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  1. X

    Question Black screen

    Hello. I keep getting A black screen after playing games for a while. I have checked my temps and they are all well so I am looking for someone to walk me through possible fixes. Thanks
  2. 3

    Question Need new internal hard disk. How to choose?

    Hello everybody. Apparently my Hard disk has bene failing recently and I'm looking to buy a new one. Do I need to take into consideration other components of my pc? Such as what kind of RAM I use? I don't really know where to start. All I know is that 7200 RPM is usually a good choice.
  3. Atix

    Question Would dual channel ram upgrade make a difference in Fortnite and other games?

    Hi guys, I have the Asus FX504GE TUF gaming laptop with i7-8750H, 8GB of single ddr4 ram and gtx 1050ti. The problem is for example fortnite isn't running very well, I have a PC as well which has 8+4 dual channel ram and GTX 960 which is about the same or maybe quite weaker card and it runs...
  4. A

    Question Undocumented Light Sequence on LaCie 4Big Quadra

    I've been using a LaCie 4Big Quadra USB RAID system that I bought second hand - worked dandy for about 6 weeks. One morning, I woke to find all rear lights and the front light blinking blue - as though it were in its start-up sequence - and none of the LaCie's volumes accessible. It never...
  5. Question 2080ti issue/artifact?

    I bought the 2080ti shortly after launch. I haven't really had time to play games on it until the past few weeks. I had heard that the 2080ti had problems but thought mine was alright. I guess I should have thought again. After a gaming session, I got blackscreened. Then blackscreend at boot...
  6. exDeee

    Discussion Oculus Rift or HTC Vive

    I want to get into VR , because ive just seen Minecraft VR gameplay and it looks insanely fun. Im not sure if i should upgrade my pc (rx 580 which is fine , but my e5 1607 v2 is the bottleneck) or buy a vr headset , ooor do both by buying the oculus rift because its 200€ cheaper. Id like to...
  7. S

    Question How is this build Which build is better, I am planning to build a white setup. I am looking for recommendations and hope to build this next month. If you can also suggest any 24 inch monitor that will fit in my setup let me know. I am...
  8. C

    Question VEGA 56 with 550W bronze

    Hello everyone! I am tempted to jump on the bandwagon and purchase an RX VEGA 56 after it's 48% price drop recently but I would like to know if my 550W bronze Corsair PSU can handle it. In the card's documentation I can see that it uses 650 watts, but i have seen many people say that my current...
  9. M

    Question No signal on monitor

    I bought a brand new motherboard Asus p7h55m-pro from Flipkart ..I have assemled it with i5 650 a graphics card ..but when I do power supply there's no signal in monitor .. Steps I have tried: Resetting the CMOS Putting together the parts outside of the case. Putting ram in single slot also...
  10. E

    Question 970M Pro3 ASrock motherboard and Amd FX 8350

    I recently just bought a 970M pro3 motherboard from Asrock and an FX 8350, I read one article saying you have to bios update the motherboard to be compatible, and another article saying you don't have too, they are both old articles so I was wondering if a bios update was still needed?
  11. M

    Question Why is my gtx 1080 working worse than my cousins gtx 1070

    So, recently I bought a Msi Gtx 1080 Aero oc. It works ok and is better than my previous gpu, however it does not get as much fps as my friends 1070 My specs are: Gtx 1080 Aero oc 8gb I7 6700 16 gb ram I tried benchmarking a game called rainbow six siege and my avarage fps is 100, while my...
  12. DGWheeler

    Question Random shut offs

    I’m using the term “turn off” incorrectly in the title. While in use; browsing, gaming, regular business use; the computer stops feeding the monitors, no longer rocognizes peripherals (I know due to lights turning off) and the power button on the computer stops recognizing any form of press or...
  13. T

    Question Help with optimum dual channel configuration

    I'm cobbling a desktop together from various old parts. Among these are four matching sticks of 1gb ram and one stick of 4gb, as well as a motherboard with 4 DIMM slots and dual channel potential. If I put the 4gb stick in the first slot and 1gb sticks in the other three, will the identical...
  14. 6IXTY9INE

    Question Pc stuttering at random times.

    So after building my pc up from the start with most of my parts first hand and my GPU second hand, about 1 year old when I bought it. everything seems to be well with no issues at the start but lately Im getting random PC stuttering. How the stuttering works is it would normally start when I...
  15. P

    Question System shows 100% disk usage, but task manager shows no processes using it

    The system is a Windows 10 laptop from Acer. I've been having this problem for a while, and have searched online and tried a lot of different random things over the months to fix this. When the computer starts up, it is extremely slow. A task manager check shows that the disk usage for the...
  16. F

    Question SG350-28MP-K9-NA in Europe

    Hi all, I am traveling to the US next week and I am looking forward to purchase the switch SG350-28MP-K9-NA. Since it's for the North America region, I am worried if there are any real limitations in using it in Europe other than having to use a different power cable. I checked for the power...
  17. Dex3

    Question Trouble shooting auto reboots

    I just upgraded MOBO to ASUS PRIE X470-Pro, with a RYZEN 2600x and new Patriot Viper memory. Everything runs fine until I get into a video game. Have Radon R7-360 GPU. The computer just does an instant restart after 5 min of gaming. Does not restart just using windows. I have turned off Win...
  18. G

    [SOLVED] AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, Help

    (I am brand new to building) So I bought a Ryzen 7 1800X and I was told by a friend that it came with a cooler, so I was fine with that. It wasn't until after, that I realised it didn't come with one. I don't have enough money to get a new cooler. So (I feel a bit dumb for asking) will the AMD...
  19. M

    Question RTX 2060 6GB compability with ASRock H310M-HDV

    I'm looking to buy a RTX 2060 6GB is it compatible with my motherboard ASRock H310M-HDV and RAM HyperX Fury Black DDR4 8GB(2x4GB) 2666MHz
  20. P

    Question XFX RX580 GTS Black Edition gets very hot

    I recently bought a XFX RX580 GTS Black Edition and i undervolted it on the vcore and memory but it still hits 89°C when playing something very graphicly taxing like Apex Legends. Before i bought this 580 model i googled alot and looked up many benchmarks and everyone of them where like in the...
  21. mark_07

    [SOLVED] How would you rate my ryzen system?

    I was finally able to upgrade to the ryzen platform. I got the 2nd gen R7 2700 version just this month and I'm really liking it. Upgraded from fx 8370 and its such a huge improvement. I just wanna know what you guys think of my system if how many years it could able to run the latest games like...
  22. S

    Question Internet Connection Drops Every 30-90 minutes

    I am losing my mind on this one. When I play PC games that require a constant internet connection (The Division, Monster Hunter World, Destiny 2), I get random network disconnects. The game crashes, I restart, and I am fine for a while. Details: Wired Connection Set stopwatch, and it is...
  23. C

    [SOLVED] Nvidia control panel won't open after last driver update.

    After I updated to latest drivers (419.17) the control panel won't open at all no matter what I do. I have to uninstall the driver and reinstall it but each time I try to uninstall it comes up with the message "System restart is required please restart your system to continue" I've never had...
  24. D

    [SOLVED] Optiplex 780 GPU/CPU upgrade

    I recently purchased a refurbished Optiplex 780 desktop. It came with a intel core 2 duo E7500 @2,93GHz, a 2GB GT 710 and 8GB RAM. I've been able to do lots of things on this computer relatively well but gaming is definitely lacking. I heard that this model can handle intel core 2 quads and I...
  25. Z

    [SOLVED] Cooling for Ryzen R7 1700x

    Hey,im doing a pc build and am wondering if I only need a NZXT Kraken M22 120mm RGB All In One CPU Liquid Coole or if I need the 240mm one for cooling, Any help would be awesome as I do have a budget also,would a coolermaster hyper 212 be enough or what do you recommend
  26. C

    Question i cant update my radeon drivers

    so i have a ryzen 3 2200g using vega 8 graphics and for some reason i had the newest 19.1.1 but then one day i logged on and it downgraded me to 18.10.1 i tried re installing 19.1.1 but then it gave me an error massage saying something like it cant update due to my configuration or something...
  27. Afterburn25

    [SOLVED] Over clocking CPU

    I am wanting to overclock my cpu. I currently have an Intel I7 3820 at 3.6 GHZ that is water cooled also entire case is vented. How much could I get? what kind of settings would I need. And also Im running on 64 gigs for ram running at 1600 could I run them higher then 1600 safely? and is it...
  28. T

    Question Motherboard Lacking: How to ADD internal USB 3.0 Ports

    Hello again! I unfortunately suffer from lack of USB ports on my motherboard, internally. It is a Gigabyte z390 designare. I dont even have enough ports to plug in my front panel USB ports from my case. I wanted to add some RGB fans but will need a USB port for that as well. How do I add these...
  29. Alpha_6

    [SOLVED] The top of my case tends to get very hot during gaming.

    The space right ontop of my top exhaust fan tends to get reeeally hot during gaming , gpu goes up to 75 celcius idk if that's normal for a sapphire r9 390. Should i be worried that it's getting so hot , i've got 2 exhausts 1 top 1 rear , 2 intakes 1 front and 1 side. Case is DeepCool Tesseract...
  30. M

    Question Looking for a decent gaming laptop

    I'm looking to buy a decent gaming laptop, with GTX 1060 i7 8750H. At the moment, I'm deciding between Acer Predator Helios 300(PH317-52, not the 144Hz panel), MSI GP63 Leopard 8RE(8RE-403XPL), Lenovo Legion Y530. Feel free to suggest other laptops. I'm not really looking for a great battery or...
  31. Question The creepiest CMD command ever

    For any of you who know what Herobrine (The minecraft entity) is, me and my friend were playing with the command prompt trying to make it seem like herobrine had appeared using the following command: cls && set Herobrine=(color f2 && prompt Herobrine && echo welcome) what we thought the...
  32. King cairo

    [SOLVED] Motherboard repair.

    Trying my first motherboard repair on my own. Any thoughts on what to do here? Bruh View:
  33. J

    Question Everything On SSD, nothing on HDD

    So my specs are: Ryzen 3 1200 MSI B350M Motherboard GTX 1050TI 8GB G.SKILL 2400MHZ RAM EVGA 450BT 1 TB WD Hardrive 250GB Samsung SSD Ok so I started this build only with the hardrive so everything was on there. When I got my SSD the only way I could move my windows and games onto there was if I...
  34. noshard

    Question Please help wont boot in 4x ram slots

    Specs Q6600 processor Intel D975XBX2 mother board Transcend 2gb x 4 rams ddr2 800 identical ( kit ) Story : PC was working fine 8gbs ram no issues for years . Two weeks ago turned on pc message ( ram not equal to channel A ) PC booted Next day no boot Test all ram sticks 1 by 1 works PC...
  35. K

    [SOLVED] How do I know if my mobo is damaged by electrostatic discharge?

    That day I put my mobo on my bed and the outside layer of the anti static bag, idk if it's damaged by static, if so, what will happen? Will it just not work or slower down the system performance?
  36. G

    [SOLVED] Will i need more power?

    I'm looking to upgrade my system to an AMD Ryzen 5 1600x i already have a PSU with 550 Watt will it be enough or i will have to buy a new one with more? (I will not be doing any Overclocking) (The GPU is a GTX 950) Thank you
  37. L

    Question Daisy Chaining 3 monitors using 2 ports

    I am trying to see if it is possible to use 3 monitors on a computer with only 2 display inputs DP and HDMI. Ive connected all 3 monitors one monitor connected using HDMI and the second I used the DP. The third I was able to successfully Daisy Chain but I am only able to use the duplicate...
  38. M

    [SOLVED] Upgrading processor and graphics card on a HP Omen 870-242no

    Hello I'd like to upgrade my CPU and GPU, I've already upgraded the RAM but this is what it have currently Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core i7 @ 3.60GHz Kaby Lake 14nm Technology RAM 32,0GB Motherboard HP 82F1 (U3E1) Graphics S24C300...
  39. AMDynamic

    [SOLVED] I5 6600 non K any way to improve performance

    Hi. I am reading up on various forums that a non K cpu can be improved by disabling power saving features etc? Has anyone got any info on this with their experience I went into bios and found a few C state options that I read about. Is it worth playing about with a few settings ps. I'm...
  40. A

    Question How can I cast my pc on a non smart tv

    I have a non smart tv that i want to connect to my pc which is in another room. I have a 15m long hdmi and a 15m long ethernet cable for usb devices but i get constant disconnections on the usb. Is there a way to cast on the tv via a tv box and use an xbox controller and an air mouse to control...