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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Pc is performing way below expectations

    After comparing with friends similar builds, i´ve come to learn my pc isn´t performing as it most likely should. I´ve ren a UserBenchmark and these are the results: Can anyone help me ? My memory is running dual.
  2. vincent033

    [SOLVED] Adding RAM reduces performance?

    Hey! I own 2x8 GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200MHz I wanted to upgrade for more RAM and purchased another set of 2x8 GB (exact same product) I wanted to fill up the 4 RAM slots, but my benchmarks tell the RAM is 'performing below potential' (benchmark 4 ram sticks) I have turned on A-XMP in...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Worse benchmark results after GPU upgrade

    Hello everyone. Recently I replaced my MSI GTX 1060 3GB AERO card with an MSI Radeon RX 5500 XT GAMING X 8GB card. So far it's working great excluding one tiny (or not so tiny) detail - it's actually worse than my 1060 card while it's not supposed to be. Both cards are the same brand and are...
  4. LOLonPC

    Question PC performing below expectations, assistance needed

    Good day! PC Specs: RX 480 (4GB) Intel i5-4460 12GB RAM More PC info below PC Benchmark Data: View: Recently, my PC has been performing very poorly. (During this test on UserBenchmark it said my CPU usage was 85%, even though only Discord was running. I think it was...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Updates: 3080 Poor Performance in My PC

    I made a post some time ago in regards to my new 3080 really underperforming in most games. This an update with results I have found. Specs: Strix 3080 i9 9900KF MSI MPG Gaming Edge AC 2x8gb ram cl15 3000mhz 2tb 970 Evo SSD NEW Seasonic Prime 850 Gold PSU So, I put the 3080 in my pc, run DDU...
  6. blakbok

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 7 5800x singlecore low score

    Hi, This is my first experience to build a computer. I chose the Ryzen 7 5800x and the MSI B550M Mortar because I thought there was a good combination. But after I tried the benchmark using Cinebench R20, it turned out that my score was lower than the results of other reviews / benchmarks...
  7. MrSix18

    [SOLVED] Trouble with ADATA sx8200 pro NVMe

  8. skiboot1

    [SOLVED] What could I do to improve Benchmark Tests?

    I am a new user and wondering if I can get some clarification on what these benchmark scores mean and how I can fix them. I have recently ungraded the RAM myself to 32GB, put a 2TB SSD in it and repasted the thermal paste. Thanks.
  9. P

    Question Massive drop in CPU performance after reseating.

    Hello everyone, Recently I decided to clean my PC after a few years of usage. I have built this PC in 2017 and it has helped me through highschool. These are my specs: MSI 1060 3GB Intel i5 7500 8GB Ram MSI H110m Pro-Vd Plus After cleaning, which I am very familiar of, I re-applied thermal...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Trying to understand 5800x/5600x benchmark results

    Hi All, I'm currently completing my first new build in a long while (link to pcpartpicker list). It'll be a general purpose machine, for both work and gaming. I had essentially settled on the 5950x as my processor, but I also am a bit of a flight sim nut, and this recent review seems to show...
  11. M

    Question "outstanding" benchmark... but "performing below expectations"? How is this possible? I thought I bought the very best SSD! But I ran a "Test your PC" on and it is telling me that it's performing 26th percentile below expectations? Also I really feel like my CPU is the reason why my games lag...
  12. l0okman

    [SOLVED] Need some advices and help on upgrading my pc

    Hi everyone my specs are as below Cpu - pentium g3260 Gpu - Gtx750ti Storage - 500gb hard drive seagate Ram - 12gb (total) 8gb kingston ddr3 800mhz 4gb adata ddr3 800mhz Motherboard - Msi H81M-P33 Psu - Mbox Atx P5-550 (550w) Recently my friend gave me this rig since he had a new one ...
  13. bailey9897

    [SOLVED] RTX 2070s idles at 24 C

    According to HWinfo and my task manager, my rtx 2070s idles around 24 degrees Celcius. Is this normal? It gets to around 35 C when I edit in premiere pro.
  14. MrSix18

    [SOLVED] SSD reading at almost 9,000Mbps and writing at 8,000 .. ???????

    so im completely lost, my girlfriends younger cousin was fooling around with my gaming PC obviously (he wont admit it but im not an idiot...i think??) and have had a laundry list of issues since he snuck in and went ballistic with settings for no good reason... at the top of the list.. My m.2...
  15. B

    [SOLVED] Low utilization on both 8600k and RTX 3080

    I just put in a 3080 to replace my 2080 and I got less than expected framerates in the benchmarks for Watchdogs Legion (88 fps in benchmark for the medium setting). It is substantially slower than Tom's bench Granted Tom's used a...
  16. DrFuse

    [SOLVED] My laptop keeps crashing with no BSOD?

    I just bought an new laptop. The laptop frequently crashes but there is no blue screen of death. I did a benchmark but there seems to be no problem hardware wise so I don't really get why the problem keeps occurring. I updated everything. The laptop is a Dell vostro 5590 with windows 10 pro. I...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] PC randomly reboots during CPU benchmark and certain games.

    Using PCMark everytime I get to the golden teapot it crashes. Games like CSGO and COD crash upon the matchup starting. Other games like RDR2, Forza, and Control run great. These are the error messages I get. ClientProcessId = 8384; Component = Unknown; Operation = Start...
  18. MauMauMew

    [SOLVED] Random Shut downs of PC

    Hello, I just installed a ryzen 3600 with a new motherboard and 16GB's of ram. I first had high idle temperatures but after replacting the stock cooler for an aftermarket hyper 212 the temperature dropped to 40c idle ish. Now whenever I want to run a game (Warzone) or run a benchmark the pc...
  19. iFoosh

    [SOLVED] Is this normal? New GPU - 1660 Super

    Hello everyone! A friend of mine directed me to this forum after a numerous amount of questions I directed at him. I've just bought myself a new system with the following specs: MOBO: Gigabyte B550M DS3H CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3300X RAM: T-Force 32GB (4x 8gb) 3200mhz DDR4 CL16 GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX...
  20. M

    Question Wondering if these benchmark results are normal

    I ran a timespy test on my fresh rig and I got a total score of 10986, a GPUscore of 11480 and CPU score of 8836, I was wondering if those scores are normal for each, Ive seen people with other i9 9900ks getting higher numbers but theyre overclocked, any help is appreciated :) i9 9900k at stock...
  21. L

    Question RX 580 4gb - pc restarts randomly at load

    So today i've bought used rx 580 4gb sapphire pulse edition, i played cod warzone at medium/high settings and everything was okay. After that i've decided to do a benchmark test with heaven benchmark 4.0 version, i ran it at full screen 720p resolution temperatures were around 72-75C and then...
  22. andrewbrinkmann007

    [SOLVED] Did I Fry My CPU?

    CPU: Intel i5-9600k GPU: Gigabyte RTX 2060 Super MOBO: MSI MPG z390 Gaming Pro Carbon RAM: Corsair Vengeance 3600hz 2x8gb Storage: Crucial P1 1tb m.2 Pwr: Corsair TX650M cooler: NZXT Kraken M22 From new (Aug 2019) I clocked my cpu to 5Ghz at 1.334 volts. Had issues w crashes so I ended up...
  23. L

    [SOLVED] User benchmark says my PC is performing below expectations.

    Hi guys, after realizing my PC had been running around 190~210 FPS on CSGO, I decided to investigate around and found out through Userbenchmark that it is supposedly performing not to its expectations. Could anyone guide me through on how could I possibly fix this? It's a high end PC and I'm...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] My games and GPU benchmarks crashes

    Hi folks. I'm using a faily old laptop, Acer Aspire 5740g. I've been using it for 10 years now without any problems but lately I started to have some problems and I think it's about the graphics card. It has a 'ati mobility radeon hd 5650'. I've been gaming with this laptop for years and few...
  25. D

    Question CPU poor benchmark performance

    I built a new pc a few months back (specs in benchmark) and was able to run everything extremely well. I regularly got 300+ frames in CSGO. Recently I upgraded from stock air cooler to Corsairs H100i Pro rgb, and since then my frames are consistently below 100fps...
  26. RandomGamer1235

    [SOLVED] Userbenchmark "below expectations" and worse performance.

    Hello, I have built a pc about 3 months ago(specs in the link),I have noticed that my components are performing "below expectations": about 3 months ago, I ran a benchmark and I got a 108% on workstation, 98% on gaming, and around 100% on desktop, I...
  27. G

    [SOLVED] Superposition Benchmark freezes PC - Is it the PSU or a bum GPU?

    Salutations! I recently upgraded my GPU in my 5 year old System from a GTX 760 to a new GTX 1660 Ti. As I usually do with a new GPU I ran a few benchmarks on it. Unigine Heaven provided me with a, in my opinion, weirdly low score for a new 1660 Ti so I tried the Superposition Benchmark. The...
  28. Kalbert

    Question HELP : Unstable FPS w/5600xt (With Benchmark)

    Hello. Build : 5600xt Red Devil i5 8440 2.8ghz Hyper X 16 gb in dual channel 2666mhz AsRock B360M Pro4 WPM Gold 550w HDD Toshiba 1tb D10TB I wanted to ask an opinion about any reason could possibly cause this perfomance ...
  29. M

    [SOLVED] Recently built pc, does this look normal?

    Hello, i've recently built a new pc, and i wonder if this looks normal. My fps drops down to ~65 fps on different positions on the map in Rust, but i'm mainly wondering if there's any way to get my CPU (and RAM) to do more since there's so little used. vid1: ss1...
  30. TacticaL_BacoN

    [SOLVED] PC Crashes on (recent) Games, Works Fine on Most Benchmarks/Stress Tests.

    So right now my PC crashes on SELECT resource-heavy tasks, and what happens on crash is that my screen displays "NO SIGNAL" (not even BSOD), but I can still hear everything that's going on, LEDs and fans are still running. After which I have no choice but to force a shutdown on my system. This...
  31. B

    [SOLVED] My PC is performing way below expectations

    I've had this pc for a bit and never really complained because the problems weren't that big. However when i bought it I bought it as a 'gaming pc'. It has always performed below expectations and I've struggled to get 60 fps in alot of games but changed settings and closed background apps to...
  32. N


    Hi Guys, I'm planning to build a desktop, but I'm not sure which gpu manufacturer i should buy from, either AMD or Nvidia. Can someone give me some suggestions which i should get to get the most performance within a low budget. If you have a idea of which GPU that suits me, please tell me the...
  33. P

    [SOLVED] Could i get 45fps and above in new games with sapphire rx 560 pulse oc 4gb?

    My System: CPU: i3 3240 3.4ghz RAM: 8gb 1600mhz GPU: sapphire pulse oc 4gb Monitor: Dell 768p I want to play games like Red Dead Redemption 2,Battlefield V, Far cry V, COD Modern Warfare 2019, Watch dogs 2 and ETC. I saw some youtubers benchmarking this card, but they were using 1080p monitor...
  34. H

    Question My MSI 2070 super is massively under-performing in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

    I upgraded my GPU from 970 to 2070 super MSI Twinfrozr Gaming X (1800mhz). I'm using 8700k CPU OCed to 4.7, 32gb of DDR4 ram at 3200, windows 10. I already ran Total War: Three Kingdoms near ultra setting with extreme unit size, with just few options like shadows turned to high and had no...
  35. S

    [SOLVED] My 1070 got a better Novabench score than a 1080 FTW?

    I just picked up a EVGA 1080 FTW for a good deal but whenever i run the novabench, from looking at my history my 1070 before better than 1080, maybe i'm reading it wrong? I feel like there should be a decent jump between those two. But then i run UserBenchmark and that says that the 1080 is...
  36. TechGeekGamer

    Question Rate my build and can I run 3200 mhz ram on this motherboard?

    My build: Sorry I am a noob at computer hardware and was wondering if I can even run my ram at 3200 mhz on this for gaming because it doesnt give me 3200 option in UEFI. Max option it gives is 2666mhz so I was wondering if it caps at that because...
  37. S

    Question Is there a recommended system benchmark tool to identify weakest link in a PC

    I seem to recall running a benchmarking tools that would test the entire Windows PC and identify the relative performance of each of the major subsystems (CPU, Memory, Storage, etc.) with the idea of identifying any weakness in the build. Does such a tool still exist? Are the results reliable...
  38. meshcoco

    [SOLVED] what benchmark do i get?

    so i see like, almost everybody pro using some type of benchmark app on their newly built desktop and all, which one should i get to test how good my pc is overall in term of graphics card and RAM.
  39. S

    Question What is wrong with my RX 580? (Flickering..)

    Hi I recently bought a used Aorus RX 580 4G and am very frustrated as I tried everything to get it running but it still won't. The GPU does work as far as normal tasks like browsing, watching YouTube videos, etc. The problem is that it won't work properly in video games such as The Division 2...