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    Question Radeon R5 m330 crash after driver install

    Hello, after a clean install of Win7 x64 on i5 7200 U Processor I downloaded AMD 21.4.1 and 21.5.2 drivers for Radeon R5 M330 . Installation went well, but afterwords I received an error stating: Host Service malfunction. AMDRSServ.exe System Failure. Upgraded to 21.5.2 afterwords, but the...
  2. C

    Question Need help to run DDR4 at 3000

    Long time i have overclock and it was pretty stable (at least i thought so), but in some game i started to get BSOD Page Fault. I run Prime95 and realized i have rounding errors, so i reset my bios to default and started from scratch. My specs: ASUS Strix 270F Gaming, latest bios motherboard...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Kaby Lake in Coffee Lake Motherboard.

    I bought a new motherboard, gigabyte B365M DS3H, to replace a Gigabyte H110M 2SH and stupidly only looked at the fact that it had an LGA1151 Socket. I thought that I could just drop my Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2 GHz in and everything would be fine. Of course, the PC didn't boot, the HDD light...
  4. AMDynamic

    [SOLVED] I5 6600 non K vs i5 7600 non K

    Hi, I will be rearranging some bits in my comp and I'm in a position to trade in my i5 6600 for a i5 7600? The kaby lake 7600 has a little higher core clock and boost clock am I likely notice any benefit in games. Also according to...
  5. S

    Question What is the most powerful Intel CPU compatible with the MSI Z170A GAMING M5 motherboard?

    Hi, I have a Z170A GAMING M5 motheboard with a i5 6600K processor. I want to upgrade the CPU but I am unable to figure out if the most popular latest CPUs (i9s) are compatible with this motherboard.
  6. M

    [SOLVED] msi z170a and i7 7700

    So I bought a MSI z170a Pro Carbon in haste, and it hasn’t yet got the BIOS version I need (my mistake!). I know I need a Skylake CPU to do the update but none of my local shops has one, and buying one just for the job is more money than I wanted to spend! Anyone got any ideas on what I could do?
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Is Kaby Lake Still Viable in 2019?

    I have been looking into upgrading my PC for a few years now. Luckily, around Black Friday, I snagged an ASRock Z270 Killer SLI/ac. I got it on sale and was happy with the purchase...until I started looking at the prices of the Kaby Lake processors. Both the i5-7600k and i7-6700k are sitting...
  8. J

    Question How To Install Windows 7 on Dell Precision 7720 with Kaby Lake I5-7440HQ and Samsung NVME Drive?

    I just bought a used precision 7720 from ebay. It does not come with an OS. I was thinking of installing 7 on the laptop since i don't like windows 10 and try not to use it whenever i can. However, i read that there could be several problems installing windows 7 on this laptop: 1) Supposedly...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] PC Upgrade

    My current PC consists of: GTX 1080 FTW i5-4590 8gb RAM RM550x PSU My PC is slow with some games and even in windows, but my upgrade options are limited and I've came to the conclusion I have two options 1) Buy a Haswell i7 (4770,4790,etc) ~$150 2) Go all in with a completely new platform and...
  10. L

    Question Intel Xeon E5-2670 @ 2.60GHz vs Intel Core i5-9400F @ 2.90GHz

    A couple question which i hope can be answer simply... but all is welcome So i was talking to someone and they brought up these stats from a website and now i'm not sure. So will the cpu that comes with it get the job done? or should i look for another system with either a intel core i5 or...
  11. L

    [SOLVED] 3570 or 3770

    I'm planning to upgrade my CPU from a 2400 to a 3550 or 3770. I'm mainly going to be using it for video games and I've will be pairing it with a GTX 1060 3 gig.
  12. aceeblue3

    [SOLVED] Can I pair these two memories?

    I currently have a Kingston ddr4 2133mhz KHX2133C14D4/4G and looking to install another 4gb. I wanna know if it will work with Kingston ddr4 2400mhz HX424C15FB/4 ?? Also my motherboard supports max 2133mhz.
  13. P

    pc building and power suply Compatible

    hey every body i want to build my own pc wih this parts down below: asus prime a320m k mother board amd a8 9600 4gb ddr4 ram and 350w power suply i know its looks budget pc and ihave 2 question question 1: does the parts compaitable with each other? question 2:is psu enoght for this pc? thanks a...
  14. A

    PC not powering on after installing new RX 580

    I bought an RX 580 to replace my existing 1050 TI. I swapped out the 1050 TI and installed the new RX 580. I plugged in the 6+2 pin connector from PSU to the RX 580. I try to turn on the pc and it does not power on. On swapping back 1050 TI and the pc starts working normally again. PSU -...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] m.2 NVMe not working/showing up in BIOS or Windows on Z170i

    Hey everyone, I've recently purchased a new SSD to take advantage of the m.2 slot on my motherboard. I have an ASUS Z170i PRO GAMING motherboard. (link) I'm currently running an SSD and HDD over sata and a GPU in the pci-e slot. I picked up a Western Digital Black NVMe drive (link) but I'm out...
  16. G

    [SOLVED] 970 pro to 970 pro copy windows 10

    I upgraded my ssds to 970 pro s . I have one for the operating system and one for the games . Both ssds are running at 3.0 x 4 . When i copy from the one 970 pro to another the ssds are working only at 40 / 100 active time and they are copying at 1,2 gigs per second . Can this be a limitation...
  17. M

    PC Build Advice

    Hi, thanks for reading. I am working toward building a PC for myself with my tax return and I am wanting to get a second opinion on my components. I picked up a Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 at a yard sale so I'm building off of that. I was looking at AMDs FX 8350 as my CPU. It seems to have enough...
  18. F

    How to go about a CPU upgrade

    No longer satisfied with my i5-6500 for 144hz gaming so I'm looking to upgrade. GPU is 1070 8GB, motherboard is MSI B150M. Do I upgrade to i7-6700/7700 or should I go for a new motherboard with the option to overclock? I'm pretty lazy so I prefer the former, would go for a new MoBo only if it's...
  19. AJ Kenway

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3 APU and B350 motherboard wont POST

    Good day! I recently bought a 2200G and a Asus Prime B350 Plus. I tried to make it POST but I got no signal nor does the speaker give out any code. Is this normal? Do i have to let it run for a few minutes? All LEDs are lit and the CPU fan isn't ramping up wildly. Only the 24 Pin and CPU power...
  20. S

    Creating dedicated server & important UDP ports not reachable

    Hello community , To be short , i trying to run dedicated server on external-IP (from external people could join dedicated server) with router ZYXEL NBG-418N v2. Computer network IPv4 (Local) settings are established as (Preferred). Checked firewall ,but in this case firewall does not have...
  21. J

    My main router is giving away up to 20mbps but my repeater upstairs is giving 0.5mbps...

    I bought this extender in hope that i will finally be able to play games on my pc upstairs...but nope not happening.I need help on how to fix this *DLink DAP-1325* extender...im really
  22. Z

    [SOLVED] Is this normal for a gtx 1060 6gb?

    So I bought an msi gtx 1060 6gb gaming x and before all my games would stay at a consistent 60c while gaming. I'm not sure what happened but now when gaming, the temperatures will fluctuate from 54 to 63. Before I dont think the fans were coming on but now they seem to come on when it reaches...
  23. D

    Disassemble predator xb252q

    How do you disassemable predator xb252q from stand?
  24. B

    Integrated graphics usage drops, causing massive lag [SOLVED]

    So my issue is a little... strange. I recently ordered a laptop with a GTX 1050. In some games using the laptop, I would get 100+ fps, and the usage of the deticated graphics would be 100% and the integrated would be 30%. However, sometimes, the integrated graphics usage would drop to 5%...
  25. C

    Did i get scammed?

    I bought an i3-8100 from a trustworthy shop, not second hand. Im viewing the specs in Speccy It says codename Kaby lake, when it shoupd be coffee lake, and it says that hyperthreading is not supported, even though it should. Should i get a refund?
  26. devayyy24

    470 Dolar Gtx 1080 vs 840 Dolar Rtx 2080

    470 Dolar Gtx 1080 https://amzn.to/2MwUb9y 840 Dolar Rtx 2080 https://amzn.to/2xfuswK I think the GTX 1080 makes sense because it is very cheap. Which one is better for you?
  27. T

    Asus Z370-E set processor Voltage to 1.8

    Asus z370-e randomly set my processor's (intel i7 8700k) voltage to 1.7-1.9. However, this doesnt affect my temps, but i am unable to change it through settings in the BIOS.
  28. jemcglot

    Old system need advice.

    My gaming pc was built about 6 years ago. I feel it's time to upgrade hard to maintain 60fps at 1080p anymore. Looking for advice on what to dump money into. Take note of new hardware at bottom of list. Old system specs: I5 3570k AsRock Z77 Exrtreme4 Hyper 212 EVO EVGA GTX 680sc 16GB generic...
  29. S

    Noob power supply and upgrade questions

    Hello all, i have recently been given a Dell insprion pc and would like to upgrade it and venture into pc gaming, not after the fastest just somthing good enough to play aaa titles. Currently it's running, Windows 10 Intel i5 8400 2.8ghz cpu 1tb hard drive 8g ddr4 ram Gt 1030 gpu 290w power...
  30. B

    New hardive issue

    Hello i am having issues with my new hardrive. I recently bought a kingwin ezdock and have a seagate 3tb sata desktop hardrive to use with it. When i plug the kingwin into the compters usb port the ez dock shows up in my hardware managment aswell as devices and printers. I even get a driver...
  31. P

    CPU hitting 93 C on Cinebench

    I'm using an OC i7 8700k to 5Ghz watercooled by the corsair H150i Pro. My idle temps range from 35-41 C and on Cinebench it stays at around 90C. Is there anything I can do to lower the temps cause lowering the OC to 4.9 makes no difference
  32. M

    CMOS battery problems

    My laptop just powered down. There are no beeping sounds from the motherboard. When i plug in the power cable it is not showing any sign of charging. I had opened the back of my pc to see if there was any problems and i found that the CMOS battery was just lying on top of the motherboard, after...
  33. M

    DDR4 3000 MHz compability with CPU and Motherboard

    Hello friends, I’m a little confused on the support of the ram speed from the cpu and motherboard. I have a ryzen 7 1800x and a asus rog strix b350-f and I was wondering if I could run ram at speeds of 3000 Mhz. Thank you, Mike
  34. C

    Lost overclock when re installing Windows 10

    ]Overclocking my i7 6700k with Asus Z170 Pro Gaming mobo. Socket 1151. Hi, I have a Windows 10 - 64 bit i7 6700k Asus Z170 mobo 16GB Corsair memory DDR4 2400MHz. Cooler Hydro Series H100 liquid cooler. I am interested in getting back my overclock status that was done by the makers of the...
  35. G

    Yes, Downloading Nintendo ROMs is Illegal (Even if You Own the Game)

    Are you committing copyright infringement by downloading emulated ROM games? What about when emulating ROMs yourself? We spoke with three lawyers to find out. Yes, Downloading Nintendo ROMs is Illegal (Even if You Own the Game) : Read more
  36. C

    Samsung 970 evo M.2 NVMe running way slower than it should..

    Fresh windows install on my M.2 970 Currently my read speed = 900 wrote speed= 850 Specs. Asus z170-A I7 6700k MSI gaming X 1070 DDR4 2400 8Gb ram 2x4 team elite Windows 7 ————- Don’t currently have screen shot of my benchmarks currently at work. M.2 running way under its rated speed had...
  37. M

    CPU Is Overheating Constantly: What Are My Options?

    I'm running a PC with an i7 4790k (not overclocked) and air cooling, and it's getting hot. Seriously hot, when trying to run something like Premiere Pro it can hit over 100 degrees, and inevitably will crash eventually. Even in routine use, it regularly goes into the 80s or 90s. I've been...
  38. Zii

    Can this m.2 SSD be used to cache an HDD like the optane?

    I want to buy this m.2 SSD, because it's an excellent price. However the only reason I want to buy it is because intel's optane m.2 (as seen in this video) works extremely well caching alongside a mechanical drive. So my question is; even though the WD m.2 SSD I linked above isn't an intel...
  39. G

    Bus Support PCl 3.0

    Hello, my Motherboard supports PCl 2.0 is it possible that i can connect GPU that is PCl 3.0 i have Asrock H81M-HDS and i want to buy GTX 780 because im planning to buy new MotherBoard
  40. Z

    Bios won't boot from dvd drive

    PSU: Fatality 550w GPU: MSI TWIN FROZR N660Ti PE 2GD5/OC MB: MSI MS - 7673 VER 2.0 RAM: 2x 8gb G.SKILL DDR3 Just got a new hard drive and I'm trying to install Windows 10 via a dvd. However I can't get the bios to boot from the dvd. Ive made it first priority to boot from then CD/DVD drive...