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  1. N

    Question What are the odds on receiving two faulty cards in a row?

    This is a long story but you need the history and I need your great minds to collaborate with me here. Please bare with me. I'm posting in the graphics card section because that was the issue beforehand, and like the title says, what are the odds? I have a custom built that runs excellent -...
  2. 0liver243

    Question Is my USB dead?

    So I recently bought a 64gb Samsung USB and decided to run Seatools, but the program got stuck on "Scanning for USB devices" before it stopped responding. I decided to remove the USB and then the program continued as normal but my USB couldn't be accessed anymore and whenever I try putting it...
  3. H

    Question New computer is dead?

    Hi there, So I built my first computer with a friend who has some experience building, but I'm having some issues with it already. Parts list is in this link: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/8tQ7QZ (I did buy a 2600 instead of the 2600x as I heard I just have to overclock it) (also got a...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] New built computer not showing bios and turns off and on repeatedly?

    Just built a new computer, this is my 4th one so I know I put everything on correctly etc. Spec list is: I9 9900k CPU Gigabyte H370 Aorus gaming 3 1151-2 mobo Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x16gb ram 2666mhz Corsair TX750m 80 Gold PSU Geforce RTX 2080 ROG 8gb GPU 970 Evo 500gb NVme ssd cooler master...
  5. TheGoldenBoot

    Question could this be a faulty CPU?

    So one day my PSU decided to just die and my PC would not boot at all (the flickering light on the GPU was a give away) So I decided to purchase a new PSU (corsair 550) the light on the gpu was working fine BUT the pc would not boot, no noise, no fans spinning, nothing. So I decided to go out...
  6. Teakay23

    Question Screen goes black for a few seconds while gaming. Is my GPU failing or is it my PSU?

    Hello, I'm new here so sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place. I have a very old Dell XPS 8300 with a core i5-2300 and 8gb RAM. I put an Inno3d GTX 1060 6GB in it for a cheap gaming PC. It worked for a few months but now while gaming, I get a black screen for a few seconds multiple times during...
  7. L

    Question What is causing the problem?

    So here is the deal. I had a bios problem while downgrading bios and my computer would boot but no POST signal or image on monitor. Got my bios chip reprogrammed with eeprom. Guys who did it tested it and it worked. They tested my CPU, MB, RAM and they put their graphics and psu and it did boot...
  8. T

    Question Cheap 1155 Build does not want to start

    Hi folks I built a cheap PC based on i3 2100,intel dh61ww ,gtx 660 ti, 4GB of 1600 RAM from Corsair, case with 500w psu and ssd adata 128gb Computer does switch on with fans but no display or beep codes. When i remove ram there is beep code that no memory is installed. I checked both GPU and...
  9. Joyto011233

    Question Can someone help me with my gaming pc?

    I recently bought a pc..and whe i put all the parts together there’s no display image.. I’m using it on a normal tv... I have to make some changes first for the graphics?
  10. D

    New PC won't load Windows after all Windows Updates installed

    Bought the wife a new all-in-one PC (her choice) this weekend and I took about 6 hours installing all the Windows Updates, which included the "Feature Update for Windows 10 version 1803". The PC had been working fine for the past day, but this morning I notice a blue screen and I think it said...
  11. T

    Random question, i have a virutal machine for kali linux and i want to make it an iso, put it on my usb and boot it to my lapt

    Random question, i have a virutal machine for kali linux and i want to make it an iso, put it on my usb and boot it to my laptop. how do i do that?
  12. N

    Looking to buy a desktop for gaming and photo editing

    I would love to build a computer but I can't because of some college restrictions. I found the nzxt build your own computer which I really like and they offer pretty fair prices after doing some research. Would there be something similar that anyone would recommend or maybe a prebuilt that would...
  13. D

    Temps at idle too high

    Recently, my temps have gone through the roof. I have a 860k cpu not OC and an asrock fm2a58m-vg3+ mobo. Use the stock cooler, which has been cleaned and temps are just dying. https://i.imgur.com/agKbVYS.jpg I will be cleaning it after this post, turn the cooler around and re-apply thermal...
  14. S

    older titles won't launch on windows 10 help

    Hi, I just did a fresh install of windows 10 and 2 of my games aren't working. Playboy the Mansion Private Party Expansion(base game works) and Lula 3D I'm running windows 10 Home Ryzen 7 2700X XFX RX 580 8G 16 Gigs of RAM When I try launching the titles I either get an error that says "Access...
  15. G

    Best GPU for my pc

    I have a hp slimline 280 p029il desktop pc. Am I able to install a graphics card in it? If yes, then which should I buy?
  16. Y

    After flashing performance gone

    After flashing my Asus gtx 1080 Advanced with a Overclocked Bios my performance of my card is gone even when I flash back I dont know what to do. I tried different bios and my performance is still gone. Anyone a solution for me?
  17. M

    Best GPU for this 600w PSU (Silver Power SP600A2C)

    My system as of now: I5 2400 @ 3.1 Ghz MSI H61M-P20(G3) 8GB DDR3 465GB SATA HDD No GPU as of now 450W FSP random PSU So i was planning on getting a better PSU that has some PCIe connectors and more watts, in my local PC forum I put up a buying thread for a PSU and I could get this one for 20...
  18. N

    Ethernet adapter malfunction on startup

    Recently my ethernet adapter has been malfunctioning on startup (no other time). If I go into my device manager and "Scan for Hardware Changes" it fixes the problem. Sometimes it works fine on startup, but mostly it malfunctions. Any insights?
  19. D

    Was wondering if my Mobo and RAM is compatible?

    Hi guys I was wondering if the specs are compatible. Mobo: GIGABYTE AB350 gaming 3 Memory: TForce delta rgb 2666 16gb (8x2) Thanks in advance guys. :D
  20. A

    Is the ASUS 1060 6GB DUAL OC good value?

    I have a dying Asus R9 290 GPU and need to replace it soon. I play on 1080p so a GTX 1060 should be fine at that resolution. One of the cheapest 6GB options was the ASUS 1060 6GB DUAL OC. However I could not find a single review that mentioned its noise levels and am concerned that the fans...