide screenshots if its needed !
  7. A

    Need help for monitor!

    Hi, I juste bought 2 g27c2 to have a triple monitor setup. however, i only have 2 DP, 2 HDMI, and 1 DVI ports. I was wondering if I plug my main monitor into my DVI, and the two others in DP, will I be abble tol use them all at 144hz? thanks alot^^
  8. A

    Unable to fix BSOD

    I have been dealing with this problem with my gaming pc. It will blue screen randomly with no warning. I have looked for solutions everywhere telling me its my drivers, windows update, or hardware problems. All my drivers are up to date, my windows is up to date, I have re-seated the ram, my...
  9. A

    Looking for an Essay laptop

    Hi, I'm a film tech student looking for a budget laptop that's great for writing/research purposes. Don't worry, I'm not one of those asking for a budget one that can do everything, I have a great PC that handles the hefty programmes I use. I literally just need one for word and research...
  10. N

    Is this build compatible?

    Hi, I'm new to building and I have concerns weather this will be compatible, or not. Thanks! CPU - Ryzen 3 1200 GPU - GTX 970 RAM - 8 GB DDR4 PSU - 550W Motherboard - MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen B350 DDR4 HDD - 1TB SSD - 120gb
  11. D

    Upgrade of Laptop

    I have vaio VPCEH35EN model laptop with 2gb ram and 320 gb memory. but it is working slow. is its required for upgradtion or what to do increase the speed
  12. C

    Can we overclock i7 7700k with Gigabyte Gaming B8 motherboard?

    Can we overclock i7 7700k with Gigabyte Gaming B8 motherboard? I think it's B250 chipset.
  13. J

    Kitty broke my keyboard

    So my cat ripped some keys out of my laptops keyboard. It's barely useable now. I've been checking out flexible keyboards. I was wondering if I could get a professionals opinion on what thin flexible keyboard I could but to comfortably cover up my laptops broken built in one? Thank you ♡
  14. B

    Oil Like Substance

    On the bottom of my PC near the front fan there is a oil like substance on the bottom, it certainly smells like oil, would this be a problem. The computer is around 5-6 month old, it's also no where near any of the main components. Sorry for the bad images in advance...
  15. L

    Mouse problems on Windows and games

    Hi guys,i am having a big issue with my pc,recently i noticed that my mouse (Zowie ec2-a) is a little bit choppy,slow and not responding properly,i don't really know how to explain but i have that sensation that there is a problem,i tried everything that i could,reinstalling windows,trying...
  16. C

    cpu help please

    im new at this so please dont laugh i have a geforce6100pm-m2 mother board i think with amd quad-core phenom 9500 cpu 4g ddr2 ram and an ati radeon hd 4550 gpu 512mb dedicated 2296mb total shared. running win 7 64bit not sure about power supply. what would be the best ram upgrade and best gpu...
  17. A

    Worth getting the 1080ti or should I just wait for the RTX launch?

    So I've been looking to upgrade the GPU of my build to be able to handle 4K, since I am getting a new HDR Ultrawide monitor. I was debating if I should get the 1080ti or if it would be more worth to get the RTX 2080. Money is no object to me right now as it was when I originally made this build...
  18. T

    EVGA 1080 FTW2 Stuttering/Freezing In-Game

    I was wondering why my rig is stuttering and freezing in game for a second at times. Usually when I play Rainbow Six Siege. I have a i7 8700k with 16gb RAM. 165hz monitor with GSync. I tested temps and they look fine. (70C max for GPU, 65-68C for CPU). I have all updated drivers. Is it possible...
  19. G

    New pc build, will not boot

    New pc build,it powers up, all fans are spinning but will not allways boot, monitor is black, but if I reset it sometimes it will boot, and if it boots sometimes it shows me PARITY ERROR, i tryed everything. Pc Specs Mb - Asrock ab350m pro Cpu - ryzen 5 2600x Gpu - rx 580 xfx Ram - adata xfg...
  20. M

    PC cannot turn on but it has power

    Ok so I don't know whats happening but, my pc seems to be fine before, but after I installed 3 new fans in it my pc cannot turn on... I have to replug the psu cable to do it, and sometimes it turned on, but now its not, at all. I'm a crazy boy who just recklessly touched the pc if its got...
  21. R

    what happens if i switch from a micro atx to atx

    ive got a corsair carbide spec 03 case and it supports atx and micro atx but i want to know what happens if i do switch, will any cable or anything be affected
  22. R

    My memory is being limited

    Hey guys I bought a gaming computer a couple years back, It come without an OS so I had to manually install one myself and I had little knowledge about computers I got it to boot but had it limited to usage for some reason. A lot of programs crash or won’t even open, I gave up on it for years...
  23. J

    PC shut off followed by a burning smell, now I can't boot up using my GPU

    So I was gaming as usual, and sudddenly my PC turned off, turned on for a split second, and off again. After I took off the side pannel I smelled a burning smell, I'm pretty sure it came from the GPU. Now when I try turning it on using my GPU it turns on for a split second and off again. If I...
  24. K

    Black Screen / League of Legends

    Hello, Currently I've been experiencing a problem to where after I load into a game, my monitor goes off and it says searching for signal. This only occurs when playing League of Legends. This does not happen with any other game I play. This causes me to have to restart my PC and load back in...
  25. P

    Gigabyte motherboard xmp setting

    Where can i see the xmp ram setting on my ga z170m d3h ddr4 motherboard?
  26. I

    Any recommended CPU cooler for i7 8700k?

    hi i'm getting i7 8700k and msi z370m gaming pro ac motherboard currently i have Intel cpu cooler and i5 7400. can you recommend me a cpu cooler that will fit and work perfectly with the new setup ? btw i have a microATX case
  27. 1

    What power supply brand to buy?

    I'm looking to get a power supply for my build which only needs about 400W (According to PC part picker) so I'm planning to get a 500W PSU at a gold or platinum rating that's semi-modular. I know what I need from my PSU but I have no idea when it comes to what brand to buy since they can range...
  28. L

    AVC Encoding or HEVC? HELP!!!

    I have i5 2400 and RX 550 and in my relive settings (program similar to shadow play) i have two options for encoding AVC and HEVC, so which one is better for recording games?
  29. W

    Getting many different bsods randomly, help please

    I had a huge problem with my hdd before with corrupt files (so I believe). I recently returned it and got a new one, and windows installed from my usb iso like a charm. Then I downloaded drivers and my custom built pc works great and fast, but the problem is it seems that around every other...
  30. Toddler_1

    Someone please suggest me the best GPU i can get for this PC please!

    So i got this PC as a gift, its a: Fujitsu ESPRIMO E9900 my CPU is: Intel® Core™ i5-650 processor (2 Cores / 4 Threads, 3.20 GHz, 4 MB, Intel® HD Graphics) My power supply has 250W 4GB of ram DDR3 (2x2) the motherboard is: D2924 All info needed is here...
  31. A

    What Temps are normal for GPU and CPU

    I have a gpu 1080 gigabyte and a cpu i7700k and the cooler is Noctua NH with 1 fan , i have a z270 sli pro mobo and 3 intake fans with 1 push rear fan. my gpu goes between 65-69 c and my cpu goes between 59-63 c when my room is hot. but when my room is cold the pc becomes lower in temp which is...
  32. M

    Right Mouse button problem (Windows 10)

    Hi Guys, When I hold down the right mouse button it would sometimes randomly release. This happens pretty much every 2 clicks. I have tried a different mouse and I am getting the same problem. Any way to fix this? Thanks!
  33. K

    Are these computer parts all compatible?

    Hello, I am looking to buy the parts and build a computer, as you get a lot more value for money. I am by no means an expert, I haven't much knowledge on the topic and am learning as I go. Here is a list I have compiled for a mid-tier computer, of which I am going to use for gaming and music...
  34. K

    $1000 GTX 1080 Build?

    I have arround $1000 to build a gaming PC that will also be able to stream quite well. I am not sure where I sould start and would like a 1080 but a 1070 would do quite fine. If you have any suggestions or a build of your own it would be greatly appreciated!
  35. W

    okay i have an tr2 600 watt bronzes an 500 watt gold which one should i use for an unraid server?

    okay i have an tr2 600 watt bronzes an 500 watt gold which one should i use for an unraid server?
  36. N

    Lan drivers are always failing

    why are my LAN drivers always failing on windows7
  37. B

    Help me please

    I needed more space on my PC to update Fortnite so I copyed the program files to my hard drive. I later planed to delete the file from my PC so I could free up space. Before I could do so many items stopped working such as Google and the launcher for Fortnite. What is the best solution for my...
  38. B

    Ryzen Or R9 390X Crossfire

    Hi All Was curious to know for gaming a FX 8350 and crossfire R9 390X or a single 390x with a Ryzen CPU. Thank You
  39. P

    Nothing working in PC

    I recently installed the fan hub included with my enermax tb fans into my pc and when connecting it to my motherboard and starting my system I heard a loud pop and began to smell smoke. My motherboards leds no longer turned on and i lost all control from the front panel of my case and could only...
  40. M

    4K TV display too small

    I tried looking up help for this but I can't seem to find anything relating to my problem. I have a 4K Samsung 6 series TV, I connected it to my PC with an HDMI (extending the displays) and find it displays like this (picture is obviously my wallpaper and the program is the Nvidia control...