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  1. D

    Streaming problems with obs/xsplit

    Hello, i have an i7-6700k 2x gtx 970's and ive used obs and xsplit but i get unbearable frame drops on games like SWTOR, Overwatch, and smite. My drips get down past 30fps. Yet when not streaming im over 100fps all the time. Sometimes closer to 200fps. Whats wrong? My stream settings are 720p...
  2. S

    I'd like to upgrade my rig a bit, what needs an upgrade? I have around 200$ to work with

    these are the specs of my rig
  3. R

    Top PCI-E Slot not working

    So I recently acquired a used motherboard and i7 from family members (separately) and I slapped them onto my own pc. Problem is, I don't get any display when I plug my gpu into the top PCI-E slot. It only works in the bottom slot, which isn't that big of a deal besides the fact that it only runs...
  4. C

    My asus laptop is too slow to use

    My Asus laptop is running very slow. I am a teacher and use it primarily for work. I have windows 8, I am going to run virus protection and clear history, but what else is there to do? Has upgrading to windows 10 made these issues better or worse? I'd appreciate any insight.
  5. D

    ASRock Z97 Extreme6 PCIE Slots not Working

    Hello all. I'm new to posting on the forums, but I know there are a lot of experts out there. I'm having trouble with my Extreme6 mobo. I tried putting in my GPU (GTX 960) into a PCIE slot in the mobo but with no joy. The light on the GPU comes on as if everything is correct, but the...
  6. L

    Need a pc build for 1080p & 60fps

    I'm hoping for at least mid to high settings on most games at 1080p 60fps. Some of the games I will get are WoW, skyrim, fallout 4, gta v. My budget is $1500(i might be able to go a bit over if it's completely necessary). I'll also add that I don't plan on overclocking.
  7. S

    Pendrive keeps on asking to format again and again.

    I have a HP v250w 64GB pendrive, I accidentally ejected the pendrive yesterday without clicking on eject/safely remove hardware. When I inserted it again, it told me that the drive needs to be formatted in order to use it. I formatted it. After formatting, the size was 62.4 GB in total whereas...
  8. D

    Advice on PC Build for < 350 USD

    Hi guys, I was wondering if I could get some advice on a system that I want to build for less than 350 USD; the cheaper the better. It will be used for a program that runs multiple instances of itself at the same time on the PC for ~20 hours per day and is constantly communicating with other...
  9. E

    Computer will not power on after GPU installation

    Hi, I am having a problem. When i installed my graphics card in to my computer today, and powered everything back on (attempted to), nothing happened. I unplugged everything on my motherboard, except for my Front Panel Connectors, and still nothing happened. Specs: Intel Core i3 2120 Nvidia...
  10. QuasarX

    Do my motherboard support windows 10 and have onboard wifi?

    On newegg matter fact on most sites nobody says anything about onboard wifi. do my ASRock B85M-ITX LGA 1150 Intel B85 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Mini ITX Intel Motherboard support wifi? and can i use windows 10 on it?
  11. D

    Computer crashses making loud buzzing noise, no BSOD

    Very similar to this guy's problem but the thread is unresolved. I used W7 resource and performance monitor to test for hardware faults and it passed all tests. Specs below: The problem happens randomly when I watch youtube videos on firefox build 45.0.1 with shit ton of tabs open (20+)...
  12. D

    Is this system worth the money?

    phenom ii x4 965 hyper 212 evo Crosshair 3 formula 8gb ddr3 ram hd 6950 50gb ssd Antec 300 case Corsair hx750w Asus Xonar sound card 2x noctua 120mm fans All for £120 is this worth it!!!!!
  13. A

    Want a gaming rig that use xeon and server motherboard

    I need some advice since i don't know literally anything about server motherboard,pls help me build the gaming budget is 900 dollar(american)
  14. M

    i5 3570k overheating (not oc'ed)

    the temp gettting up to 70-71 (in games ) and 30-40 (normal) .i got freezer 13 and cpu inst working at 100% (50-55%) . is it normal ,becase my safe temp is 67.2 ... i do have turbo boost on (it's on auto)
  15. M

    GPU uses ony 60% power consumtion at full load - LOW FPS

    I have GTX 960 Asus oc turbo 2GB .WHen i play gta v i have not much fps and if i check msi after burner it says that it uses only 60% power consumption at FULL LOAD (100% usage). Before it was okay,but i dont know what happend. HELP!! :D EDIT:If i use Furmark then it uses 100% power and 100%...
  16. C

    What is the best CPU fan for AMD A8 5600K?

    My temperature goes up like 100*c what is the best cpu fan should I used?the best one. or I will use liquid cooling fan?
  17. T

    R9 290 Issues with fan speed and VRM Heat

    Hey guys, so i have 2 issues, as it stands my fan speeds on my MSI R9 290 4G OC are defaulting at 80% on boot and unless i manually move them stay at that speed. While checking this i noticed using HWinfo that one of my VRM modules is substantially hotter than the other (see pic below), is this...
  18. J

    Need help picking a Motherboard for Skylake

    This will be my first PC build ever and I want everything to go okay on my first try but I am having some trouble finding a motherboard that is right for me. Price is not a problem, so I'm open to any suggestions. Currently, my parts are and I'm looking at the...
  19. G

    PSU for New Card in HP Slimline

    I need to upgrade the power supply for my computer in order to use the Graphics Card I have in mind. The only one I can find that meets the 400w requirement seems really expensive. Can anyone recommend a different PSU or even graphics card. Computer is an HP s5650z and the card I have in mind is...
  20. M

    Geforce GTX 970

    Hi all I have EVGA GTX 970 in SLI, I have a 4k monitor and have no problem in maxing out games in 4k, I dont use anti aliasing at 4k its not needed, some games such as The Witcher 3 settings do have to be lowerd to high instead of Ultra but I'm getting a solid 60FPS in 80% of my games, the 970...
  21. I

    Which gpu should I get? help

    Please help. I want to upgrade my GPU but I don't know which one. Here is my special case, currently we are having power outages in our city and My PC has an uninterrupted power supply unit for protection in case the power goes out. Now, my specs are an i7 3770k, 8gb Kingston fury x, MSI...
  22. H

    graphics card for MOBO ECS H61H2-WM

    looking to up grade my Radeon HD 7700 1024 MB to 2 or 4MB, but the current card barely fit into space - any suggestion where I could find compatible card upgrade? graphics card for MOBO ECS H61H2-WM small form case
  23. Rossdowling321

    What values do I overclock my 970 SLI for 4k?

    Power limit is at full now and so is temp at 91c, I've got fan coolers just to note. I want optimal performance in 4k high settings, my 970s are EVGA Superclocked 2.0 So how much do increase the core clock by? what about memory clock? I wanted 1400-1500 mhz core clock speed and maybe higher...
  24. S

    Looking at getting Crossfire

    Hey guys need some input here, Currently i have an Asus R9 280x 3gb card and want to get some more FPS at 108p gaming. My main question is will it be worth it to purchase another R9 280x and crossfire them, my mobo supports it. Mainly do i have to get the exact same card or can the r9 280x be a...
  25. J

    Good Motherboard for AMD FX8350

    £60-£80 price range if possible Thanks.
  26. A

    Dedicated graphics memory is 1/2 of it's actual value

    I have a 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 and while looking at my PC's performance, I observed I had a Total available graphics memory of 4096 MB but my Dedicated graphics memory is only 1024 MB, the rest being Shared Memory. Why is that? Is there a way to "fix" this ?
  27. P

    user name and passware

    Firstly thank you for allowing me to join. Okay last week sometime my computer was frozen so I turned it off the next day I thought I could waste an hour but no way it would go near windows and then a box came up asking my user name and password, I didn't set one so it reads MININT. I can fire...