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  1. wra666

    Question No signal while factory reset

    So i decided to factory reset my computer after getting some malware downloaded, i decided to di a full wipe on my windows 11, and i chose the cloud windows download, the process took long time and at around 60%, and also the screen was blinking on and off the whole process, i decided to go to...
  2. C

    Restoring to factory settings my ThinkPad P51

    I want to perform a restore to the factory settings of my ThinkPad P51. When pressing the F11 key I am seeing the text "Loading Recovery....." but it always ends up firing Windows. Any idea why? Or if there is an alternative way? I read about the Lenovo OneKey feature but it doesn't seem to...
  3. N

    Question No monitor signal / unable to factory reset ?

    Hello, this all started a day ago when i booted up my PC and was randomly met with "no signal" on my monitor. After i restarted my PC once or twice it went into some sort of automatic repair because it "didnt shut down properly" after the auto repair the "no signal" issue was seemingly fixed...
  4. turbo-boost

    Question How can i reinstall my macos in these conditions ?

    Very recently i have tried to factory reset my macos but i screwed up by doing these exactly in order 1. I restarted my mac and entered recovery menu via command + r 2. I deleted my disk and renamed it , but i made a stupid mistake by restarting the macbook and not reinstalling the macos...
  5. JoeStarz

    Question Need help with missing WiFi on tablet after performing a hard reset ?

    Good day, I bought this Coolpad tablet for my nephew, this past Christmas. Just a few months later now and it was moving sluggish so I had the bright idea to do a hard reset (hold down the power / volume up to gain access to the boot menu), but now when its booting up after the factory reset, I...
  6. TheBigFrob7815

    Question I accidentally unplugged a hard drive whilst factory resetting then I plugged it back in

    I accidentally unplugged a hdd whilst factory resetting then I plugged it back in straight away the harddrive that I unplugged is not the windows 10 hdd win 10 is on a m.2. Will the factory reset still work and still wipe that hdd or not ?
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Question about resetting my PC and reinstalling windows with a USB

    I need to reset my PC. Its bad, all my deleted files keep reappearing after reboots. My disk usage is constantly going up to 100%. I can't uninstall apps, they just come back. Super slow. And when i try to reset, it just restarts the PC and doesn't reset anything. So, i think my only option is...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 won't let me reset my PC, need help how to clean install with my specs

    So, I just want to reset my PC. Get rid of all my apps, files and start fresh. I've already backed everything up. However, everytime I try to reset my PC, i click "remove everything" and "Reinstall windows". It goes to 100% and then it restarts. And then it starts again normally, but nothing...
  9. rfa2068

    [SOLVED] How to fix Windows 7 stuck during factory resetting?

    I’m resetting my Dell Windows 7 to factory setting, complete reset wiping it clean. I passed the “Preparing to Reset” 100% with no problem. The next stage was “Installing Windows”. The notification said the computer will restart several times. When installation reached 24% the computer...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] My PC with a MX500 250GB sata SSD is stuck in a restarting loop after I tried to install a fresh copy of Windows 10 in over 20+ different ways

    Here is what happened to my old PC that I was trying to install a fresh Windows 10 into a Crucial MX500 250GB Sata SSD: I tried to factory reset the PC (when it was working normally) by using the "Reset this PC" option and cleaned the drive. Then the PC was stuck in a never-ending restarting...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] Cannot Do a Factory Reset

    ive done the recommended troubleshooting (repair, chkdsk, etc) but nothing helps. how can i find out whats causing this to fail and how do i fix it?
  12. D

    Question Help with freezes

    I reset my computer and now my pc freezes a lot when I'm watching streams or videos. And cant figure out why? All my drivers are up to date including graphics card. Before i fully reset it, it was fine... Any suggestions????
  13. T

    Question Audio, Mouse, display and system stuttering.

    My computer constantly stutters even on desktop with nothing running and I have no explanation for it, and my headset microphone keeps cutting out and I have to constantly unplug and plug in headset to make it work again. My monitors constantly go black for a few seconds and then go back to...
  14. B

    [SOLVED] I'm going crazy for my missing performance.

    Since i factory reset my windows i have been going crazy bc i have been experiencing allot of lag spikes on my gpu and unseen cpu usage while playing "light" games (other words before factory reseting i never got such high cpu usage on games like Destiny 2 (90'ish%) and cs (70 or 80...
  15. B

    Question Factory Reset but kept my folders.

    I had some gpu issues on the last drivers up-date soo i decided to factory reset but keep my folders for now all good! Installed my stuff went to play and BOOM massive performance hit idk if it's something that went wrong or something carried over from the last time btw C where my windows is...
  16. Louzsy

    Question Games lagging after factory reset

    So, I ran games perfectly no lag nice fps before i factory reset my pc, i recently reset it and im getting random lagspikes, in CS, overwatch, even though i get 300+ fps, its super annoying Cpu: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz Gpu: GTX 980 RAM: 16 GB VRAM: 4 GB All my drivers are up...
  17. U

    [SOLVED] How can I reset a HDD to factory settings externally?

    I have an old laptop that I want to reset and give to someone else, but I need to reset the HDD first, such that it removes all files except Windows 10. I've tried running Windows 10's built-in reset option (Settings > Update and Security > Recovery > Reset this PC), but it's failed everytime...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Factory Reset Suggestions

    Hi, I'm having a big issue with my windows time being wrong, I have about 4 threads to try and help me and nobody could come up with anything that worked so let's not focus on that, I'm going to try and restart the computer fully in hope to make it go away, the problem is that I have already...
  19. SwissxPiplup

    [SOLVED] How Should One Prepare for a Factory Reset?

    Hi there, I ran into an issue that I've been trying to work with for a while now, as far as I've learned the only way to fix this issue is to perform a factory reset, I've finally decided to perform one and was wondering what I should consider, how should I prepare? I have done factory resets...
  20. Pocahontal

    [SOLVED] Please Help, Any Feedback

    I built my own PC with my boyfriend. Certain apps and games wont load. It says that my parameter is incorrect. My boyfriend fiddles around with modding and such for his State Of Decay game. Not exactly sure what he did but he deleted and moved some folders around and now I cant open certain...
  21. _Y_Kaan

    [SOLVED] pc gets blue screen when booting

    when i'm trying to boot up my pc. it goest directy into a blue screen. i have tried to factory reset it, but then it crashes again and goes back into the bluescreen. i have also tried to do it with a usb, but the same thing happens again. the pc crashes and goes into blue screen. furthere more i...
  22. Henwoodo97

    Question Factory reset PC but 750 GB is still taken up on my HDD and i cant seem to remove anything

    750GB is taken up still after factory reset and when i go into uninstall programs none of the games show up Even going into the games files I cant see mto uninstall anyhting as most of them are just random files I cant figure out how to post pictures in here so sorry its just me badly explaining
  23. sn0wbit_

    [SOLVED] is there a way to move windows 10 to another drive without moving data from the original drive?

    ive had my pc since 2015-2016 (kinda forgot) and its been running really slowly, ive tried many methods and none of them have worked, my final resort is just factory resetting, but i dont have the windows install disc and i want to keep the data from my secondary drive. any help? edit: my...
  24. spazbandicoot

    [SOLVED] PC crashes only while Graphics Drivers are installed

    Hi there, Just yesterday afternoon I did a full factory reset and re-install of Windows 10 (NOT via USB) to give my PC a refresh as it had quite a bit of hidden junk on it. Everything was working until I installed the NVIDIA Graphics Driver for my 1060 6GB. With this driver installed, after...
  25. T

    [SOLVED] Factory reset killed my laptop

    Hello everyone, So I've had this laptop (Asus Zenbook UX430U) for about 2 years, rarely using it for the past 1,5 years. I'm starting a new project with it so I wanted to give it a factory reset to get rid of anything I won't need. So that's what I did but when I powered it on afterwards it...
  26. A

    Question Complete restart of the system, hidden data included?

    I was wondering, what's the best way of going about resetting everything, and i mean EVERYTHING, during a system reinstall? Specifically the things that get saved that aren't really an option to change, such as the registry and random data information that keeps popping up from my previous...
  27. J

    Question My Dell Inspiron 5570 is not able to factory Reset?

    I have been having lots of trouble with my one year old Dell Inspiron 15 5570. It has good hardware, but I recently noticed the issue of not being able to install to my hard drive. The laptop has a 120gb SSD and a 1Tb HDD. The HDD was correctly partitioned, but only files could be written to...
  28. M

    Question Can't Connect to Modem After Factory Reset

    I had been having problems with slow internet on my connection for awhile now and a support member at Arris instructed me to factory reset my Arris Surfboard 8200. After performing this, no matter what device I directly plug into it, I can not get any internet. My PC tells me that it can not...
  29. A

    Question Hard Drive failure warning after factory restore

    Hi, my 7 year SONY VAIO was not turning on because of an error so I decided to restore it to factory settings by pressing F10. After everything restored like the computer was first time out of the box it began giving me SMART messages of Hard Disk Error upon turning on my computer and I need to...
  30. ceriumin

    Question Will resetting windows 10 clear License?

    I bought a used pc for 200£ with windows pro already installed but it wasn't activated and im paranoid that if i reset my pc, will my windows license reset as well?
  31. smart_Neuron

    How can I upgrade this Desktop PC's Wireless Network Card?

    Hi all - I have five HP Pavilion HPE h8-1360t Desktop PC's running Windows 7 Professional (x64). HP Pavilion Elite h8-1360t Product number: B4J27AV https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03425388 All have a Broadcom BCM43225 Half Mini PCI-e Wifi Card and Bluetooth Module 802.11 B/ G/ N...
  32. kol12

    Are sector count warnings indication of possible drive failure?

    I have Current Pending Sector Count and Off -Line Uncorrectable Sector Count warnings on my data hdd. I've had them for quite a while. Are they an indication of eventual drive failure?
  33. alexharsh


    I've been getting this bsod over and over and I don't have a solution to fix it despite all the research I've done on it Pc specs: i5 6600k OC to 4.3 GHz 8gb ddr4 2133 memory GTX 970 120917-11187-01.dmp 12/9/2017 9:46:46 PM IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x0000000a 00000000`00000001 00000000`000000ff...
  34. L

    power to cpu atxpwr2?

    Just received an I7-2600 that I think is faulty. Continue to get errors such as WHEA unrecoverable within windows boots/installs, etc. The only thing i noticed was the atxpwr2 cable has 8 pins on the motherboard, but on the powersupply only has 4. my i3-2100 works fine, but figured it was...
  35. H

    8gb with 7700

    Hello Will i7 7700 and gtx 1070 work fine with 8gb ram? For gaming
  36. V

    cant access desktop... please help

    i cant access desktop, cant restore down tabs. when i click win key, it shows like this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6xBzVU51bZ1anY0ZkdpLTlRczQ
  37. M

    looking to upgrade my beast!

    Hallo community, im looking to upgrade my beast without killing it. i am a computer noob but i do like to tinker, the current things im looking to upgrade are as follows: CPU: AMD FX 4300 Quad Core Processor RAM: 8.00 GB VIDEO: AMD Radeon R7 200 series i play h1, cs and overwatch, while on...
  38. S

    Want to build laptop.

    Laptop has to have these specs. 3570k processor Plextor S2C 2.5" 512GB SATA III TLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) PX-512S2C EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC GAMING, 04G-P4-6253-KR, 4GB Z77 motherboard Not sure about how much battery i need or the wifi and what barebone laptop i need to fit it
  39. J

    Two PSU's in one system?

    How would I do this? What kind of things will i need and what should I expect with this type of setup? I would probably get a 1300 watt PSU, but their much more expensive then two 750 watt. Also, i don't think it matters, but if it does i'll be pairing a 1kW with a 650 watt. Thanks everyone.
  40. M

    Somewhat low fps during gaming

    Hey guys, I'm not sure this is the right place to ask about gaming issues but I guess people who frequent the graphics card forum know about this most so here goes. I have the following spec: cpu: 4790K gpu: msi gtx 1080 gaming X mobo: msi z97s krait edition RAM: 16 gb corsair vengeance pro...