Question HELP - Computer Won't Boot: CRITICAL PROCESS DIED

Sep 25, 2019
Issue: right before it gets to windows on boot-up, my computer blue screens, getting the error "CRITICAL PROCESS DIED"

Exact details of how it occurred / what happens: about an hour after my computer was turned on one day, my screen had white horizontal lines on it. i restarted it, and the lines still appeared, but this time the monitor drivers weren't working it looked like (default pnp drivers were displaying in device mangers, and it was displaying 800x600 instead of native). i had just updated my gpu drivers to play the new cod over the weekend, so i tried reverting those drivers back as well as reinstalling my correct drivers for my monitor. it was after i restarted the first or second time (i think) after i had played, that i couldn't even get to windows screen, and it now blue screens right after the motherboard menu. also, the white horizontal lines aren't happening at this moment. i have no explanation for that.

Still occurs:
-with hdmi instead of dvi cable
-with integrated graphics instead of my nvidia 770
-with different ram / in all ram slots
-after clearing cmos and flushing computer
-in safe mode

**Note: it's a windows error. it doesn't occur with ssd plugged in (ssd has windows on it)

Any suggestions on what to do next without reformatting?

cpu: i5 4970k
gpu: nvidia 770 gtx
motherboard: msi z87-g43
psu: evga 650 b3, 80+ bronze 650w, fully modular, compact 150mm size, power suppply 220-b3-0650-v1 (not sure when made but bought april 2018)
ram: gskil ddr3-2400c10d-16gtx (2x8gb)

windows 10
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