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  1. J

    [SOLVED] Can any processor use any type of RAM as long as the motherboard supports it?

    Can any processor use any type of RAM (DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5) as long as the motherboard has the correct socket for the type of RAM? Or is it dependent on the memory controller in the CPU?
  2. G

    Question Win10 running slow even after formatting

    Hi everyone! I'm by no means a computer expert, so here I am asking your help. My laptop was running pretty slow, not fluid, so I tried formatting it (following the Step-by-Step option in "Settings"). It got better, but STILL feels like a fresh clean Win10 laptop should run better. It's a...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] i7 87000 (non k) stuck at 4.3GHz

    I have an i7 8700 and a gigabyte z370 aurous gaming 5 motherboard and for some reason the CPU frequency is always stuck at 4.3GHz. Normally, unless I am using an overclocked CPU, the CPU frequency is very low when I am using the computer for basic tasks and only turbos when I am gaming, but...
  4. BlackTalonCEO

    Question New PC build, never built one before

    Hello everyone! I'm currently making a list of components for a desktop to replace my old laptop. Itll be used primarily for editing HD video on programs like: Adobe Premiere Pro Light works Red Giant Adobe After Effects Davinci Resolve So far I have the following components: AMD Radeon Rx 580...
  5. A

    Question Amd Ryzen 5 2500u or i7 7500u

    I don't know is this question worth it. But I am completely noob in this field that's why asking, Can you point out which one is better, amd ryzen 5 2500u or intel core i7 7500u?
  6. W

    Question why my pc shut down randomly

    hi , i have a problem with my dell optiplex 3020 with the specs : i5 4570 / 6 gb of ram ( 14 - 12 ) / msi gtx 1050 ti oc / 290w psu ( max ) , motherboard dell .. my pc shut down randomly , some times he take a few hours to shut down and restart again and some times he take a few minutes , the...
  7. T

    Question Ready for a this?

    Okay so the problems all started when I was messing with my RGB fans and strips while my pc was on and they just permanently switched off, my bad. I then tried to put new fans on my r9 280 after it was flickering blue in sniper elite V2 and reaching 90°C+ after it's been pasted at least 4 times...
  8. M

    Question Thermal Paste and aftermarket cooler for i5 8400?

    I bought an i5 8400 back when it was first released. Since then i have been having heating issues with cpu temp going to 90 degrees Celsius and above. After turning off the turbo boost from bios resolved the issue. I think it could be improper installation and it had preapplied thermal paste on...
  9. W


    Hello everyone! I have a problem: I would like to use VR and currently I have a video card on my computer that has 3GB of RAM, its name is: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series and I know that I would be able to play VR with this video card. So I wanted to know what kind of more powerful video cards my...
  10. thirumalai94

    Question Which motherboard I should go for

    I am going to build one PC, which is having this following specs Processor - i5 8th Gen processor Ram - DDR4 8GB ram graphics card - 1050ti 4gb hard disk 1 TB + ssd 250 GB Liquid cooling - in future smps - corsair CX 650M Motherboard, I am planning is around 20K rupees. I will use CATIA ...
  11. Raerayu

    [SOLVED] i7-7700k Turbo Boost in Bios

    Got a new motherboard (ASUS Prime z270a) and my i7 doesn't have a core hit 4.6ghz like it's supposed to, all 5 are on 4.5ghz. My MSI Z170A GAMING M7 did. I'm confused on how to set the core speeds to have 1 active core boost to 4.6 while all the others hit 4.5 like it was designed to do. My...
  12. A

    Question Will the Intel i7-7700k be good for gaming while streaming at the same time?

    Hi. I just ordered the Intel i7-7700k processor & was wondering if it's good for gaming while streaming in 720p 60fps? Thank you.
  13. R

    Question is that worth to upgrade my i3 3120 to i7 3770?

    Current System —————————————— i3 2120 3.3Ghz Processor DH61WW motherboard 12GB DDR 3 Ram GT 610(Planning to upgrade to GTX 970) —————————————— I’m planning to upgrade my processor to i7 3770K for gaming(Planning to start streaming).is it worth to upgrade this rig in 2019?Should I buy complete...
  14. L

    Question Graphics card and processor suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm upgrading my PC, since it's almost 3 years old. I want a new graphics card and a new processor as well to support it. My motherboard is an ASUS B150 PRO GAMING/AURA DDR4 LGA 1151 CHIPSET INTEL B150, my power supply is a 600W Corsair bronze plus. I'm from Brazil and there is a...
  15. Hannahsand20

    Question Best processor for a fm2 socket?

    I know fm2 sockets are way out of date and I should really update my motherboard but I do not have the money to buy both atm and really just wanting an upgraded processor from the one I have. I would like to know the best fm2 socket processor for gaming. Currently I have Processor: AMD a10-5700...
  16. [SOLVED] Why do we have a master and slave compute cluster setup? Why can't they be equal?

    For this to make sense, look at the EPYC's infinity fabric. You see how all the dies are connected to one another, why can't this work for compute clusters? Instead of having 1 master processor and multiple slave processors, why don't we have them equally connected so any processor can talk to...
  17. J

    Question Cpu Temperature Causing Lag?

    For the past few weks i have noticed games i used to get 130+ fps with no stuttering on high settings. Now getting 60 with dramastic stuttering spikes and i have changed nothing. I decided to check temperature and it said it was 165-185 °F. I opened my computer and cleaned the dust out and my...
  18. 1

    Question What GPU should I buy for these specs?

    I am looking to upgrade my GPU to a more recent mid-range NVIDIA one. Right now I have an i5-3570 and an AMD Radeon HD 5670 GPU. I have been told that anything more than a 1060 6GB would be a bottleneck for 1080P but right now, my monitor is 1440P. Which one would you recommend for these specs...
  19. thirumalai94

    Question will i get good performance while running GTX 1050Ti 4GB Edition on a i5 2nd gen 3.1Ghz processor

    My configuration below :- 12GB RAM (1600Mhz) i5 2nd gen 3.1GHz DH61WW - intel mother board (LGA1155) 1TB hard disk Corsair CX650m (Going to Buy) In this configuration, I am going to add Zotac nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB Graphics card. So will I get good performance while running games like Mad...
  20. Z

    [SOLVED] Some processors result in motherboard reporting a RAM error.

    I have an old Intel DP43BF motherboard. On Intel's website, the minimum bios for all processors listed in this is the same (70). The motherboard was purchased with a Core2 Duo E2220, which booted and worked fine. I wanted to upgrade, so I purchased a Core2 Quad q9400. The motherboard reported a...