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  1. C

    Question New desktop freezing randomly

    Hi Guys, I have a very weird issue i have spent hours on trying to solve it but coudn't find a solution. I have bought a new desktop (specs below). I decided to do a fresh install because of all the new components. Now my computer randomly freezes out of nowhere. Sometimes there is an hour in...
  2. M

    Question PC crashing after rx580

    I recently got into building pc's and I bought a new graphics card (RX580) from Powercolor. Since installing I've installed all the necessary drivers for it and installed it all correctly (I believe). Since doing this, every time i try to benchmark my pc whenever it gets to the graphics part of...
  3. S

    Question Benq GW2780 vs Acer ha270 both full hd ips

    I'm looking for a monitor to connect to my laptop and do some webdesign works. And slight gaming like gta fifa 19. Not shooting games. But mainly for work. Which one is the best ? Benq gw2780 Acer ha270...
  4. R

    Question PC only able to read 1 drive

    I’ve been using this new build for almost a month now and after clicking to “shutdown and update” 2 days ago I’ve run into this problem. My computer is only reading the first drive connected to it. If I connect my SSD first and HDD second, it’s only able to read the SSD, and vice versa. I have...
  5. J

    Question PC Gaming build €1500

    Hi, I want to buy a new PC for around €1500 prefer under it is going to be used for streaming and playing fortnite mainly. Im 100% going to have a I9-9900K in it which i can get for €600 The other parts im clueless, so i hope any of you guys could me build a stable system?
  6. A

    Question is this a good monitor ?

    i plan on buying this monitor here so is this a good choice ? i aim for 1440p 60hz casual gaming if there is any suggestions in the same price range i would appreciate it
  7. R

    Question four dimms or two, same performance.

    im about to build a new system with 32gb of ram, was wondering if i would get better beformance with 4 x 8, or 2x16. while im at it, for a gaming rig, do you think 32gb is enough for several years to come or should i get 64.
  8. F

    Question FPS went down really bad

    Alright let me get into details,i have a ASUS ROG G503 GE that has 8gb ram, GTX 1050 TI, and a I7 8Gen proccesor. Now the first 3 months i was doing fine,played some overwatch,rainbow six,and etc. But after that 3 months, i got very low fps from 120 to 20-40 fps,idk what cause this problem but...
  9. GanainyAlgamed

    Question HP 800 G1 i7 4790

    i want to buy hp 800 g1 case i7 4790 and use it with GTX 1050 gigabyte OC windforce 2GB then in the future buy new PSU and RX570 or GTX 1060 would that upgrade be possible? and someone told me that 1050 is very weak compared to the cpu and it will bottleneck does that mean it won't give me...
  10. K

    Question Better alternatives to "gaming" headset

    Hello! I recently had issues with an older headset of mine (Razer Kraken USB) and I was thinking of a better, newer headset to buy. After some reviews and researching I found the Corsair HS70 to be really appealing so I bought them, after I told my friend(self taught DJ who never made it) that...
  11. J

    Question Upgrading G4560 to 7th gen or 8th gen processor

    Greetings, this is my current build: CPU: Intel pentium G4560 MOBO: Asrock-B250M-HDV RAM: G.Skill Aegis 8gb 2400mhz GPU: MSI geforce GTX1050 2GB Aero ITX Storage: WDB 1TB Case: CM Storm Enforcer PSU: CM V550 I'm planning to upgrade the system for gaming purpose, I will get a gtx1660/gtx1660 ti...
  12. I

    Question Why does my PC have no sound

    I've had this for Windows 8.1 PC for almost 3 years now and when i boot up the PC from a shutdown,sleep or hibernate mode or a restart too i can hear sounds through any device clearly for 5 minutes afterwards the sound cuts out.What could cause this and how can i fix this? My specs are: Intel(R)...
  13. obi1kenobi

    Question Cant redeem The Division® 2 activation key

    Hi all i ve been trying to activate the division 2 on my ubisoft account but it just says error.i have an amd reward and ive never had this problem before. when i click redeem on uplay with your ubisoft account,i click on it and it asks me for my ubissoft login username and password and it...
  14. Jepson

    Question Buying an i7-9700K CPU, what motherboard to get?

    For my birthday I am buying an i7-9700K CPU but my motherboard seems to not support that CPU, so I need some help on which one to get. Any answers are appreciated! Thanks
  15. K

    [SOLVED] I can't install Windows XP on my old pc

    I have an old pc. It had WinXP 32bit installed and it was working. I wanted to do a clean format. I tried bootable usb's and cd's with many xp 32bit iso files. Only "Fundamentals for Legacy PC's" iso worked so far, but I want the regular XP. When I try to install, it says "setup is monitoring...
  16. J

    Question Help me Overclock my RTX 2060!

    Hello, I just got an Asus Strix 2060 and would like some help doing a mild overclock and I have a few questions: SHould I use the Asus OC tool? SHould I use MSi afterburner? What can of numbers should i be running? Full specs in signature.
  17. Milo G

    Question Should i upgrade to 4790k in 2019?

    I want to upgrade from my very bad i5 650 to a better processor. I thought getting a i7 4790k was a good idea since i didnt want to replace my ram for ddr4 from ddr3 instead i could kd keep my ddr3. Question is, is it good for gaming in 2019? Ill do fine with medium setting i dont mind. Also its...
  18. K

    Question 9900K or 9700K?

    Here is the PC Part Picker. Going to just use it for video games and streaming. Already got G.Skill Trident Royal RGB memory from the previous build. Going to be the Dark mobo or the ASRock Taichi Ultimate.
  19. G

    Question PC wont display on monitor

    Hello, I don't know what happened to my PC it was working fine, I was playing GTA V, and all of a sudden it froze and I got a blue screen and as far as i remember this was written "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL." So it restarted again and i got another blue screen i can't remember what it said, this...
  20. M

    Question Disable ink station in Win10

    Hi y'all, It happens to me too often: I'm playing Overwatch and I don't know what on I l click, but it triggers Ink station. Afterwards, most of my keyboard keys don't respond, and I have to lock windows in order to make it run it smoothly again. It really bothers me, so I googled how to...