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  1. T

    [SOLVED] Why am I still getting bad ping?

    These have been some of the longest months of my life. My internet plan is Charter Spectrum 100d 10u (the best plan for my area) and I have a CAT6a ethernet connection. I have swapped my router, modem, ethernet cable, and some network sockets were removed by charter because they were giving off...
  2. W

    Question I am getting bad ping spikes in relation to a powerline adapter!

    Hello, I have recently been experiencing quite bad ping spikes in online games, which occur every minute or so and last about 15 seconds. I have managed to isolate the cause to a TP-link power-line adaptor which links my router to my dad's outside office by Ethernet. When this is connected and...
  3. OneShotRich

    Question Good Internet but Extremely High Ping.

    As the title states, I have amazing internet, I have AT&T Fiber which runs me 900+ mbs down/up. The Issue I am having, that I cannot isolate is. my ping/latency to games is 300-400% higher than normal normally I will ping 35ms in game but as of the last 2 days I have pinged 300-500 ping in game...
  4. coakuduro

    Question Cant make connection wiith PC and notebook using LAN cable

    I wanted to connect my PC with notebook through LAN cable (CAT5-568B, also tried few others with 4 wires) . On PC side i use win10 and i set IP to, Mask and on notebook side i use win7 with IP and Mask I disabled firewalls on both side, but...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] Getting very bad/inconsistent connection in games, what can I do?

    As of writing this, I currently have a somewhat limited experience with my PC due to horrible ping. It becomes really noticeable in CSGO, my main game of choice when I play. When other people are on the network, I get ~110-200 ping with spikes up to 500+ ping, depending on the specific moment of...
  6. E

    Question Ping Variation

    Hello, over the past week now i have been experiencing very high ping varitation. It is making gaming unplayable and my work very hard adn akward. I have tried everything in the books I can think of to fix it. My service provider is virgin media. My downloads and uploads speeds are fine, I am...
  7. C

    Question HIgh Ping after playing a game for 30 minutes - 1 hour.

    Ive been noticing super high ping after playing an online game like fortnite for a while and then my ping spikes to 400-900 and stays there until I restart my game. I switched to ethernet and this stopped happening and so I am almost certain its my usb wifi adapter. Can someone explain how to...
  8. S

    Question Intermittent "Request Timed out" Google Ping Lines up with getting kicked from games, Discord lag.

    Hello all. I am on an ethernet wired computer running a 2800x, 32 GB Ram and a 1080 GPU. I Intermittently run into ping spikes at random intervals, sometimes multiple times a minute, sometimes once every 5 minutes. When I ping google I find the results line up with when I experience these...
  9. W

    Question I have a ton of packet loss i need help fixing it

    In Fortnite i get about 10% packet loss on my own servers. What should i so to fix it i just got a new router too. I dont know what to do my router is a Comtrend Wireless Gateway Model VR - 3060 View:
  10. H

    Question Good ping on speedtest, but in-game is very bad

    Recently over the past few months my ping has been horrible in game and my PC isn't the only one affected, The ping on a speed test says 40 but in game i'm getting anywhere from 150-200 i recently got new internet and it was bad before it just after getting new internet for the first few days...
  11. W

    Question So my ping went to 20-30 ping when it was usually 10.

    I know its kinda unnecessary because its not bad but i just want to know what happen. Any thoughts? (I also got 1.5 Mbps per second when i download something but i do a speed test and it said 15 Mbps i'm don't very good at this stuff just want to learn a little
  12. R

    Question In Game Server Browsers Terminate All Outgoing Requests

    Throughout my years of gaming, I have come across this issue time and time again with no real solution. Today I stumbled across it yet again and decided I want to get to the bottom of this! Implemented into most modern PC games is a server browser that allows users to connect to both official...
  13. M

    Question CS:GO rubberbanding lag since Windows reinstall

    I have rubberbanding lag during games after I reinstalled my windows. My ping is stable and good, no packet loss, no choke. Sv and var values are good. I am using Wi-Fi, using an ethernet cable is no option. It has been good before reinstalling windows. I tried reinstalling my wifi drivers...
  14. R

    Question High ping only on some applications/games

    Just to cut to the chase real quick. I have high ping (150-300) on discord every day and the same on League of Legends. However, on discord my voice doesn't sound laggy nor anything similar. On CS:GO my ping is normal, around 20-50 depending on which server I get. But League is unplayable...
  15. Question Ping spikes and packet loss

    Been having ping spikes and loss for years now, but its been getting worse lately. ISP: Cox Connection: wired directly to modem @ 300 down 30 up. Idle network when testing. Hardware: tested on Arris SB8200 and NETGEAR CM500, both brand new. Also tested on different PCs with high-end hardware...
  16. M

    Question Is there a way to prioritise traffic for specific games?

    I'm suffering from high ping especially when the home network is being used for Netflix. I'm wondering if there is a way to prioritise my game's traffic in the router. The game is World of tanks and it's running on port 6881<-- That's the incoming connection port it has another number underneath...
  17. B

    Question I have serious problem with my PING

    My and my brother we have same PC Hardware/Software and we are connected LAN via Switch our NetSpeed is 40Mbps, but the problem is when we play games - Online games of course my ping is above 400+ his is 30-50 max, every single time, when i make speed net test, my speed it's same as my brother...
  18. T

    [SOLVED] I get lots of request time out

    Hi everyone, I get lots of request time out on my computer when I ping . Basically I disconnect a lot while gaming, watching videoes, etc. I have an ethernet connection. This issue only occurs on my computer. I checked the connection simultaneously on my cellphone and laptop (through...
  19. Question Different ping times on different IP addresses of the same server

    There are network's trace route results:
  20. M

    Question OpenVPN adds too much to ping

    I have OpenVPN Access Server on AWS Lightsail servers. I see 44ms between myself and server. When I connect to VPN I see much ping sometimes. If I close and reopen VPN connection ping is decreasing or increasing. I see sometimes 40ms, mostly 53ms during ping to OpenVPN Access Server. From...