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    For a while now, I have been getting a BSOD crash, and the error says IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL. One time it has crashed and said MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. The crash usually happens once a day, and it happens when I do small tasks, or when I am sometimes playing games. The crash tends to happen a lot...
  2. S

    Computer won't boot

    Alright, this is my last resort before taking it to a mechanic. Basically this morning I went to turn on my pc, the fans usually only run at full speed for roughly 5 seconds before slowing down to idle while starting up, but this morning they were full speed all the time, I got no signal from...
  3. M

    Game feels like stuttering with fps limit on

    Playing bf1 on my laptop without frame limiter on i get 90-120 fps ultra no problem but temps sit around 90 so with limiter on they drop to a more comfortable 75 the fps sticks to 60 but game feels juddery and occasionally brings up orange performance icons in game, any help much appreciated
  4. H

    Optical Cable Sample Rate and Bit Depth Help

    So I have a Razer Leviathan, a 5.1 Surround Soundbar w/ subwoofer, hooked up already. I've been using a golden audio jack (normal audio cord) for my PC to connect to this Razer soundbar at 24 bit, 192000 Hertz. According to Science or whatever, the Optical Cable sounds better, but the only way...
  5. B

    Check this Craigslist pickup!

    Hey team! I might buy this pc off craigslist. This makes me nervous, so if you all could check it out please let me know your thoughts. I've negotiated to 1200 for the PC, Monitor and C.A.T 5 mouse. Monitor is: The monitor is a LG 34UM65-P. Its a 34 Inch ultra wide Quoted post below...
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    New Netgear PL1200

    We just purchased a netgear pl1200 to wire our PS4 since the wireless is proving to be pathetic to nonexistent. The unit connected to the modem is lit, the ethernet is not being detected on the other end. We have tried multiple outlets in various rooms. Factory reset both ends, and don't know...
  7. A

    Creators update freezing problems. Please help me.

    i7-4790 non k Evga gtx 1070 ftw corsair gold psu 850w MSI krait z97 motherboard 16gb gksill ram 1600mhz SSD has the os on it I only use avast for my anti virus software Those are my specs. I have been using windows 10 for quite a while, a year almost and I loved it, but this past week, all hell...
  8. R

    PC occasionally freezes, requires manual/hard reset

    For the past few months, my PC has occasionally frozen in a variety of scenarios. When this occurs, no mouse/keyboard commands work and I'm forced to hard reset my PC. This usually happens when I'm browsing. During games, my PC will freeze for a minute but eventually become functional again. My...
  9. U

    GTX 950 ti single fan version power?

    What is the recommended PSU wattage needed for a gtx 950ti psu (single fan version)? Would a 300 watt psu be enough?
  10. C


    Hi, I stupidly turned on verifier.exe, and now, I can't turn it off, as I keep getting that reboot loop. Using verifier.exe /reset in cmd in startup doesn't work said something like there's no settings and when I check, nothing in verifier.exe is set to 1/enabled there's no startup tools option...
  11. J

    Will full storage affects the performance of pc

    I have 2 hdd 1tb and 500gb. My brother always fill up desktop and both hdd are nearly full instead of windows drive. Will it affect the performance and if yes how can i solve this
  12. D

    Question about Power supply

    I have a ATNG ATM 600fb power supply. I have had no problems with it so far for my GTX 950. I am upgrading my motherboard and cpu to a ryzen 5 1500x. Do i need to upgrade my psu aswell or will this work fine still?
  13. T

    My Acer R3 series is not working

    I tried to create a bootable usb drive but clicked into the BOIS settings and changed the wrong setting and stuffed my laptop. Now when I go to turn it on it comes up with the acer startup but no option to press F12 and access the system settings. When it loads up it comes up with Intel UNDI...
  14. T

    Flash Videos Speeding Up and Slowing Down

    Flashing videos play, in what I could only describe as bursts. It's pretty noticeable. It's been happening for a while, but since most stuff I watch is HTML5, it hasn't been too big of a deal. To make matters more complicated, it doesn't always seem to happen. I believe I've isolated it down to...
  15. J

    Acer aspire Es 15 stuck in automatic repair loop

    My acer ES 15 laptop froze, so I shut it off. When I turned it back on, it said "preparing automatic repair" then it goes black and comes back saying "diagnosing your pc" when that's done it goes to another screen saying "your pc did not start correctly." Also gives me the option restart...
  16. G

    Trouble with Subwoofer being connected to Sony STR-DH550

    I hooked-up a Polkaudio PSW10 Subwoofer to my Sony STR-DH550 and there is no sound. I do not know what I am doing wrong, Can anyone tell me the correct way to hook it up please or is there a setting I need to change or turn on.
  17. L

    Monitor wont respond with my ram

    So i have 2x4 gb's hyperx ram sticks (i'm new to the computer stuff). When i have one stick in the slot closest to cpu my monitor responds just fine. But when I have it in the other slot my monitor wont respond, or when both slots filled! Please Help!
  18. O

    HP XW4600 is being weird - error 162

    mp hp xw4600 workstation (go ahead and laugh) is having bios problems. I tried to even put in any input whatsoever and it does not even work. every time I press F1 to reset the bios, it keeps not letting the keyboard make an input. also, it says that I "changed my system since your last boot,"...
  19. Saleh_5

    Is it fine to use 70% Alcohol to clean CPU thermal paste?

    My dad went and bought 70% alcohol instead of 99% What is the difference between 70% and 99%? Also should should i return it and get 99% instead? Or is it the same?
  20. C

    HDD password frozen

    How to clear frozen password HDD, also says when try to reset laptop memory can't be written. Gateway NE56R41u laptop.???