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  1. Luger1945

    Question My pc got hacked what should I do?

    Someone from russia hacked my pc on the 12 September Right after I downloaded a sketchy file. He managed to gain access to my Gmail, Steam and Epic Games accounts. I got his IP address and I am not sure if that’s a VPN or not. Anyway Malwarebytes is blocking all connections from his IP to my pc...
  2. mrtech9

    Question I think I got RAT somewhere.

    It all began a month ago when suddently my instagram account started following random people even though I have a two step verification, so there was no chance of somebody was getting into my account from another device. I just changed password and well, it stopped happening. Few days forward I...
  3. V

    Question Hacker Accessing My PC Remotely

    Somebody has been remotely accessing my computer since at least November 2021. Unfortunately, it turns out that I've been leaving some accounts open in my browser when I goto bed and then hacker accesses those logged in accounts when I am away. Usually around 5:30am local time. One of those...
  4. T

    Question Hacker?

    I met someone at a previous job that employs an entire tech company to do his bidding. I think he or one of his lackeys are hackers and may have some sort of scripts or other sneaky software on my devices. I've had weird things happening across my android devices and windows 10 machines since I...
  5. mike from minnesota

    [SOLVED] Hyper-V somehow created a Virtual Ethernet Adapter-Yesterday 2x?

    Yesterday I was sorting and cleaning out everything in my password manager. When I came upon a couple duplicates for my gaming console. I knew which one was correct but still had to verify. For the next 4 hours Windows 10 was in slow motion. Any maintenance, tricks or hacks could not get the...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Computer virus is active, but can't find it.

    Recently my computer got infected with a virus, which encrypted all my files with a .zzla extension and demanded a payment to get them back. Since all my valuable data was backed up, i decided that i would just reset windows entirely and it would kill the virus. I reset it from the settings...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] Hacked Account, Random Video Calls !!!

    Hey Everyone, My friend's Facebook account have just been hacked two days back. Since then, many of her friends have called her complaining about video calls they are receiving from her account. She hasn't used her Facebook account since she bought her new phone, 6 months back. Now, the problem...
  8. N

    Have i been hacked

    Hello everybody i need quick help with this 1.My laptop has been acting strange lately.my father has been awarded as a "war hero" 16 years ago but now the other country wants to judge him etc. etc. long story short its really complicated.About a week ago my laptop started turning ON on its OWN...
  9. S

    Question Urgent! :(

    Guys Help. I have very rich steam account and I clicked suspicious scam link but downloaded nothing so how can I be sure my pc and steam acc are safe. I've scanned my pc, nothing found. I changed my passwords on steam acc and email. What happened.. I clicked on link where "shroud" (but it...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Was recently hacked and now windows keeps updating

    I was hacked about 3 months ago and had to delete many trojan/malware programs that were installed by the hacker. After not having any complications for a month, my computer started updating by itself and when I go to "Windows Update", it states that "My organization" still has control over my...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] I think my pc is hacked

    When I go on discord I always get the streamer mode notification (telling me that I'm streaming my screen) but I'm not, I thought it was a bug from discord. But today when I went on Google Chrome I got a notification saying that my pc is being monitored by an administrator as if I work at a...
  12. S

    Question Guide on how to setup ss7

    How can i setup ss7 on my system and what are the component needed? Also if I can get the link to download the needed software. Thanks
  13. N

    Question Keyboard acting up?

    So i got this wierd keyboard hack that i first thought was just my keyboard acting up but it started typing real words after i should my pc down my hard drive was trashed and i could not boot up anymore i was wondering if anyone else had this virus and are my files and my passwords safe thank you.
  14. L

    Question Computer acting weird, Windows moved on their own???

    So all i do is play games on my pc and im generally super careful on the sites i visit and things i download. Anyway i left my pc on and went out for half hour when i came back it had gone to sleep, without touching the mouse i used the keyboard to wake up the pc and logged back into it, which...
  15. C

    [SOLVED] Hacking and Windows 10

    After being recently hacked by a scammer claiming to be from OFCOM, I was recommended to factory reset my PC. I tried this via the windows 10 "reset this PC" setting, but it got hung up at 22% before stopping and notifying me that it couldnt delete all my personal information. After this, I have...
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Potential Hack Feedback

    Hi. A friend of mine I associate with online says their router caught fire around the time of an online debate with another person whom they did not know. I'm just strolling the web to see if that's even possible to cause a fire through a hack. I know of a good amount about hacking to kinda...
  17. L

    What does 30hz, 60hz and 120hz mean?

    I often see minitors that are either 60hz or 120hz but what does that mean?
  18. DeNachtwacht

    4K Gaming requirements

    Hey guys, I've got a little bit of an expert question here. I want to upgrade my PC and am wondering if it will be fast enough for gaming @ 4K resolutions. Right now I have: MSI DKA790GX mainboard 8gb DDR-II 1066 AMD Phenom II 1090T Kingston 96GB SSD I'll buy a AMD R9 290 4gb DDR5 for this...
  19. C

    r9-290 vs r9-290x vs GTX-780

    Hey guys i'm wondering should i get a MSI or ASUS r9-290 now for 580 wait for the r9-290x to go back down in price or get a ASUS or MSI gtx 780 for 550? i only have 600 and i can wait but not too long how long do you guys think it will be for an r9-290x to go back down in price?
  20. E

    HIS 6570 Fan 1GB DDR3 PSU Requirement ?

    Hey everyone, i m buying this graphic card: http:// and i just want to know how much power supply is required for this card ? I know on Manufacture's link i posted above it says 400 Watt or Greater, but i have 300 Watt supply ... so should i upgrade psu or is it enough for this card ?
  21. S

    Help me with building a gaming Rig

    So, i'm here to ask about my component compabitilities since this is my first time building a pc, ill get some help off my mates if it gets too hard to me so that shouldn't be a problem to fill up the components into my Fractal Design R4. So anyways, heres my components that ive found for my pc...
  22. J

    My meager system

    ok so I built this system about 18 months ago. It has an AMD Phenom 2 x4 840 black edition cpu and stock heatsink / fan, an MSI 880G-E45 motherboard, 8Gb of Corsair XMS pc-1333 DDR3 ram and a Logisys Red Front Panel Case w/ 480W PS with an 80mm case fan included, upgradeable to 90mm. With this...
  23. J

    ASUS 970 MOTHERBOARD Compatability

    So today i had received the AMD fx 8350 from a friend of mine and i was wondering if my motherboard the "ASUS 970 MOTHERBOARD" could run this easily with an 850W PSU.
  24. C

    6 GB GTX 780 Ti

    Hey Guys! I, as many others are, am waiting for a 6 GB GTX 780 Ti. I know the card hasn't been out quite long enough for me to be worrying, but I'm curious, and a little nervous, is nVidia trying to reserve 6 GB of VRAM for Titan and the Titan only? Forgive me if I'm being impatient, but I...
  25. Y

    Help making a decent gaming rig: 1000$ - 1200$

    Hey, I am looking to see what a good 1000$-1200$ gaming pc would look like. Specifically looking to play games such as BF4. Future games will also be played, so looking for something that will last and can be upgraded. 1200$ is the absolute maximum I would pay altogether, nothing higher, not...
  26. SuperGamerBoy

    New Keyboard and mouse(more important).

    So, my choices are either a Razer Taipan and a Logitech G110 or a Logitech G500 and a Razer Blackwidow. So, which is better. Also, Razer has 1 yr vs 3 yr warranty for Logitech. Mainly gaming. My specs: Intel Core i5 4440, Gigabyte ga-h87m-d3h, Cooler Master haf 912, Corsair Vengeance 8 gb...
  27. S

    needing help wondering if i ordered right parts for a inpsrion 531

    i jumed into hurry now am worried,i had lost the recovery disk for the inpsrionso ended up,running windows xp proff instead,i just recently bought the visa recovery disk,also 320 watt power supply original was 250 watts,i noticed before i noticed the new hardrive in or pwersupply/vieo card,that...
  28. K

    Assassin's Creed revelation lag fix

    In my computer assassin's creed revelations lags quite frequently Specs Processor i3 530 2.9gHz Ram 4 gb OS windows 8 64 bit Graphic Card Nvidia Geforce 610
  29. G

    And so it begins

    Archived from groups: alt.games.mame (More info?) I thought it was funny to hear one of you mention how cabinets are usually not worth worrying about preserving unless it's a really special cabinet like a Computer Space or something. As you can see from my site, clearly not everyone shares in...
  30. M

    Hp psc 950 driver per windows 7

    windows installato HO 7 Riesco Funzione bene ma non uno trovare i driver per la Funzione lontano ha Fotocamere Funzione multi psc 950. Dove posso trovarli, grazie e salutoni.
  31. B

    How to install autocad 2007 in window 7 professional

    Hi, can someone help me in installing auto-cad 2007 in Window 7 proffesional, as ive tried many a times to install but can't Thanks
  32. JMcEntegart

    Feedly Offers a Solution for Homeless RSS Feed Lovers

    Feedly knew this day would come. Feedly Offers a Solution for Homeless RSS Feed Lovers : Read more
  33. B

    Audio probs with win 7 64 bit

    I am having random issues with my sound stuttering and dragging. I have the realtek hd audio driver. I have two production programs installed, cakewalk kinetic 2 composition program as well as sessions music producer software installed. Stuttering comes though with or without these programs...
  34. J

    Window 7 dell datasafe big problem! help! emergence!

    I open the computer and it said my problem so it auto help me to fix it , but it fail , I decide to use dell date safe 2.0 local backup to recover my system , I select clean all the files and go back to the original window 7 but recovery process finish in 1 second , I restart the computer but...
  35. L

    installinh usb3 device

    i have the driver downloaded DN0075 USB3.0 FL1100.rar but have no idea how to load it
  36. F

    Cant boot up xp professional

    Hello, A friends xp professional computer had a dos attack from a rootkit. ran Kasperskys TDSS Killer from a floppy and found 3 problems. killed them then had to reboot to finish them off and now it shows the BIOS loading and then it goes to a black screen with a blinking hash mark in the top...
  37. G

    Pci simple comiunication controler driver free download for windows xp sp2

    i need to drive sound and audio
  38. V

    Acer computer wont boot past bios screen

    Hello, yesterday i took everything off my computer cleaned and put back on after that it worked fine but today i went to turn it on and i hear a clicking noise i unpluged the cd drive and the hard drive to help find the noise but it was still there and it wont get past the page that says acer...
  39. G

    Norton How do I register my virus protection?

    Why is this so difficult? I fill in the answers and then it still won't take it?
  40. R

    Pc vs x360

    is pc gaming any gud or shud i just stick to console gaming on x360